How To Earn Money From Pocket FM

How To Earn From Pocket Novel

How To Make Money From Pocket FM

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In This Article, All Kinds Of Information Related To Pocket Fm Novel To “How To Make Money From Pocket FM” Is Going To Be Found. If You Also Want To Earn Money From Pocket FM, Then Stay Connected With Us Till The End Of This Post. So Friends now Without Further Delay Let’s Explore How To Earn Money On Pocket FM

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How To Earn Money From Pocket FM
Earn Money From Pocket FM

As We All Know, In Today’s Time, Many Types Of Ways To Earn Money Online Have Come And You Can Earn Good Income Sitting At Home By Working On Any One Of Them With Good Consistency.

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If You Are Looking For Such An Online Income Source, In Which You Do Not Have To Work Hard And You Keep Getting A Good Annual Income Sitting At Home, Then Today We Will Tell You How To Make Money From Pocket Fm App in This Article? We Are Going To Give Detailed Information About.

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You Must Have Heard About Pocket FM. This Is A Kind Of Audiobook In Which We Can Listen To Podcasts Of Various Types Of Audio And Now You Can Easily Earn Income Sitting At Home By Using Pocket FM.

If You Have A Passion For Writing And You Want To Earn Money By Working On It In A New Way Where There Is Less Competition, Then Must Read This Article From Beginning To End. In Today’s Era, Good Writers Are Getting A Golden Opportunity To Showcase Their Writing Through Pocket Fm Novel. And At The Same Time It Is Also Becoming A Good Way To Earn Money. You Will Get To Read In Detail All The Necessary Information Related To Earning Money From Pocket Fm In This Article.

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How To Earn Money From Pocket FM

  • After Downloading The Pocket Fm App, A Separate Account Has To Be Created For Novel And Story Writing.
  • First Of All Go To Its Website 
  • Now You Will Have The Option To Enter The Mobile Number.
  • After Entering The Mobile Number, An OTP Will Come On Your Phone.
  • Now Fill This OTP And Click On Continue.
  • Now Fill The Name Email Id And Select The Language For Yourself And Click On OK. 
  • Now You Have To Click On Author In Account Type.
  • After Doing All This Your Registration Is Complete. Now You Can Upload Story And Novel Etc. In It.

What is Pocket FM?

Pocket Fm is an audio book platform. In This, There Is A Good Collection Of Stories Or Novels In Large Numbers, Which Instead Of Reading, You Can Listen Anytime Anywhere. And Can Enjoy A Lot. Pocket FM app was Launched In India On September 2018 by Rohan Nayak , Nishant shreenivas and Prateek Dixit.

These Three People Made This App Popular In 2018. In This Application You Will Find Many Types Of Languages. You Can Listen In The Language You Understand, Such As Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, English and Hindi. All These Languages Are Available In Pocket FM app. In This Way You Can Get Information About Pocket FM.

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Requirements To Earn Money From Pocket FM

You Should Have Information About Some Requirements To Earn Money From Pocket FM, Only Then You Can Become A Good Content Writer. Read All The Information Mentioned By Us Carefully And Do Not Miss Any Information, Otherwise You Cannot Know The Complete Information About Pocket FM.

  • If You Want To Become An Original Writer, Then You Have To Apply For It.
  • Keep In Mind That You Should Never Copy While Writing.
  • Whenever You Do Article Writing, You Have To Write More Than 3000 Words In It.
  •  When You Sign A Pocket Contract, Then You Get A Few Rupees Bonus At That Time.
  • You Should Keep One Thing In Mind That You Will Have To Give Pocket FM By Writing An Article Every Day So That You Will Always Get Bonus.

And By Following All These Methods, You Can Easily Earn A Lot Of Money From Pocket FM In A Few Days.

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How to download Pocket FM? How to Make Money on Pocket Fm Novel

  • Fast of all, Downloading Pocket Fm is very easy, you get it for free on Google Play Store
  • If you want to download it now then download from play store.
  • Install it after download.
  • After installation, to know Pocket Fm Novel

(First Know How To Create An Account.)

How To Create An Account To Earn Money In Pocket FM?

One can easily listen to story, article, song, radio etc. But when you are a writer then you have to create a separate account. Follow the steps given below to create an account.

  • First of all, You Have To Go To Website Where You Have To Enter Your Mobile Number First And Submit Otp.
  •  Now You Will Be Asked Your Gmail Id . After filling Gmail, Choose The Language. And Click On Ok.
  • After This, Select The Author In Your User Name And Author Type.
  • In This Way Your Account Is Created. Now Further You Will Be Able To Publish The Story Or Novel.

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How To Earn Money From Pocket FM?

To Earn Money From Pocket FM, You Must First Join Its Writer Program. After This You Are Provided With A Chance To Earn Money Inside It After Completing Other Processes. To know about Pocket FM Writer Program Go Through The Information Given Below Carefully.

What Is The Writer Program in Pocket FM?

If You Have Started Working in Pocket FM, Then You Can Earn Maximum Money Through This And Set Your Life In This Business, Only You Should Know How To Write In It. You can Publish It On Google To Give Information About Any Thing Or Thing In Your Mind In Pocket FM Writer.

