Do Not Use Credit Card At All In These Places: You Will Lose Heavily: How?

Credit Card Tips

What Are Three Strategies That You Can Use To Use Credit Cards Wisely

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Credit Card Tips: The Use Of Credit Cards Has Increased Tremendously These Days. This Can Be Attributed To The Fact That Other Non-finance Companies Including Banks Are Offering Credit Cards With Good Offers. But Where Do You Use The Credit Card? If You Use A Credit Card Everywhere, You Will Lose A Lot. You Have To Pay Extra. Let’s See What Such Places Are And Where They Are Used.

Credit Card Tips
Credit Card Tips

Credit Card Tips

Shops Including E-commerce Companies Announce Good Offers Not Only During Festivals But Also During Other Normal Times Keeping In Mind The Demand Of People. But Most Of These Offer Cashbacks And Discounts In The Form Of Online Transactions. And Credit Card Holders Are Celebrating. The Reason Is That Most Of Them Are Offering Good Deals. It Is Known That The Use Of Credit Cards Has Increased Tremendously In Recent Times. In This Background, Banks And Non-finance Companies Have Increased The Issuance Of Credit Cards Even With Higher Limits Keeping In Mind The Demand Of The People.

But If You Have A Credit Card, You Will Have To Lose If You Use It. Some Places Charge High Fees. Many people Are Not Aware Of This. But what are The Places Where Credit Cards Should Not Be Used? Why Let’s Take A Look.

Credit Cards Have As Many Uses As There Are Losses. That’s why some People Are Afraid To Use Credit Card. But Here We Have To Use Credit Card Carefully. Then There Will Be No Problem.

  1. Most of the consumers give credit cards even at petrol pumps. But the thing we have to remember here is that there is a service charge of 1% and GST of 7.2%. Sometimes service fee is refunded but GST has to be paid. That is why it is better not to use it in petrol pumps.
  2. Many people use credit cards while booking tickets in IRCTC. Here also one to two percent extra charge will be taken. In order to avoid high fees in such situations.. credit card usage should be reduced here.
  3. Sending the amount from credit card to Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay etc. will incur additional charges. It is 2 to 3 percent. GST is also extra. This may be embarrassing for you.
  4. Also important thing is that credit cards should not be used at ATM centers at all. Withdrawing money using a credit card at an ATM will cost you a hefty price. You will pay more instead.
  5. Transferring money from one credit card to another account is also not good. Apart from having to pay higher interest rate, there is extra processing fee. It is better to forget it here and not use it.
  6. Credit card should not be used in places like insurance or LIC insurance. Here also extra fee has to be paid.

If we do more like this. it will affect our CIBIL score too. That could have a negative impact on our borrowing times. That is why it is better to follow these precautions.

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