Top 10 Pocket FM Horror Stories List Free: May 2024

If You Love Listening To Horror Stories, Then You Are In Our Horror Story Collection. Full Of Ghost Stories. From Ghosts And Monsters To Haunted Houses And Cursed Objects And Witch Stories, Chudail Kahani, We Have A Variety of pocket FM Horror Stories To Suit Your Preferences. Whether You Want A Scary Experience Or Want To Listen To A Long Story, Our Blog Has All Pocket Fm Collections.

Best Pocket FM Horror Stories List

You Will Find A Unique Collection Of Scary Stories, Which Will Keep You Up At Night. Pocket FM Horror Stories Will Not Only Stir Your Soul, But Scare You To The Point That You Will Never Be Able To Sleep Alone Again. Pocket FM’s New Horror Stories Are Added To Our Blog Every Time, Bringing You New Scary Experiences. So if You Love Horror Stories, Get Lost In The World Of Horror On Our Blog!

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Pocket FM offers a variety of horror stories in its Collection Of Audio Content. The Horror Stories Are Narrated by Voice Artists And Are Available in Multiple Languages Including Hindi, English, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

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Top 10 Most Popular Horror Stories List:

Serial NumberHorror Story NameAuthor
1.YakshiniAnand Usha Borkar
2.VashikaranNeha Jha
3.Veeraan-gadhNimit Vora
4.Khooni VadhuZameer Ahmed Shah
6.PyaasSaumya Dubey
7.Khauff PocketMahesh Sharma
8.Megh – Ek ShraapAnand Usha Borkar
9.Bhay NagarAnuraag Vyas
10.HaweliNarrator: Soundz Best

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Yakshini Who Was So Beautiful That Anyone Would Be Trapped By her beauty. This Yakshini Created A Commotion in Banglamuda and Rangkamucha villages. The yakshini used to cross The River Kishnoi At Night To Have sex with men and Make Them Prey. The Villagers Believed That The Graveyard Kothi belonged to the Yakshini, so the Villagers Along With The Religious Leaders of Various Religions Closed The kothi. Death in the Village Also Stopped As the Cremation Pit Was Closed, But Thirteen Years Later The Burial Pit Was Reopened by Yuga, as Soon As The Pit Was Opened, the Yakshinis Began Hunting Men Crossing The Kishnoi River. Diya And Yakshini Have Started To Make Victims Not Only Of Men, But Also Of Women, Why? Yakshini Is Said To have come From Another World Who was Cursed, Because Of Which She is Doing All This.

Rating: 4.9/ 5


Upon being cursed by a Sidh Pursh , a wanderer, Banjaran reaches Pali village. Her curse was that the evil she inflicted on the Sidh purush’s child, will be replicated on her own kids, not once, but 11 times! Upon reaching Pali village, Banjaran gives birth to her kids without getting married thus hurting the moral sentiments of the village. Irked by her, the villagers punish her by drowning her in a well however what they did not know that the lady they drowned thinking her to be an ordinary one, was in reality extraordinaire! And the proof was a symbol on her back which no one noticed! Soon her prowess came on display as she started wreaking havoc on the villagers. They finally manage to capture her spirit through the ancient process of Vashikaran. As time passed, the story of Banjaran and her atrocities faded. After 25 years Dhruv, Ananya, and Vicky visit Pali village and play the game of calling the spirits. What followed after that night will only unfold

Rating: 4.3/ 5


The Deserted Citadel is a haunted village, where the shadow of death begins once again when the doors of a haunted palace that has been closed for years are reopened. Prabhat and Neelam Bharadwaj, who come there to set up a factory on the adjoining land of Birangad, mysteriously disappear into a haunted mansion there. Her only son Siddhartha reaches Biranga to look for her, but Siddhartha also makes his life miserable when he arrives there. Birangarh is such a terrible village from which one cannot return. There are many unsolved mysteries in that palace. Siddhartha vows that he will not only unravel the mystery of his parents’ disappearance, but free the villagers from those old curses and evil forces. But it was impossible to open the palace’s hundreds of doors until the riddle of the palace’s secrets was solved. So will Siddhartha be able to fight against the evil forces? Will he be able to solve the dangerous riddles of the deserted castle? Will Siddhartha have the same fate as his parents? Get ready to walk with us on a painful and thrilling journey as this time the haunted mansion will reveal so many secrets that will drive you crazy. It is a deserted fort where these terrors and dangers will appear doubly.

