HDFC Credit Card Lost Credit Card? Block in This Way

How To Block HDFC Credit

HDFC Credit Card: There Are Many Cases Where The Credit Card is Lost In The Pocket. Experts Advise To Block The Card Quickly In Such A Situation.

How To Block HDFC Credit

HDFC Credit Card: Many People Take The Help Of Credit Cards When They Are Tight On Cash. From Groceries To Favorite Gadgets, Customers Do A Variety of Shopping Through This Card. But Sometimes Blocking Or Canceling A Credit Card is Very Important If You Don’t Use It, or if It’s Lost. Usually Banks Offer Credit Cards With Various Offers. Customers Choose Credit Cards According To Their Needs.

If your HDFC Bank Credit Card Is Lost, Or Blocked For Any Other Reason, You Can Get It Fixed Quickly. Currently Customers Can Block This Card Through Netbanking, Phone Banking Or Visiting The Bank Branch.

How To Close The Credit Card Through The Website?

Step 1: Go To The Website And Click On ‘Chatbot- Ask Eva’.
Step 2: Enter ‘Credit Card Closure’.
Step 3: Enter Your Mobile Number.
Step 4: Enter the OTP.
Step Five: Enter The Last Four Digits Of Your Credit Card Number.
Sixth step: Choose The Reason.
Step Seven: Your Credit Card Closure Request Will Then Be Accepted.

Customers Can Also Visit HDFC Bank branches by Filling The Credit Card Closure Form And Submitting It To The Manager. Customers Can Also Download The Credit Card Form Online And Fill It. Then Send it to ‘HDFC Bank Credit Cards, Post Office Box 8654, Thiruvanmeer, Chennai-600041’.

How To Cancel Credit Card Through Phone Banking?

Customers Can Cancel Credit Cards By Calling Any Time Of The Week. The Procedure For Cancellation Is Mentioned Below:

Step 1: First of All Verify The Telephone Identification Number (TIN). It is A Four Digit Number. Through this HDFC Bank Provides Phone Banking Services.
Step 2: Next Follow The Instructions Required For Card Block.

How To Block Credit Card Through Netbanking?

Step 1: Login to NetBanking Using Your NetBanking ID and Password.
Step Two: Click On The Credit Card Tab. Then Click On Credit Card Hotlisting.
Step 3: Enter The Number Of The Card You Want To Block.
Step 4: Enter The Blocking Reason.
Fifth Step: If You Want To Reissue The Card, Select It.

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