How To Earn Money From Meesho App? 7 Easy Ways

How To Make Money Meesho

Work From Home, Earn Money, Resell With Meesho App Download

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In Today’s Time, There Are Many Ways Available To Earn Money Sitting At Home Online. Just We Should Have Complete Information About Them So That We Can Earn Money Online Sitting At Home. As E-commerce App Has Become Very Popular in Our Country And For This Reason Money Can Be Earned Through Platforms Other than Amazon and Flipkart. One Such Reseller App Is Meesho. You Can Earn Money Online From Your Home Through This App. ‌If You Also Want To Earn Money Through Meesho App Sitting At Home, Then Read Our Article Completely Today. In This Article, We Will Tell You step By Step How To Earn Money From Meesho app.

How To Earn Money From Meesho App

How To Earn Money From Meesho App In This Article? We Are Going To Give Detailed Information About. If You Want To Earn Money From Meesho App, Then You Must Read This Article Till The End.

How To Earn Money From Meesho

What is Meesho?

Meesho Is An Online Shopping App, Through This App You Can Earn Money Sitting At Home Very Easily. In This, You Have To Sell The Product According To Your Margin.. It Means To Say That On Meesho You Can Sell The Product According To Your Own Rate.

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If We Understand As An Example, If Any Of Your Products Is Worth ₹ 200, Then You Can Easily Sell This Product Through Miso By Knowing Its Rate Is More Than ₹ 200.

Because Whatever Products Are There On Misho, They Are Very Cheap And In Such A Situation, Even If You Want To Increase The Price, It Will Be Sold. In This Way You Can Earn Money Very Easily Through Meesho app.

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Meesho App Features

There Is No Doubt That Meesho Is One Of The Best Reselling App Whose Features Are As Follows –

  • Customers Can Choose Two Types Of options to buy the product.
  • Customers Can Pay Through Online Or Cash on delivery mode.
  • If the Customer Does Not Like A Product, It can be easily returned or replaced.
  • Customer Care Is Always Available To assist the customer on the Meesho app.

Requirements To Earn Money From Meesho App

If You Want To Earn Money Through This App, Then For This You Will Need Some Requirements. We Have Given You The Details About Their Requirements Below.

By Reading Which You Can Very Easily Understand Them About The Requirement And Can Also Earn Money Sitting at Home Through Meesho app.

  • First Of All, You Should Have An Account In Meeso.
  • Select the product you want to sell.
  • More And More Audience Will Be Needed For The Selling And Promotion Of The Product And You Will Have To Build your Audience By Going To Different Platforms so That You Can Get Maximum Conversion by promoting your product.
  • If you use Meesho app, then you should have complete information related to Meesho app, only then you will be able to earn money sitting at home through Meesho app.

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Who Can Benefit More From Meesho App?

Meesho is a Platform Specially Designed For Housewives. Retired Entrepreneurs, Students, Teachers Can Do This Online Business Along With Their Work. Using This Platform They Can Launch, Build And Promote Online Business Very Easily.

To Do This, They Can Use WhatsApp, Facebook And Other Social Media Channels, Through Which Everyone Can Become a Micro Entrepreneur. Women Can Now Start Their Own Business Online Without Any Investment

How To Download Meesho App?

If You Want To Earn Money Sitting At Home Through Meesho App, Then Meesho’s App Should Be Downloaded in Your Phone. We Have Given You The Complete Information Related To How To Download The Meesho App Step By Step Below, Which You Can Read And Download The Meesho App Very Easily.

  • If You Want To Download This App, Then First Of All Do Research By Typing Miso On Google.
  • When You Search On Google, The Official Website Of Miso Comes In Front Of You, you click on it.
  • When You Open The Official Website Of Miso, Then You Have To Click On The Download Option Below And The App of Miso Will Be Downloaded In Your Phone.
  • Once the Misho App Is Downloaded On your Phone, You Can Create And Use Your account on the Meesho app.

When You Will Complete This Process, Then you Will Be Able To Create Your Account Along With Downloading The Meesho App And In This Way You Will Be Able To Earn Money Very Easily Through The Meesho App.

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How To Create Your Account in Meesho app?

If You Want To Earn Money Through Meesho app, Then For This First You Have To Download Meesho App And Create Your Own Account.

If You Do Not Know How To Create An Account in Meesho, Then We Have Given You The Complete Information Related To Creating An Account In Meesho Below Step By Step, By Reading Which You Can Create Your Account Very Easily.

  • First of all, you have to open Meesho’s app, After That You Have To Create an account by Selecting One Of The Options Of email ID, mobile number or Facebook ID to create your own account.
  • If You Want To Create Your Account Through Mobile Number Then First You have to Enter Your Mobile Number And Then you have to click on OK button.
  • When you enter your number, then OTP will come on your number.
  • You Will Have To Enter The OTP number received on your mobile phone to verify.
  • When you complete this process then your basic account is created and then you need to update your profile.
  • After Doing This You Will Be Asked Your Name, Address And Some Important Things. You Have To Fill All These Things Correctly And Verify And In This Way Your Meesho account will be ready.