Rating: 4.1/ 5

Khooni Vadhu

A mysterious temple where no one lives inside, so does the ghost of a wandering bride who hunts men in the village and is trapped in the temple escape Chetan? After all, what is the secret to knowing all this,

Rating: 4.3/ 5


Chandrakala is a Rudali living in the village of Mayapur and she also performs the last rites of people after their death. He has a 12-year-old daughter, with some amazing powers of principle, which the villagers don’t know about. After the death of the village sarpanch’s daughter, Chandrakala is called to perform the last rites. When Chandrakala learns that the Sarpanch’s daughter has committed suicide, she refuses to perform the last rites. In this situation, when the sarpanch forces him to perform the last rites, Chandrakala warns everyone that doing so will invite disaster. As the cremation takes place, Chandrakala’s warning comes true. From the day after his warning, people started dying one after another in the village. What is the secret, because of which people started dying? How did Chandrakala know the secret? Will Chandrakala be able to save her village?

Rating: 4.2/ 5


“PYAAS” is a story about a young girl named Mugdha who moves to Shimla with her mysterious and wealthy family. Strange events occur after Mugdha joins college, including the disappearance of a boy who had a crush on her and the deaths of several residents. The bodies found show signs of having all their blood drained. Mihir Khurana, a promising student at Mugdha’s college, suspects that Mugdha may be involved in his friend’s disappearance. Despite his suspicions, Mihir is drawn to Mugdha. The story follows the mystery surrounding Mugdha’s family and their connection to the murders, as well as the relationship between Mugdha and Mihir. The listener is left wondering about the truth behind the events and the characters’ motivations.

Rating: 4.6/ 5


Just two days before her marriage, a scary devil entered Priya’s life. He not only killed Priya’s fiancé Aditya but impregnated her with his child as well! Within a day, Priya delivered the devil’s child who then started haunting her.

Rating: 4.4/ 5

Megh – Ek Shraap

Megh, embroiled in mysteries, the love story of Rudra and Tanvi entangled in the Megh, and the tale of a woman who was burnt alive 18 years before her story. Will Rudra and Tanvi ever be able to solve this mystery and will Megh be free from the curse that changed the ancient traditions? To know more, listen to this story of fear and horror, only on PocketFM. Show Team – Rashmi Nambiar, Amit Singh, Prakhar Gupta

Rating: 4.4/ 5

Bhay Nagar

The story of a girl from Bhay Nagar, trapped between two dreadful and scary time-cycles, fighting for existence in her present and in her past.

Rating: 4.5/ 5


After losing her father when Antara’s mother started her new life with her second husband, Antara decided to live with her college friends at her ancestral mansion. It is rightly said that an old mansion hides many mysteries and secrets. Unaware of what is in store for her, Antara starts living in the mansion when her boyfriend, Tushar experiences something unfortunate. What happened with Tushar? What does Antara do now? What happens when her gang witnesses something horrific in the house? Tune into the gripping tale of Haweli to find out.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

These Stories Are All Well Written And Narrated Pocket Fm And They Will Make Your Heart Soar. Click Here To Check All Pocket Fm Story

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Which is The Most Popular Horror Story On Pocket FM?

The most popular horror story on Pocket FM is Yakshini by Anand Usha Borkar. It has over 100 million listens and has been rated 4.9 stars by over 1 million users.


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