Shopping online: Don’t forget these..

Nowadays everyone is used to online purchases. No one likes to spend hours and hours shopping in a busy life. That’s why everyone is following online shopping that can be completed in seconds. Many people are turning towards online shopping due to easy returns and refunds in online shopping.

Shopping online: Don't forget these..
Shopping online: Don’t forget these..


  • People to online shopping
  • Here are some tips from the experts to follow before shopping

No matter how many sectors are struggling, this commerce sector continues to reach new heights day by day. New goals are set and kept on going. Trust is the key to this commerce sector. If you don’t have faith, you can’t excel in this field. That’s why these e-commerce companies do anything to earn the trust of consumers. It is this approach that motivates many people to turn to this e-commerce and make purchases.

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Currently we are served by many types of e-commerce companies in the market. It is said that it is best to buy from one company for men’s fashion, one company for women’s fashion and one company for home accessories. When buying from certain types of companies, their customer service and various factors can cause us trouble. That is why we should only buy from companies that have earned the trust of consumers. Otherwise, whatever time we buy on these e-commerce sites that saves time, that time is wasted talking to the customer service.

Simple Payments

Another thing that attracts people towards these e-commerce sites is the simple payments. Yes.. payment method is very simple in these e-commerce companies. Most of these e-commerce companies have their own cash. We can pay with them. Or we can pay with the money in our bank account. Apart from this, these commerce companies have also introduced the method of paying in easy installments. This method works for many people. These commerce companies provide us with the method of paying the money in easy installments if we buy the equipment this month.

Having said that, UPI payment method option is also offered to us by these commerce companies. UPI payment method is very simple. Entire payment can be completed easily with just UPI ID without need to enter full debit or credit cards details. That’s why most people are turning towards this commerce.

Customer Service

Another thing that attracts people towards these eCommerce sites is customer service. Currently, these top e-commerce sites have quality customer service to a great extent. Barring a few cases, in many cases they provide us with the help we need. It also clears our doubts. Such excellent customer service is also helping people to take steps towards this commerce.

Secure Refunds

The item or clothing we ordered will be delivered to us after the time period they mentioned. Sometimes we may not like the products that we like at the time of ordering but when they are delivered. Apart from that, our expectations may not be reached in terms of their color and design. At such a time, if we don’t like the ordered item in this e-commerce system, we can easily return the item. We are told that we can return any item at the time of purchase. According to that date, we can easily return the purchased items. When we request to return certain products, the delivery boy of the respective company comes and collects our products at our doorstep. But when we return the purchased products before we collect them, do we have the delivery tags? or notices things. We have to return unused and unworn items without removing the tags that came with the dress.

Will there be refunds for returned items? Many people have doubts about Rao. But there is no need to entertain such doubts. Refunds for returned items will be credited to our account. Sometimes when we order using the money provided by this commerce company, the money remains as this commerce money. Your funds will be in your account within a maximum of 2 or 3 business (excluding bank holidays) days after delivery. So it is very easy to shop online and return the items if you don’t like them.


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But there is one thing to remember before returning the items. Any items we intend to return should be left with their tags intact. Also, any bills that come with them should be kept safe and given to the delivery agent who comes for return pickup. If we remove the tags the delivery agents will refuse to take them for return.

Also, returns are not available for certain types of products. When we purchase such products we have to keep them even if we don’t like them. So before we purchase the products we should carefully check whether the products have return facility or not. Mostly in this commerce sector return facility is not available for inner wear products. So it is very important that we buy carefully before buying. Nowadays some of these commerce companies are providing clearance sale. Most of the products we buy as part of clearance sale do not have return facility. So we have to double check before purchasing them. Products with returns should not be taken lightly. Did we like the goods after they were delivered? Even if we don’t like it, we have to keep it. Even if we don’t get their size, we have to lose the money to purchase them. This commerce company does not take any responsibility for this. Many people are stepping towards this commerce because of the easy return methods available to us.

Many people think that shopping in this e-commerce means that we can book the product only after making an advance payment. But that is wrong. Pay on delivery facility is also available in this commerce. We can book the item of our choice without any money using the pay on delivery facility. Once the product is delivered to us, we pay for the product.

Asalenti this ‘TRY AND BUY’

Nowadays some of these e-commerce companies have also introduced the ‘TRY AND BUY’ method. In this system we have to order the clothes of our choice by paying just one rupee. After that the delivery agent brings the clothes to our house. Then we can take those clothes and we can trial them. If we feel the clothes fit we can keep them. Only at such time we have to pay the price of that product. After we trial the clothes we have the flexibility to return them if we feel they don’t fit properly. In this way, just as we try on the dress we like in shopping malls, in this ‘TRY AND BUY’ method, we have the convenience of ordering the dress we like by paying just one rupee. It is a great thing to have the opportunity to try the products of your choice at your doorstep for just one rupee. This facility is available only on these e-commerce sites. We don’t find this facility in any big reputed shopping mall. So people are more and more attracted towards this commerce these days.

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