How To Earn Money From Meesho App?

If You Want To Earn Money From Meesho app, Then For This You Have To Follow Some Steps, Only Then You Can Earn Money From Miso. You Can Earn More Than 15,000 Rupees In About 1 Month From Meesho.

We Have Told You Some Process Below To Earn Money From It, Which You Can Read And Understand Very Easily And Get A Chance To Earn Money Through Miso App Sitting At Home.

Select Your Product

When You Open Meesho’s application, then Select Whatever Product You Want To Sell.

You Will Find Many Types Of Categories Here. Select Any Product You Want To Sell And The Product Through Which You Want To Earn Money.

Promote Your Product

Till Now You Have Selected Your Product And Now You Have To Start Promoting It By Adding Your Margin To it. You Can Promote It On All Your Social Media Handles Or Wherever You Have Maximum Audience.

Keep In Mind That Before Promoting The Product, You Have To Promote It Only After Adding Your Margin. For Example, If The Price Of A Product is ₹ 1000, Then You Keep Us Your Margin of ₹ 200, Then The Total Value Of Your Product Will Be ₹ 1200.

With This Price You Have To Share Your Product For Promotion. You Can Decide Your Margin As Per Your Wish.

Take And Place Orders

When you have completed this process, then you will start receiving orders and as soon as you receive an order on Miso’s application, discuss with your customer about the necessary details so that you can easily deliver the customer’s product to their place. .

For example, ask them for mobile number, address, name and landmark details. By doing this very easily they will be able to deliver their order to their place.

Tell The Customer About The Payment Option

When you get to know about your address from your customer, then you should give good information about the payment to your customer. Tell them the methods of payment so that they can make the payment very easily.

If he wants to make offline payment then he can choose cash on delivery option or if he wants to make online payment then he can make online payment using google pay or any other paying application.

Receive Your Margin And Transfer Money To The Bank

When the product is delivered to your customer, then the margin decided by you comes in the Meeso application and then you have to add your bank account number here.

Then within about 1 week your margin comes in your bank account and in this way you can earn money by doing margin in Meesho app.

How To Add Bank Account

For This, Everyone Must First Click On The Misho app. Then Go To My Icon Option From There. Then There Will Be An Option named My Bank Details, click on it. Then submit all your bank account details there. It is possible to earn money by joining Misho only after submitting all your bank details.

How To Promote Your Product?

If you want to earn money through Meesho app, then very few people will know about how the product is promoted and where the product is promoted.

That is why we have told you in detail below how to promote your product step by step. By reading which you can easily earn money by promoting your product.

Promote On Whatsapp Status

As we all know that everyone has an Android phone and in everyone’s Android phone you will easily find the WhatsApp application. Not only this, you will also have many contacts, who will be connected on WhatsApp.

First of all, you have to select your product and decide its margin. Now to promote it, put its details and some pictures on your WhatsApp status. Also mention the price.

People who will see the WhatsApp status, if your product is worth them, then they will definitely order it from you. In this way, you can do your first promotion only through your WhatsApp status and from there also you can generate income very easily by selling your product.

Promote on Facebook Marketplace

Many of you must have known about Facebook Marketplace. Not only this, many of you must have bought or sold a product through Facebook Marketplace at one time or the other. You can also easily promote your Meesho products on Facebook Marketplace.

Simply go to the Meesho application, select your product and set its margin. After doing this, you have to open the Facebook Marketplace and upload your product details and pictures there. Apart from this, in which category your product comes, you will also have to give Facebook Marketplace permission to this detail.

Then you publish your product. In no time, your product will be live on Facebook Marketplace and many people will be able to see it.

If someone likes your product, he will message you on Facebook Marketplace and ask for the details of the product. You also have to provide product details and other options to your customer. As soon as the customer is satisfied with the information given by you and likes your product, he will place the order with you.

You have to take his order and play his order by asking other necessary information. In this way you can earn money sitting at home by promoting your product on Facebook Marketplace and getting good conversion on it. You can promote 3 to 4 products per day on Facebook Marketplace for absolutely free.

Promote On Olx For Free

As we all very well know that the goods can be sold and bought on OLX application. Now you have to take your advantage here too. Select any product you want to promote and write its other details.

Now you have to create your account in OLX application. You can publish 2 to 3 ads absolutely free in this application in 1 day. If you want to publish more and more feature ads, then you will have to take a premium subscription for this and if you want to do everything for free, then you can publish 2 to 3 ads per day for free.

You have to mention your product picture and other details on OLX. Then you have to publish your ad. Your ad will go live in just a few moments and will be visible to people. If people like your product, then people will message you there on OLX. Then you have to deal well with them.

Then come as soon as the customer gives you the order. In this way you can also promote your product using OLX.

Promote In Facebook Page And Group

If you want to earn money from Meesho app, then for this first of all you join Facebook page or Facebook group. Because by doing this you will be able to sell your product very easily. Here you have to publish some information related to your product and make a list of them on the Facebook page.

