What is Affiliate Marketing? How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money in 2023

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

In This Era Of Online Earning, Everyone Thinks How To Earn Money Sitting At Home? How To Make Money From Home?

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing
How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

That’s Why We Always Keep Searching For New Ways To Make Money Online In Google. If You Are Also One Of Them, Then Read This Post Carefully, Because I Am Going To Criticize About Affiliate Marketing In It.

What is Affiliate Marketing to you in This Article? And How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing? How to start Affiliate Marketing? You Will Get All The Information Related To This.

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1. What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Is Such An Earning Tarika Through Which Any Person Promotes The Product Of Any Other Person Or Company Through Their Blog, YouTube, Advertisement Or Any Other Way.

Whenever A Person (Visitors) Buys That Promoted Product, Then The Promoted Person Is Given Some Commission In Exchange For The Goods Sold By That Company.

The Level Of Commission Can Be From 1% to 70% It Depends On Different Products.

Most of the technology, health, finance and web related products get more commission.

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2. Some important definitions related to Affiliate Marketing:

To work in affiliate marketing, it is very important for us to have knowledge of some important definitions related to it.

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Some Important Definitions Related To Affiliate Marketing


Advertisers Are Those (Person Or Company) Who Do Advertising To Promote Their Product Or Service More. Affiliate marketing Is A Compliment To Online Advertising.

Where In Return For Each Sale Done By The Affiliate, They Would Be Given A Few Rupees. With This, The Company Can Do Its Publicity At A Very Low Cost.


People Who Join Their Affiliate Program To Promote The Product Of A Person Or Company. And Promotes Their Product Through Their Blog, YouTube, Facebook, or Any Advertisement, Those People Are Called Affiliates.

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Affiliate Program:

Any Company Takes The Help Of Advertisement For The Publicity Of Its Product.

Apart From This, Another Program Runs, With Which The Affiliate Promotes Their Product By Joining The Program, And Earns

Apart From This, Another Program Runs, With Which The Affiliate Promotes Their Product By Joining The Program, And Earns Commission. The Same Program Is Called Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Marketplace:

In Simple Language, Affiliate Marketplace Is The Place Where Affiliate People Get A Chance To Promote Their Products By Joining Affiliate Program Of Any Company, That Place Is Called Affiliate Marketplace.

Affiliate Network:

People Doing Affiliate Marketing From Advertiser Together Are Called Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Link:

Affiliate Link Is A Special Link, Which Is Given By The Company To The Publishers. And Publishers Promote That Link Through Themselves.

Whenever A Person Clicks On That Link, He Gets Redirected To The Company’s Website.

Through This Link, The Advertiser Or Affiliate Can Track The Sales Made.

Affiliate ID:

When An Affiliate Joins A Company’s Affiliate Program, He Receives A Unique ID.

For Example, Clickbank’s Affiliate ID Is Just The Affiliate’s Nickname.

Whatever Nickname You Choose Will Be Your Affiliate ID.

With The Help Of Id, You Will Be Able To See All The Details Of All The Sales Or Transactions Etc. In Your Account Very Easily.

Affiliate Commission:

There Is Different Commission For Different Products. The Commission Level Can Range From 1% to 70% Depending On The Product.

You May Be Surprised To Hear This But It Is 100% True. The Commission Level Can Range From $1 to $1000. Sometimes It Can Even Be Up To $10000.

Affiliate Manager:

Most Of The Companies Have A Manager To Assist Their Affiliates. Whose Job Is To Solve All The Problems Of Affiliates, Bring New Offers Etc.

The affiliate Manager Handles The Majority Of The Affiliate Program.

Link Clocking:

Affiliate Links Are Always Long And Awkward To Look At. Visitors Get Confused Seeing This, They Do Not Understand Anything About The Link. That’s Why The Help Of Link Shortener Is Taken To Make That Link Hurt And Good In Appearance. This Process Is Called Link Clocking.

