Digital Banking Must Be Done, Thieves Also Take Advantage, Do You Know That Insurance Has Come To Save?

Cyber Security Insurance To Deal With Cyber Frauds, Digital Banking Frauds

For The Past Few Years, Various Groups Of Thieves Have Been Working To Steal Your Money Through The Loopholes Of Online Banking. Jamtara Place Became Famous As The Place Of These Thieves. Even in Webseries. Many People Therefore Prefer to Transact By Check. But There Is No Less Danger In That Way. A Survey By Cyber Security Firm Norton Lifelock Found That 80% Of People questioned Had Been Victims Of Cyber Thieves in Some Way. The Number Of Thefts By Forging Checks Is Not Less. It Has A Non-signature Hapa On It.

Insurance Has Also Come In The Indian Market To Avoid The Risk Of Such Theft. It Will Take Only 315 Rupees Per Year To Buy Insurance of 1 Lakh Rupees.

Money Theft Is Not The Only Risk. You Are Doing Facebook On Your Mobile From Morning To Night, Your Personal Information Is Being Stolen. So You Are In Danger If Criminals Do Something With It. But If You Go To The Police Station, There Is A Cost, And Because Of That, You Are Forced To Accept Many Crimes. But This New Insurance Will Protect You From All Those Troubles As Well.

How Much Is The Premium ?

A) Insurance of Rs.50,000 at Premium of Rs.183

B) Coverage Of Rs.1 Lakh At Rs.312

C) Rs.2 Lakh Coverage At Rs.561

You Can Buy This Insurance Up To One Crore Taka. Calculation of Premiums Must Be Approximate.

What Reasons Will You Get?

This Insurance Can Protect You If You Lose Money In All Online Transactions, Debit Or Credit Card Fraud, Vim or UPI, Phishing, Mobile Wallet Transactions. But You Have To Claim Within 90 Days Of The Loss.

But This Insurance Is Not Only Applicable in the country. Even If You Pay Online While Traveling Abroad, you Can Claim Insurance Money.

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