WhatsApp Cashback Offer: 105 rupees if you pay on WhatsApp! Do you know how to get it?

WhatsApp Cashback: It used to be an instant messaging app. WhatsApp took a big initiative to enter the competition of payment app.

WhatsApp Cashback Offer
WhatsApp Cashback Offer.

WhatsApp Cashback: It used to be an instant messaging app. WhatsApp took a big initiative to enter the competition of payment app. The company is offering a cashback of Rs.105 to increase the subscribers of the payment app. Find out how to take advantage of this.

WhatsApp Cashback Offer: What is this app?

That’s why WhatsApp is at the top of the list of users on the country’s social media platform. However, the company has not been able to strengthen its foundation as a payment app even though it has been named as an instant messaging app. The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) first allowed the app to increase its payment window account to 100 million users in 2020.

WhatsApp Cashback Offer: More Customers Wanting As companies

look at the current market, many online
payment companies are offering cashback to retain their users. This time WhatsApp has written the name in that list. The company is offering a cashback of Rs 105 only for sending money to Indian nationals. The instant messaging app has taken this initiative to encourage customers to use the WhatsApp payment app. 

WhatsApp Cashback Offer: How to get 105 taka cashback facility?

1 Update the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone first.

2 A minimum transaction of Rs. 1 is required to avail this facility.

3 Keep in mind that the company will not pay 105 rupees directly to the users.

4 WhatsApp will offer a cashback of Rs 35 for each user transaction.

5 Users will be able to make direct payments by going to their chat window.

Only 5 users in India will get the offer. This facility is not being given in case of any other country. The instant messaging app has already cleared the matter.

Note – This Offer Is Not Available For All The Whatsapp Users, Valid For Specific Users Only.

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