You Can Never Tell What Will Happen, Hence Life Insurance

Benefits of Life Insurance

Life Without Life Insurance: Know the Consequences

“Whatever I earn, sir, I Don’t Have To Pay Tax-fax. So What About Buying A Life Insurance Policy?” Right Don’t Buy What Will Really Happen When Buying Insurance? What Will You Do With That Money If You Close Your Eyes After Two Days? Singles Are Again Thinking, “Hey Dad, I’m not married. So for whom will I Leave The Money After Death?” The Logic Of People Who Have Tight Pockets is different – “When The Month Goes By, The Family Can’t Survive On What I Get, Insurance on it!”

Life Without Life Insurance: Know the Consequences
Life Without Life Insurance: Know the Consequences

All True It Is Also True That If You die or Not, Whether You Have Taxes Or Not, Whether You Have Family Or Not, it Doesn’t Matter Because Insurance is Not Your Savings. Insurance Is The Umbrella Over Your Life Risks. But if You Want To Shoulder Your Financial Obligations, Credit Card Dues, Outstanding Loans – All On The Shoulders of Others And Even Put Your Family In The Way, Then Don’t Even Think About Insurance.

But Imagine, Like A Thunderbolt Without a Cloud, You Suddenly Fell Ill. The Family Had To Resort To Relatives To Get You Treated In The Hospital, and You Died! Who Will Be Responsible for This? You Left The Family Drowning In Debt And Wife And Children. It Is Also Not Desirable.

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So, Keep In Mind That Insurance Is Not Savings. This Is Your First Lesson. Life Insurance Is Your Life Risk Umbrella. And That’s What We Don’t Want To Understand. It is a Big Mistake To Look At Insurance As A Savings Or A Way To Avoid Income Tax.

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India or IRDI regulates Insurance Companies And Various Types of Insurance In Our Country. According to the latest statistics of this Organization, Only 2.74% of people in Our Country Have Insurance. It Should Be Noted That The Rate Of Insurance Expansion Is Not So Low In Any Other Country In The World.

Not Only That, If Those Who Are Covered by Insurance Have An Insurance Requirement Of 100 Rupees, Then They Have Arranged Only Seven Rupees And Eighty Paisa In The Way of Insurance! In Our Country, When The Earning Person Leaves, So Many Families Sit On The Road!

Remember, With Life Insurance, At Least Your Family won’t be in the way if Something Bad Happens To You. All Five Reasons Can Be Counted By Hand. Keep In Mind-

A) You Will Not Have Any Current Income, But Will Have Some Liabilities, Market Borrowings Etc. If You’re Insured, Your Loved Ones Won’t Have To Worry About This.

B) Besides, Insurance Can Also Be Your Road To Savings. From which your Family Will Find Some Financial Relief in Your Absence.

C) There Are Certain Insurances That Can Become A Source Of Income During Your Lifetime And Your Family’s In Your Absence.

D) Insurance is Definitely A Good Way To Save Tax.

E) If You Borrow, Insurance Can Help You Not Only Repay It Now, But Even Take The Loan.

So Think No More, Think Life Insurance With Life Risk And Family In Mind. But If You Decide To Buy Insurance, Talk To a Qualified Advisor. Because There Are Different Types of Life Insurance. An Adviser Can Help You Choose What Insurance You Should Buy, And Which One Best Suits Your Needs.

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