How To Make Money From Telegram 2024: How To Make Money On Telegram?

How To Make Money On Telegram

Top 12 Ways To Earn Money From Telegram 2023

How To Make Money On Telegram 2024, How to Earn Money From Telegram Channel in 2024, – Hello Export Readers , hope you guys all are doing good. Today I am here with an amazing offer by Telegram. Friends, in Today’s Article We Will Know About Some Rules And Ways To Earn From Telegram.

How To Make Money On Telegram
How To Make Money On Telegram

How To Make Money From Telegram 2024

Today you are going to learn the Top 7 easy Ways of “How to Earn Money From Telegram 2024”. Read this post till the end and follow the 7 Strategies and you will make money from Telegram.

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Hey, There Are Many Ways To Earn Online.

And, Earning From The Internet Is A Very Popular Thing These Days.

We Have Many Platforms Like YouTube Channel, Blogging, Facebook Through Which It Is Possible To Earn Online.

However, With This Platform , Telegram can also be Considered As A Good Platform To Earn Money Online.

Means it is Also Possible To Earn Money by creating a Telegram channel.

Now You Might Be Thinking That,

Telegram is a messaging app through which online chatting etc.

So, How Is It Possible To Earn Through This?

What You Are Thinking Is Absolutely Correct, But Remember That We Are Often Ignorant Of Many Things.

By The Way, You Still Don’t Know About Earning Money From Telegram Channel.

My Friend, Is Currently Withdrawing Around 20,000/- To 30,000/- Every Month From His Telegram Account .

And, When I Asked Him What Are The Rules To Earn From Telegram, he Explained Everything To Me.

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How To Earn From Telegram Channel?

Friends, below we will know which Process We Can Use To Earn From Our telegram channel.

I Will Tell You All The Processes That My friend is using to earn from telegram account.

But, Before That It Is Necessary To Know About Some Important Questions Related To Telegram And Their Answers.

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Will You Send Money From Telegram?

No, Telegram will not pay you. Your income and Telegram Company Have No Relation Whatsoever.

Although you are using your own Telegram account or channel, some External Methods Are Used To Earn Money.

You Can Earn Through The Members In Your Telegram channel.

And in This Case, It Is Important To use Some External Process Or Method.

However, Below We Will Learn About These External Processes That Are Necessary To Earn Through Telegram.

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In Fact, Is It Possible To Earn From Telegram?

Hey, currently Thousands Of People Are Earning Through Their Telegram Channel / Group.

If You Understand The Matter Well And Work With Your Heart, Telegram Is A Profitable And Genuine Means Of Online Income.

However, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

For example,

  • You need to have a telegram channel to make income.
  • Your channel / group should have at least 5000 members / followers.
  • The more channel members there are, the more income opportunities there will be.

Telegram channel requires more followers to earn money using affiliate marketing, reselling etc. processes.

So, first of all you have to think that, “How to get more members / followers in your Telegram channel”.

Once you have a good amount of followers on your channel, then you can think about making money.

How To Earn Money From Your Telegram Channel ?

To Earn Money From This New Platform You Have To Do Everything Properly And Planning From The Beginning.

To Start Earning Online Through Telegram, First You Need To Do,

  • Create a telegram account 
  • Select a Profitable Channel Topic 
  • Create Telegram Channel 
  • Publish Content Regularly 
  • Get Minimum 5000 Members

Now by looking at the above points, you may have understood that what you have to do first.

You don’t have to think about making money first.

You can earn money only when you have a lot of followers on your Telegram channel.

So, think first about How You Can Get More Followers by Creating A Telegram Channel.

How to create Telegram Channel?

Follow these steps to create your own Telegram channel-

  • Step 1:  First of all download Telegram App and then click on Start Messaging.
  • Step 2: Use the mobile number to open your account in Telegram and verify with the OTP received on your number.
  • Step 3: As soon as you click on the slide, you will see the option of Create New Channel.
  • Step 4: After clicking, a new page will open. In this page, you have to write the name of the page and short information about it. Then you save it by clicking the tick mark (✔) symbol given in the top right corner.
  • Step 5: Now your channel has been created, you can add them to your channel by sharing it with others.

Step by Step Guide to Earn Money from Telegram

If you really want to earn money from Telegram channel, then creating a channel is not enough. Before that you have to do many more things. Those things are being told in further detail-

Channel Name: 

First of all, you have to name your channel in such a way that as soon as you read it it becomes clear in the mind of the people that what kind of content can be found in this channel. For example, if you are starting a channel related to education, then you keep some name like Vidya Mandir or Education Center.

When you create a logo for your channel, keep it simple. Don’t be too informative.

Use Keywords In Channel Name

If you want to bring something in the search result, then keywords help a lot in this.

If you want Telegram someone is searching for information related to your channel, then you must use those keywords (words) in the description of your channel and if possible. You put only one or two keywords which look natural and simple to read.

