Closing Savings Account: Closing a Bank Account? Know These Things First.. No Gain Later!

How to Closing Savings Account

How to Close a Savings Account

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Currently Banks Are Giving Savings Cards With Good Offers. They make Customers Open Accounts In Their Respective Banks. Employees may Have To Open A New Account At The Time of Job Change. Many people have More Than One Bank Savings Account. And Are You Using Them Regularly? Keeping It Useless? This is not the Case.. If You Want To Close, You Have To Think Twice. There is no point in Worrying Later. Find Out Why Here.

How to Close a Savings Account
How to Close a Savings Account

Savings Account: Nowadays almost Many People Have A Good Savings Account. One of The Reasons For This May Be That Banks Are Opening Accounts Sporadically to Expand Their Services. Another Thing Is That When You Want To Buy Something, you are Taking Accounts Hoping That Discounts And Offers Will Come. In Some Banks, The Interest Rates Are Low.. It Can Be Thought That The Loans Are Low. If They Are Working in Another Job, When They Change Their Job, New Companies Tie Up With Other Banks And Tell Them To Open A Bank Account. This Leads To People Having More Than One Savings Account.

If this is the case, everyone has many savings accounts. I don’t know when they are taken, but they face difficulties while managing them. If they are left unused.. the amount will continue to be cut in the form of charges. Sometimes you see a minus balance showing. In that case, they will want to close the savings account. But not knowing the process, they take a step back. But here we will know about closing savings account.

At the time of closing the savings account, if you do not take these precautions, you will have to worry later. But there is no problem in doing this. Let’s see what to do.

According to Global Findex report… Dormants accounts have increased recently. Dormant accounts means savings account that has not been used or transacted for two years. In 2021, one-third of Indian bank account holders will have dormant accounts. The answer they gave was to not use cards. It is not limited to a few. Recently it has increased tremendously in India. According to the Economics Times report.. In India, one or two cards are used regularly. All the rest will remain as dormant accounts. But as per Reserve Bank of India rules, if you don’t keep the minimum amount of money in your account.. it will charge charges. That’s why they want to close.

Remember These If You Want To Close The Account

  1. If you want to close your savings account.. turn off the first autopayment mode option. They put that option in your savings account for things like loan EMI and bill payments. Don’t forget to turn it off.
  2. Before closing the savings account.. it is better to download the complete account statement and keep it with you. It is best to take a printout if possible. It can be useful to you at any time. It may be necessary.
  3. If you want to close the account.. know once how much amount you have to pay at that time. The amount payable varies from bank to bank. However, if the account is closed within a year of opening, you may have to pay more for such things. Banks charge more fees based on this.
  4. Before opening the account, check whether it is linked to EPFO ​​and Income Tax Department. If there is a link, it should be removed immediately. Then there will be no problem.

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