Underwear Sales: Do You Know The Link Between Underwear: Economic Recession? Have To Believe

Underwear Sales Economy

Underwear Sales: Currently, There Are Signs Of Economic Slowdown in The World. The Signs Of This Are That Inflation Is Increasing In The Respective Countries And Central Banks Are Raising Interest Rates To Curb It. However, Economic Experts Say That The Sales Of Men’s Underwear Give Signals To Predict The Progress Of The Country’s Economy And Financial Crisis. Let’s See Now.

Underwear Sales Economy
Underwear Sales Economy

Underwear Sales:

There Are Many Metrics Available To Us To Gauge The State Of The Country’s Economy. Gross National Income, Gross Domestic Product, People’s Purchasing Power, Growth Rate Are Many. Does Any Country Grow Economically? Will it Go Into Recession? It Is Very Important To Know That. But In The Meantime Let Us Talk About Some Surprising Facts. The Sales Of Men’s Underwear (Underwear) Also Predicts The Economy Of A Country. Its Behavior Reveals Its Flaws. This May Sound A Bit Strange. But Experts Say This Is True.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Allen Greenspan Formulated It For The First Time. He Mentioned That Men’s Underwear Is A Key Factor In Understanding The Economy. He Said That When Money is A Problem, Men Postpone The Purchase Of Their Underwear. That Indicates An Impending Economic Downturn.

Inflation Has Caused Serious Disturbance In Our Country Even In The First Two Quarters of The Financial Year 2022-23. However, There Was No Effect On The Sales Of Underwear. But By The Quarter Ended December, The Situation Had Changed. Page Industries, Which Sells Underwear Under The Names Lux And Jockey, Saw A Combined 11 Percent Decline In Sales. The Company’s Stock Also Fell By 5 Percent. Similarly, A 55 Percent Decline Was Recorded In The Sales of Roopa and Company. The Value Of This Stock Fell By 52 Percent During The Year. According To Allen’s Theory, If The Sales Of Underwear Gradually Decline, It Means That There Are Problems in The Economy.

Lipstick And Underwear Economy

These Indexes Are Similar.
There is Also An Index Called Lipstick Index Similar To This Underwear Sales. Women Postpone The Purchase Of Expensive Decorative Items When There Are Financial Difficulties. Economists Say They Will Be Replaced By Attractive Lipsticks. That Means Economic DepressionSales of These Lipsticks Will Increase Before Dipping. It Was Formulated By Businessman Named Leonard Lauder. An Example Of This Is Also Given. He Cites That Lipstick Sales Increased Significantly During The Financial Crisis Of 2000. And During The Crisis Of 2008 This Was Proved Wrong. Then Lipstick Sales Also Fell. Many Have Denied That Lipstick Sales Have Nothing To Do With The Economy. Then There Are Those Who Say That The Sales Of Lipsticks Fell Because Women Preferred Nail Polish.

In 2009, During The Economic Recession, Sales of Men’s Underwear In The United States Fell Significantly From 2007. Sales Picked Up Again In 2010 When The Economy Recovered. Statistics Show That Before Corona, in 2019, Underwear Worth 6 Billion Dollars Was Sold in America. By 2020, it Has Fallen To 4.5 Billion Dollars. It Will Increase Again in 2021.

It is Known That Central Banks Of Many Countries Are Increasing Interest Rates To Control Inflation. Interest Rates Are Now At Record Highs In Many Countries. As A Result, Economic Growth is Slowing Down. The International Monetary Fund Predicts That A Third Of The World’s Countries Will Fall Into Recession By 2023. These Conditions Are Already Seen In Many Countries. Especially Sri Lanka and Pakistan Are Examples Of That In Asia. Global Organizations Praise That Indian Economy Is Strong

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