Investment: Here Are 5 Things Not To Do When The Stock Market Is Down!

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Stock Market Fall: Stock markets are collapsing. Benchmark indices are falling. At its peak, the market was down 17 percent. Some things must be kept in mind in such situations. Investors should not do certain things. Let’s take a look at what not to do when the market is falling. Do not sell stocks that are in a hurry as the market is falling. Doing so will incur huge losses.

5 things not to do when the market is down


  • Sales in the share market .. Indices at a loss
  • The same trend has been going on for the last few days
  • Some things should not be done when the market is falling
  • Avento Now let us know once

Stock Market Today

Markets have been falling since the US Federal Reserve raised the key Fed rate to curb inflation. History has shown that if inflation does not reach its peak, the central banks in the West will soon be raising key interest rates. The same thing is happening now. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has also raised the repo rate by 90 basis points over the past two months. Domestic benchmark indexes fell 17 per cent from a record high on selling by foreign institutional investors. Some sectors, however, have fallen more than 20 per cent so far this year. Investors should not do certain things when the market is falling like this. Let’s get to know Avento once.

Emotions usually overtake practical judgment when the market falls

You do not have to worry if you own shares that have strong fundamentals. Again those shares bounce back. So do not worry when the market falls. Do not sell shares.

Build an average concept 

Many people are told to keep buying whenever they fall in order to average the purchase cost. It should be noted here, however, that buying stocks that do not have the fundamentals right will incur further losses. One should think twice before buying falling stocks.

The market is supreme. Can move anyway depending on the circumstances. Sometimes it can keep falling. So you have to evaluate the market. One has to be able to imagine how far the fall could go. Decisions must be made accordingly.

Decisions need to change in line with market trends

If the market moves against your expectations then you will incur huge losses. As an investor you need to respect market sentiment. Need to understand. You need to modify your strategies.

Investors must first adhere to their basic financial goals

Planning should be in line with market conditions. It can be attractive when the stock price is in single digits. But do not forget the fundamentals here. Also do not diversify the portfolio too much. Doing so makes it harder to track stock performance.

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