Suppose you create a channel related to deal or offer, then use words like Deal and Offer in your channel name description. Such as Today Deal, Amazon Offer etc.

Create A Logo

Whenever a new person starts a Telegram channel, he forgets to make a logo for his channel. And this is a huge mistake.

Decide on Which Topic The Content Will Be Published

Today there are thousands of channels in Telegram. In such a situation, if you start similar types of channels, then it can be a difficult task for you to get subscribers from those channels to your channel. So you do something different and make a different channel.

As you will find many channels related to the movie, then you can choose the funny movie category to create a channel on this topic. In this way your channel will be a little different.

You can go to different Telegram channels to see what kind of content is being published in them and you can catch any one topic from them.

  • If you want, you can also start Telegram Chaanel on that topic in which you are interested.
  • Whatever is being told in the topic on which you are going to publish the content, those things are 100% correct and the user gets some value from the content you put.

Create Your Content Plan

When you have chosen a good topic for your Telegram chaanel, now it is time to create a content plan to earn money from telegram.

  • Make a calendar of which content you will put in every month.
  • You should prepare a list of such keywords and create content on them about which people want to know, along with advertisements can be run to sell something related to that topic.

Create Your Marketing Plan

This is the most important step to earn money from Telegram. Which you must follow.

For this, in this step you have to create a marketing plan for your Telegram Chaanel. So that you can increase the number of subscribers in your Chaanel as soon as possible.

You have to include the best digital marketing strategy in your marketing plan.

Now you are ready to earn money from Telegram. So next we will know how to earn money from Telegram?

How to earn money from Telegram? , Ways To Earn Money From Telegram

Next, I will tell you about some common ways to earn money from Telegram, from which many people are already earning money. If you have grown your Telegram channel, then you can earn money in many ways-

#1. Sell ​​service and products

The easiest way to earn money from Telegram is to start selling your product or service through Telegram.

As a service, you can teach people how to earn money from Telegram and charge money from them in return.

If you do not have any product of your own then you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing .

#2. Sell ads

Another way to earn money from Telegram is by selling ads of other companies.

Now there are many active users on your channel, so you can do ads from other companies here.

Promoting a company’s product is a good way to earn money from Telegram.

You can sell company ads in different formats. Some Telegram channels run Daily Ad, some run weekly and some only for 1-2 hours.

If you have a significant number of Telegram subscribers, then the company will find you on its own to show the ad.

#3. Paid subscription And exclusive content

In this way, understand the way to earn money in such a way that you have a Telegram channel on which there are many active users.

So now you will create a private telegram channel and publish premium content here.

Now the people who have to join your private Telegram channel will pay you some fees for this.

This fee can be taken every month or it can be taken all together.

But this strategy will work well only if you give very strong content to the audience in your private channel and it also benefits them.

#4 Earn money from Telegram through Link Shorter

If you publish some such content, in order to know the extra things related to it, you have to give a link to a website (such as movies, webseries etc.), then you can shorten these links from a Link Shortner website and put that link in Telegram So now through this new link, an ad will appear before the website opens in the site. And the earnings you earn from this ad will be added to your Link Shorting Account. You can transfer money to the account by entering your bank account number in that account. Telling you the names of some link shortening websites –,,,

#5 Earn money from Earning App Sharing

You can also earn money by sharing any such earning app in your Telegram channel, by joining, the referrer gets some money as commission. For this, you have to keep in mind that all the people who sign up with your link must use your referral code.

#6 Earn Money From Telegram Through Sponsorship

Today there are many such app owners who sponsor their app with people who have a huge subscriber base to promote their app. You can talk to the owner of such app who wants to promote your app. You can take sponsorship of their app and charge money for this work.

#7 Earn money from your Telegram channel by doing promotions

If you have a good number of subscribers on your channel, then you can promote those channels which are new and have less subscribers. In this way you can earn money by promoting the channel of other channel.

#8. You can also earn money from donations

If you want that you do not run any kind of ads on your channel or promote any product, app, service of anyone.

So to earn money from Telegram, you can ask your subscriber to give donation by writing content to get money.

You can use the @donate bot to collect donations from your subscribers.

#9. earn money by making stickers

If you want to earn money from Telegram without creating a channel or group, then you can think of selling stickers by making them.

But for this you should know graphic designing.

How much you can earn from sticker designing will depend on your skills, working experience and portfolio.

#10. Earn money by making bots

Bots is one such feature of Telegram that people like very much. But still many people do not know about it. ,

There are different types of bots in Telegram for every task. Like @bing , @yandex etc. to search the image. @LyTubeBot is there to download youtube songs.

In view of the increasing need for bots, its demand is increasing rapidly in companies, influencers and small organizations to make it. That’s why these people are ready to pay a lot of money to make Telegram bots.

You can use these free services to make Telegram Bots. You can use free services to create bots, Puzzlebot  ,  Botobot   Manybot  etc.

#11. Sell ​​Telegram Channel and earn money

The eleventh and last way to earn money from Telegram is to sell your channel.

