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RJ In Pocket FM

Hello friends! Today I Am Going To Talk About How To Become an RJ on Pocket FM. Children Become Serious About Their Careers as Soon As They Pass Class 10. Ome Want To Be Actors, Some Want To Be Cricketers, And Some Want To Be Radio DJs. If you Have A Good Voice, You Can Make A Career As A Pocket FM DJ.

Pocket Fm

Various FM Radio Stations Work To Maintain A Connection Between Stations And Listeners By Entertaining Listeners For Hours. Abbreviated as ‘Rj’. This is One Of The Most Attractive Professions Now. Let Us Remind You Of The Steps You Need To Go Through Before Entering This Profession. Note That We Are Specifically Talking About Pocket FM Rj Here, But These Methods Apply To Other FMOs As Well.

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The Pocket Fm Radio Jockey’s Work Is The Work Of A Radio Jockey, Who Makes Garlands Of Words On The Back Of The Song. But, Not Exaggeration Or Bullshit. Convey Useful Information To The Audience With Entertainment. It is Called ‘Infotainment’. No One Is Born With This Ability To Speak. Acquired Through Practice. Build yourself first by Practicing. Continue to practice Standing In A Mirror If Necessary. And Shake Your Head.

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For Many Youngsters The Word radio Jockey Would Be New. Many of you Would Not Even Know What A Pocket Fm Radio Jockey is? In This Way, All Of You Must Be Listening To The Voice Of Radio Jockey On the Radio Every Day. And You Must Be Thinking That I Wish Could Also Go On Radio.

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If You Also Want To Go On Radio, Then You Should Know That Radio Jockey in Pocket Fm? Radio How to become RJ in Pocket FM? What Should Be The Qualification For Radio Jockey?

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So Today I Am Going To Talk To You About This, That Radio Jockey in Pocket FM? If You Also Want To Know What Should be Yogyata For Radio Jockey? How To Get Job in Pocket FM? So This Article RJ in Pocket FM? Must Read Till The End.

What is Pocket FM app?

Pocket FM app is India ‘s No.1 Radio Show App. Pocket FM app brings to all of us the best of Hindi radio shows, English Audio, Hindi audio, Hindi FM radio channels, stories and podcasts . Which you can listen to absolutely free.
Pocket FM app has Radio Show, stories and kahaniyan, audio books  which includes many categories like  romance and love, horror, thriller mystery, self-help, motivational book, business, spiritual, religious, health, biography  etc. is included.

What Is The Life Of Radio Jockey?
  • The Main Job Of RJ Is To Show On Pocket Fm.
  • Apart From This Programming, Story Telling Has To Be Done.
  • Radio Advertising Also Has to be done.
  • The Working Hours Of Radio Jockeys Are Not Fixed. Radio Program Operation May Have To Be Done At Night Also.

Qualification for Radio Jockey in Pocket FM

  • First Of All, You Should Pass Class 10th With Good Marks.
  • Must Have Passed Intermediate (10+2) In Any Stream.
  • After Passing Class 12th, Do Radio Degree Or Diploma Course From A Recognized Institute.
  • There Are Many Courses For Radio Job, You Can Do Any Of Them.

What Should Be The Qualification To Become A Radio Jockey? Eligibility. for Radio Jockey in Pocket FM:

  • You Must Have A Good Voice. Be Sweet, Clear And Clean.
  • Candidate should know English, Hindi and local Language.
  • The Speaking Style Of The Candidate Should Be Good.
  • There Should Be An Art To Attract The Audience Towards You.
  • A Radio Jockey Should Know Poetry And Jokes. So That People Can Be Entertained
  • The Style Of Conversation Should Be Funny. So That The Viewer Can Enjoy The Program.
  • Radio Jockeys Should Be Interested To Know About The Happenings in The Country And Abroad.

How to become RJ in Pocket FM

To Become A Radio Jockey, You Must Have All The Above Qualifications, only Then You Will Be Able To Become an RJ.

  • First of all you pass class 12th in any stream from  recognized board.
  • After That Do A Radio Course.
  • You Can Do Degree Or Diploma Course
  • Do A Radio Course From A Recognized Institute. After Doing Radio Course, You can Apply for Job In Pocket FM.
  • In This Way, You Can Earn A Lot Of Money By Becoming A Radio Jockey in Pocket FM.

If You Do Not Want To Do Radio Jockey Course, Then You Can Become Radio Jockey By Doing Internship. You Can Become A Radio Jockey By Doing Internship In A Radio Station. Many Radio Stations Conduct Internships For RJs.

What To Do To Ban Radio Jockey?

If You Want To Become A Radio Jockey, Then You Have To Do Radio Jockey Course. Pass class 12th to do Radio Course. After That Take Admission in Radio Course In Any Recognized Institute.

Radio Jockey Course:

  • Diploma in Radio Production and Radio Jockey.
  • Diploma in Radio Programming and Broadcast Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Radio and Broadcast Management
  • Certificate Course in Radio Joking

How Much Is The Salary in Pocket FM Rj?

Salary Of Radio Jockey Depends On The Experience. In The Beginning, The Salary Of Radio Jockey is Less. As The Experience Increases, So Does The Salary Increase. Initially, A Radio Jockey Gets A Salary Of Rs 25,000 to 50,000 Per Month.

Conclusion: How to become Radio Jockey in pocket FM

So Friends, This Is Radio Jockey. We Hope You Found This Article RJ become a in pocket FM? Would Have Liked It. And Now You Must Have Understood Very Well That How To Get Job In Pocket Fm?

How To Get Job In Pocket FM? If You Have Any Kind Of Question Related To This, Then You Must Tell Us By Commenting Below.

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