You should keep one thing in mind that whatever product you have, put the information of the same product on the Facebook page. If you give information about a product that you do not have in your group, then you will get wrong feedback through the Facebook group.

That’s why you must pay attention to all these things and in this way you can earn money very easily through Meesho app sitting at home by joining Facebook page and Facebook group.

Promote Your Youtube Channel Or Your Blog

If you have your own YouTube channel or blog, then with the help of these two you can earn money sitting at home very easily. You just have to keep one thing in mind that on your blog and YouTube channel, whatever your channel and blog is based on, you should tell the same information on your YouTube channel and blog.

Like fashionable clothes and latest fashion items, you should give information about all these on your YouTube channel. If you do this, then you will be able to sell your product on Meeso very easily and in this way you will be able to earn money very easily sitting at home through YouTube channel and blog.

Reselling of Online Products in Meesho App

At Present, Sending Any Product Online Has Become A Very Easy Task. There Are Many Ways For This, Using Which You Can Easily Earn A Lot Of Money. So You Have To Use Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, OLX to Resell The Product. The Process Of Reselling The Product Is As Follows –

  • We Are Using Facebook As An Example Here, You Can Use Any Social Site You Want. For This You Have To Go To Your Facebook account.
  • You Have To Put The Products By Adding your profit in your Facebook profile.
  • When You Enter The Product, Try To Give As Much Detail As Possible About It, Such As Its Price, Features, Advantages and photos, etc.
  • In This Way, When Any User Likes The Product You Have Put, He Will Buy It And In This Way you will get his profit margin.

Meesho App Profit

By The Way, This Platform Is Beneficial for all The People. But It Is Especially Beneficial for Housewives, Students, Teachers, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Etc. Let Us Tell You That Through This Platform, They Can Easily Launch And Build Their Online Business As Well As Promote It Well. For This, They Only Have To Use Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram. If A Woman Does Not Have Money And Wants To Do Business, Then She Can Also Start Her Business Without Investment.

How Business Works on Meesho App

As You Would Know That Today Every Person is Available On Social Media. That’s Why Most People Are Very Active On Social Media Platforms Like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and OLX. If You Have Acquaintance With Many People on These Platforms, Then You Can Earn From 20 Thousand Rupees To 25 Thousand Rupees Every Month. So Now This Thing Must Be Coming In Your Mind That How Is This Possible. So Let Us Tell You That The Concept Of Meesho app has Been Designed In A Completely Different Way From Other Online Selling Websites.

  1. Actually, The Way Wholesale Products Come To a Shopkeeper, He Sells Them To His Customers By Adding All His Expenses And Profits, You Can Do The Same On Meesho.
  2. Its Second Feature Is That All The Products Available Here Are Cheaper Than other Platforms, Due To Which Customers get good deals for shopping here.
  3. Your Job Is Just To Take The Meesho App Product To The Customers As After that All The Work Of Delivery, Payment Etc is Done By This System. And Whatever Commission You Get Is Deposited In Your account.

Meesho App Earning Ticks

If You Want To Earn Maximum Money Through Meesho, Then Here We Are Telling You Some Easy Tips Which Are As Follows –

  • When You Shop On Meesho For The First Time, You Get Rs 150 and a 1% bonus commission for the next 1.5 years.
  • You Can Earn More And More By Adding your margin.
  • You Can Earn A Lot By Joining Its Referral program.
  • On Meesho You Are Given A Target Every Week After Completing Which You Can Get Extra Commission.
  • The Profit Margin You Get Is Available On the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month.


How did we earn money from Meesho to all of you in this important article of ours today? Detailed information has been provided in this article related to (How To Earn Money From Meesho app). We hope that if you wanted to earn money from Meesho app, then this article of ours would have been very helpful and useful for you.

If you liked this article of ours and proved to be even a little bit useful for you, then do not forget to share it with your friends and on all your social media handles. If you have any question or any suggestion related to our today’s article, then you can tell us in the comment box.

Where is Meesho company?

This application was made in our country in 2015 and this application has been given the status of the cheapest app in the whole world. With this app, you will find things like T-shirts, lowers, pants, watches and designing clothes to decorate your home very easily here. Meesho’s company is present in Karnataka and Bangalore.

Who Is The Owner Of Meesho app?

Meesho app is owned by Sanjeev Baranwal and Vidit Atre. He launched this application in 2015.

Which Is The Cheapest Online Shopping?

There are many different types of shopping applications. But for your information, let us tell you that the cheapest online shopping app is Meesho, Flipkart and Amazon. It is considered to be the cheapest online shopping app in India.

Which Business Has More Money?

If you want to earn more money, then for this you need some income. In such a situation, you can shop for breakfast and restaurant. In this business, you get a chance to earn more and more money.

How To Earn Online?

If you want to sit at home, then you have many options available. Like Reliance’s business, you can earn money by making your own YouTube channel, by making your own official website, by doing online courses.

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