If you want to sell your Telegram channel, then for this your channel should be popular and there should be a lot of active subscribers on it. Only then someone can give you a big amount to buy your Telegram channel.

But we will advise you to sell Telegram channel only if you do not have time to manage it.

#12. Enables paid subscriptions 

Currently, earning money from Telegram by introducing paid subscriptions has become very popular. 

Assume I am a web designer and web developer. I have tons of website tools and tons of software that no one else has. 

If I start paid subscriptions and distribute them to others, I can still make money from that.

That is, don’t mind that I have a popular WordPress theme that I won’t give away for free.

So what should I do? In this case, I will launch pet subscription, those who need these WordPress themes can download the theme with that subscription.

Similarly, if you are a content creator, you can monetize premium content by starting a paid subscription to Telegram without giving it back to anyone.

What Is Telegram

Telegram is The World’s Best And Fastest Growing Messenger And Social Media Platform.

Telegram was created in the year 2013 by the team of Pavel Durov of Russia. Pavel Durov is an entrepreneur and business leader.

Since the year 2013, this app is becoming very popular very fast. Due to attracting billion users on its platform, this app has become a competitor of Whatsapp and Facebook today.

If we talk about statistics, then there are more than 700 million active users of this app all over the world. And the owners of Telegram are planning to take this number to billion in the next years.

But first let us know that why this Telegram is becoming so popular day by day? That too without doing any marketing or advertising.

Why is Telegram So Popular?

You will be a little surprised to know that about 10 lakh people are joining Daily Telegram.

This means that Telegram is growing very fast and the opportunity to earn money from Telegram is also increasing every month.

Today, Telegram is so popular that many things have to do with it.

#1. loading Speed Is Too Fast

One of the major reasons for Telegram’s popularity is the fast loading speed. People find the speed of Telegram very fast.

If you have used other messaging app, then you can guess for yourself how fast Telegram’s speed is.

#2. Safe And Secure

Another big reason for Telegram’s fame is the presence of a secure and secure system.

This application is specially designed for security. That is why Telegram is known as the world’s most secure messenger.

All the chatting you do in Telegram is completely encrypted. And Telegram also gives special importance to the privacy of the people. That’s why people are also aware about their chatting security.

And people feel themselves secure with Telegram messaging.

#3. Easy To Use

With Telegram being tight in terms of security, it is very easy to use.

You can send messages and stickers very easily in it. You can join any Telegram channel or group.

People can also shop easily through Telegram, which makes it easier for you to earn money from here.


If you have ever used other messaging applications, then you can compare Telegram with them to see which is the best.

Due to the creativity and different features used in Telegram, it is different from other messaging apps.

Every update of Telegram brings some new features and 3D stickers. Which make it easier for you to earn money from Telegram.

Next we are going to tell you about some features of Telegram.

Telegram Features

The amazing features given in Telegram are making it a very popular app. And because of this, it is becoming a good source of earning money.

Here are some special features of Telegram –

  • Through this, you can send encrypted messages to anyone very quickly and safely.
  • This is a very safe platform for chatting with your friends, family.
  • You can create a channel or group of unlimited people in Telegram.
  • You can take the help of Telegram Bot for chatting with your customer subscriber.
  • You can create your own custom sticker and you can open different Telegram accounts in the same phone.
  • In Telegram, you can chat in secret mode. No one will even know who you are?
  • You can send audio or video file very easily.
  • You can create a private channel channel to keep your things private.
  • You can control your Telegram account from both the Telegram app and the website.

There are many more such features of Telegram and new features keep coming in every update of Telegram.

For this reason Telegram has become a very popular app.

Telegram Channel & Group

The feature of Telegram Channels and Groups given in Telegram makes it different and different from all messaging apps. ,

Let us know about them in a little detail-

What is Telegram channel?

Telegram channel is a tool through which you can publish different types of content for your subscribers on any one topic.

You can think of Telegram channel as a Facebook group. Where you share any kind of content (images, text, videos, special offers etc.).

The only difference between these two is that your subscriber cannot post anything on your Telegram channel.

Whatever things will be published which will be from admin (your) side only.

But your published content can be seen by your subscribers, can comment on it and can also do many other things like like dislike.

What is Telegram group?

Telegram group is a tool through which you can engage with your subscribers, and all the subscribers can chat with each other.

By the way, the concept of Telegram group is similar to Whatsapp group.

If you use Telegram Group for content publishing like Telegram channel, then your published content will be lost due to group chatting. And not all people’s eyes will be on him.

Because in that group many people will be sending their own chat together.

So finally it can be said that Telegram channel is used for sharing content and Telegram group is used for chatting.

If you want to earn money from Telegram, then for this you have to create a Telegram channel. Maybe this question is coming in your mind-

So what did we learn today?

Today we know some effective ways how to earn money from Telegram channel.

If you like today’s article “how to earn money from telegram”,

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