So That Everyone Can Know What Is Pocket FM Writer? With Pocket FM, You Can Earn More Than 10 Lakhs Annually Sitting At Home And You Can Earn Money Very Easily Through Pocket Fm In This Way.

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How to Join Writer Program to Earn Money from Pocket FM?

If You Want To Earn Money From Pocket FM, Then For This You Have To Create Pocket FM Right Program Account. If You Want To Create A Pocket FM Write Program Account, Then You Should Read All The Process Mentioned By Us Carefully, Only Then You Can Create A Write a Program account.

  • You Have To Download This Application To Join Pocket Fm.
  • And When You Download That App, Then You Open It, After Opening It, You Will Be Asked The Number.
  • When You Enter Your Number Then OTP Will Come To You.
  • When You Get The OTP, then enter the OTP.
  • After Entering The OTP, You Will Be Asked To Select The Email Name And Language, Then Select The Language That You Understand.
  • And your FM Radio Would Have Been Made In The Last.

And You Can Download Pocket FM in This Way And You Can Make Your Next Part In It.

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How To Publish Story Or Novel In Pocket Fm?

Keep One Thing In Mind Before Publishing A Story Or Novel. It Is Necessary To Have At Least 1500 Words In The First Novel.

  • First Of All Go To The Main Dashboard of Pocket Fm Novel.
  • Click On Add New Novel.
  • Before Starting To Write, click on Title Of The Novel To Name Your Book.
  • Now Chapter 1 Will Open In Front Of You And You Can Start Writing.

Publish After 1500 Words In The First Chapter. Hope You Have Understood Till Now.

Pocket FM writer benefits Program: Benefits Of Earning Money From Pocket FM

There Are Many Benefits Of Earning Money From Pocket FM. Pocket FM is Such An App That You Can Earn Money Sitting At Home Very Easily. We Have Told You About Some Of The Benefits Below, By Reading Which You Can Earn A Lot More Money From Pocket FM.

  • In Pocket Fm You Get Maximum Money Of The Year.
  • No Rule Has To Be Followed To Run This App.
  • In This Application You Get Good Profit In Less Time.
  • More Than 1 Million People Are Found Doing The Job Of Pocket FM.

Pocket FM Has All These Advantages And You Can Earn Money By Getting Information About Pocket Fm In This Way.

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Additional Reward On Pocket FM

Extra Rewards Are Given In The Third Stage Of Pocket Fm Novel, But For This Your Story should Be Far Ahead Of The Target Words Of The Month. Let’s Understand This, If Your Story Completes 1.5 Lakh Words In A Month, Then You Will Get An Extra Payment Of Rs.2500. If You Complete 2.5 Lakh Words In A Month, Then You Are Given An Additional Benefit Of Rs 5000. You Join The Pocket Royalty Program And Your Story Is Published In An Audio Book. In this Way You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees In A Year From Here.

Disadvantages Of Earning Money From Pocket FM

If We Talk About The Loss Of Pocket FM, Then There Is Very Little Loss In Pocket FM And We Have Given You Detailed Information About All Those Losses Below, Which You Can Understand Very Easily By Reading.

  • You Must Have Internet Requirement To Run Pocket Fm App.
  • You Must Have A Smartphone To Run This App, Only Then You Can Run This App.
  • You Should Have About 6 To 8 Hours To Run This App
  • If You Make A Mistake In Any Story, Then You Do Not Get Any Profit.

You Have Come To Know A Lot About Pocket FM And What Are The Benefits Of Pocket FM? And What Are The Disadvantages? You Can Also Differentiate All These And In This Way You Can Earn Money Through Pocket FM app.

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How Much Can You Earn From Pocket Fm

After Knowing So Much Information About Pocket FM, One Out Question Will Be Arising In Your Mind That Question Will Be That How Much Income Can You Earn Annually From Pocket FM?

Friends, Let Us Tell You That If You Work Well on Pocket FM And Stick To It With Consistency, Then You Can Easily Earn ₹1000000 Every Year.


Friends, In This Important Article Of Ours Today, How Did You All Earn Money From Pocket FM? Detailed Information Has Been Provided About It And We Hope That The Information Given By Us Will Prove To Be Very Useful And Helpful For You.

If You Have Liked This Information Of Ours, Then Do Not Forget To Share It With Your Friends And On All Your Social Media Handles So That Through You Other People Can Also Know About This Important Information And They Can Earn Money By Doing Such Business. There Is Absolutely No Need To Wander Somewhere Else Again And Again To Read Articles Related To Earning.

We Hope That You Would Have Liked The Information Given By Us In This Post If You Have Any Kind Of Question Related To How To Make Money From Pocket FM, Then You Can Write In The Comment Box. Share This Information Further So That It Can Reach More People. Many Thanks For Sticking Till The End.

Can We Earn Through Pocket FM?

If You Are Fond Of Writing Then You Can Earn ₹60,000 From Pocket Fm Novel . By downloading Pocket Fm App, You Can Take Your Skills To The Heights. Today, In The Changing Times, Talented Writers Are Getting A Chance To Showcase Their writing Through Pocket Fm Novel. Along With The Opportunity, There Is Also A Lot Of Chance To Earn Money Here.

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