Click Through Rate (CTR):

Out Of All The Visitors Who Got Impressions Of The Advertise, What Percentage Of Those Visitors Clicked On That Advertise.

The Percentage Of Clicks Will Be As much as the ctr. if the click Percentage Is 5 Out Of 100, Then The CTR Will Also Be 5.

Payment Mode:

The Medium Through Which The Company Gives Payment To Its Members Is Called Payment Mode. Different Companies Pay Members In Different Ways. Like PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check Or Direct Bank Transfer.

Cost Per Click (CPC):

This Is A Payment Model, Through Which Advertisers Pay Their Affiliates For Every Single Click. No Need For Sales Here.

Cost Per Action (CPA):

This Is Also Similar To Cpc, But It Is Paid Per Conversion.

Payment Thresholds:

If You Search Google For Make Money Online And Have Worked In Any Field, Then You Must Have Seen That You Need To Earn A Minimum Amount Of Rupees To Get Paid, Whether There Is A Minimum Of 50, 100 or 500 Like This. Only A Few Rupees Have To Be Earned. This Is The Payment Threshold. You Can Understand On The Level Of Example, If You Have Worked In Any Make Money Online App, Then You Must Have Seen That You Need A Minimum Of ₹50 Or ₹100 Rupees To Take Payment From That App. Then The Payment Threshold For That App Becomes ₹50 or ₹100.

Referral Bonus Program:

When An Affiliate Joins A New Affiliate With The Affiliate Program, He Gets A Few Rupees In Exchange For Sing Up, And Also Gets A Percentage Of The Money The New Affiliate Will Earn.

3. How Affiliate Marketing Works:

After Knowing What Is Affiliate Marketing, How Does Affiliate Marketing work? It Is Important To Know This, So That We Do Not Face Any Problems While Working In Affiliate Marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

You Must Have Come To Know That Companies Start Affiliate Programs To Promote Their Products. After This, Whoever Wants To Do Affiliate Marketing Has To Become A Partner With This Program. As Soon As He Becomes A Partner, A Special Link Is Given By The Company To That Joined Person. The Partner I.e. Affiliate Promotes That Link To The People Through His Blog, Website, Youtube, Social Media, Advertisement Etc. Whenever Someone Clicks On That Link And Goes To The Company’s Website And Buys Anything. Then The Promoting Affiliate Would Get The Commission Fixed By The Company.

4. How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing:

Today, Blogger, Youtuber Are Earning Millions Of Rupees By Doing Affiliate Marketing.

There Are Also Many Bloggers Whose Main Source Of Income Is Affiliate Marketing.

Do You Also Want To Wish Lakhs Of Rupees Online? I Know You Would.

If You Want, First Of All You Have To Join The Affiliate Program Of A Good Company.

As You Search For Affiliate Companies On The Internet, You Will Find Many Companies That Offer Affiliate Programs. But You Can Start Your Business By Joining A Good And Famous Company.

[You Can See The Names Of Some Best Affiliate Program Offering Company Discussed Below.] But Yes, Before Starting Affiliate Marketing, It Is Very Important To Take Care Of Some Steps. Like,-

What Kind Of Product Will Be Promoted (Niche):

This Is An Important Part Of Affiliate Marketing.

I Would Advise You To Promote That Type Of Product On Whatever Topic You Have Experience. This Will Make It Much Easier For You To Promote. But Also Keep In Mind That What Percentage Commission You Will Get In That Product Because In The End You Want To Profit From Here.

Through Which Medium Will Promote The Product:

From Any Date, Either He Can Promote The Product On Blog, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Or In Any Other Way. But The Best Option For Affiliate Marketing is Blog/Website or YouTube. 

To Create A Blog, You Will Need A Domain And Hosting, Which Is Around 2000. And To Create A YouTube Channel, Only An Email Id Is Required. 

