Policy Bond Misplace: Know What To Do If You Lose Your Original insurance document

Policy Bond Misplace

Insurance Policy Bond Misplace

Insurance Policy Bond Misplace: Are You Insured? Have The Policy For 10, 15 or 25 Years? Are You Keeping The Original Insurance Documents? If Lost, You Can Get Into Trouble. Also Inform The Nominee About The Insurance Documents. If Lost, What To Do, Know Details.

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Many People Invest In Insurance Policies For A Term Of 10, 15 Or 25 Years. Insurance Policy Bond is given To The Investor By The Concerned Company At The Time Of Purchase Of Insurance . This calls for investor Caution. But What Will The Investor Do If The Insurance Bond Is Lost For Some Reason? Let’s Find Out.

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Insurance Policy Bond Misplace
Insurance Policy Bond Misplace

Inform The Insurance Company

If The Bond Given By The Insurance Company Is Lost By The Investor, He Should First Inform The Insurance Agent Or The Company directly. after that, the Duplicate Insurance Policy Issue Application Should Be Submitted To The Company Along With The Compensation Bond, FIR Copy And Part Of The Bond Loss Advertisement.

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Report To Police Station

Several Insurance Companies Ask Investors To File A Complaint With The Police Station In Case Of Loss Of Policy Information. Then Asked To Apply For Duplicate Policy With That Complaint Document.

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Your Lost Insurance Policy Documents, If Anyone Finds Them, To Deliver Them To The Investor Immediately. For This You Need To Advertise In An English And Local Language Newspaper. Placing This Ad Means You Have Searched For The Policy Documents. But Did Not Get It.

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Indemnity Bond To Be Given

The Investor Has To Submit An Indemnity Bond Along With The Application Form. It is Learned That Here The Applicant Is Required To Sign An Indemnity Bond On Behalf Of The Organization. What is it? Experts Said That If Someone Claims Money With The Original Insurance Document In Future, The Claimant Will Be Liable To Compensate The Company.

According To Informed Sources, In Most Cases, The Nominee Does Not Know Exactly Where The Insurance Documents Are. In That Case, There Are Multiple Risks For Loss Of Insurance. So Knowing Things In Advance Can Avoid Problems.

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