How To Reach Maximum People:

When A Lot Of Visitors Will Come On Your Blog or YouTube Channel, Then You Can Easily Promote That Product To More People. Or You Can Promote To Maximum Number Of Visitors Through Any Paid Promotion.

5. Companies Offering Affiliate Program (Top Affiliate Marketing Company)

You Can Start Affiliate Marketing by joining Affiliate Program According To Your Niche.

To Find Affiliate Programs According To Your Niche, You Can Search Google By Typing Your Niche + Affiliate.

For Example, If You Want To Affiliate A Health Related Product, Then You Will Get A List Of Many Companies As Soon As You Search By Typing Health + Affiliate In Google.

Here Have Given The Names Of Some Top Affiliate Marketing

Company, Where You Will Get More Commission And Is Also Very Reliable.

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. ClickBank
  4. eBay
  5. Commission Junction
  6. Godaddy
  7. HostGator
  8. JVZoo
  9. ¡Affiliates
  10. vCommission
  11. MakeMyTrip
  12. BigRock
  13. Bluehost
  14. SiteGround

Whatever Company You Want To Associate With, First Of All Read Their Term Of Service And Privacy Policy.

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With This, You Will Get All The Information Related To The Affiliate Program Of That Company And It Will Be Easy To Work.

6. How to Join Affiliate Marketing Company:

Whichever Affiliate Company You Want To Join, First You Have To Go To The Affiliate Page Of That Company.

To Go To The Page, Simply Search By Typing Company Name + Affiliate In Google.

For Example, If You Want To Do Affiliate Marketing With Amazon, type Amazon affiliate in Google.

From This You Will Reach The Affiliate Page Of amazon.

To Join Any Company, You Will Need Some Basic Information. Like,

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Email id
  • Phone Number
  • Blog/Website/YouTube Facebook page URL (Where The Product Will Be Promoted)
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Details (For Payment)

As Soon As You Join With Them And Get Approved By Them, You Will Get A Unique Link To The Product.

You can do online earning by Promoting That Link Through Yourself.

7. Affiliate Marketing related FAQ’s

All These Questions Are Often Asked By Those

All These Questions Are Often Asked By Those People Who Want To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing.

It is Very Important To Know All These Things Before Working With Any Affiliate Company.

Q1. Are There Fees for Falling With an Affiliate Program?

Ans: All the affiliate programs are free of cost. You will not need a single rupee to join them.
If a company is demanding money to join, then 99.5% chance that company is a fraud


Q2. Is it necessary to have a blog or website to do affiliate marketing?

Ans: Absolutely not needed. But Blog, Website is considered a good way of affiliate marketing.
Apart from this, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. are very good for Affiliate

Q3. How much money can be earned in Affiliate marketing?

Ans: Unlimited money can be earned. But to earn more, you have to know about Affiliate very well
How much time you will give with this depends on how much money you will earn from here.

Q4. Can I join any Affiliate Course?

Ans: It depends on you. Today, Google Baba knows everything, so you can learn from Google too.

Q5. Can we do Adsense and Affiliate together?

Ans: Well you can. But whatever company you want to work with, go to their FAQ’s section and do a must check.

My advice would be that if you want to do affiliate marketing, then put AdSense’s ad in the footer or don’t put it at all.

Because, whenever the visitors clicks on the ad, they get irritated.

But yes, you can apply first, but keep in mind that there should not be more than 2 or 3.

Q6. How to bring more visitors to your blog without spending?

Ans: If you want to bring more visitors to your blog without any cost, then you have to learn SEO.

This is the only way through which you can bring visitors in Millions to your Blog/Website. And almost everyone follows this method.

Q7. Can I create a site for Affiliate in Blogspot?

Ans: You can make it, but I would prefer WordPress.org only.Because,You can easily customize WordPress but it is not easy to customize Blogger. And many plugins are available in WordPress, which helps a lot in ranking. Hey guys,

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