Learn How To Provide Emotional And Financial Support To Your Parents.

How To Provide Emotional And Financial Support

Parents Sacrifice Their Lives For Their Children. They Are Ready To Do Anything For Them. A Child’s First Duty Is To Keep Such Parents Happy And Secure. They Should Be Provided With Mental And Financial Security At A Later Age. Help And Support Parents When They Reach The Point Where They Expect Extra Care. HDFC Life Sanchai Plus Life Insurance Plan helps You Provide Financial And Emotional Security To Parents. Know The Details Now And Stand By Your Parents.

How To Provide Emotional And Financial Support To Your Parents
How To Provide Emotional And Financial Support To Your Parents

Parents Devote Their Lives To Keep Us Happy And Content Throughout Our Lives. It Is Our Duty To Keep Our Parents Happy And Secure As We Grow Up. Compared To What They Did, We Can Do Very Little. We Should Lend A Helping Hand To Them, From Giving Them Whole-hearted Support When They Need Someone To Tell Them About Their Life’s Struggles, To Meeting Their Essential Living Expenses. Being A Supportive Son Is Essential When Your Parents Reach An Age Where They Expect Additional Care. Keeping This In Mind It Is Also Imperative To Invest In An Insurance Plan That Will Help You Through Tough Times.

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An Insurance Scheme Stands By To Cover The Expenses Of The Parents in Case Of Any Unfortunate Situation. IT Could Be Their Medical Expenses Or Fixed Income After Retirement. A Life Insurance Plan Like HDFC Life Sanchay Plus Can Help You Take Care Of Your Parents in Their Old Age. Whether You Are A Son Or A Daughter, You Have An Equal Responsibility To Take Care Of Your Parents. So Taking A Comprehensive Coverage Plan For Them Is A Perfect Return Gift For All The Sacrifices They Have Made For You.

Here Are Some Ways To Provide Emotional Support To Your Parents.

  • Listen Patiently To Your Parents When They Are In Stressful And Anxious Situations And Need Emotional Support. Listening To Them Talk About Things That Are Bothering Them Can Go A Long Way In Providing Emotional Support.
  • You Should Think About Your Parents Situation. It Is Not Right To Argue About Anything. Focus On Understanding Their Emotions And Calming Them Down. It Will Help You When You Think About What It Would Be Like if You Were In Their Situation.
  • You Should Ask Your Parents What Changes You Need To Make To Improve The Situation And Behave In Their Own Way. Also Involve Them In Finding Solutions To Any Problem. This Creates A Feeling Of Being Prioritized. You Should Present Yourself As A Member Of Their Team, Not A Team Leader.
  • Being Financially Responsible Towards Your Parents Also Helps In Reducing Their Anxiety And Stress Levels When Facing Financial Problems.

Buying An Insurance Plan To Cover Their Expenses As They Age Is One Of The Best Decisions You Can Make To Keep Them Content in Their Old Age. In Such Cases Life Insurance Plans Like HDPC Life Sanchai Plas Play A Vital Role. These Plans Are Tailored To Meet The Needs Of Investing Your Savings, Using Your Investment As And When Required. It Is The Perfect Plan To Secure Your Family’s Future By Providing Investment Opportunities. HDFC Life Sanchai Plus Insurance Plan Offers Significant Value To Your Parents.

1. Life Cover In Case Of Financial Problems:

You Should Have A Stable Income To Tide You Over When Unfortunate Financial Situations Occur. In Such A Case, HDFC Life Sanchai Plus Life Insurance is The Solution. Provides Life Insurance To Your Parents As Well As Financial Security. An Insurance Policy Like This Acts As A Safety Net To Meet The Needs Of Your Parents.

2.Constant Income Even After Retirement:

Policyholders Between The Ages of 50 And 60 Can Plan For A Secure Retirement by Investing In The HDFC Life Sanchai Plus plan. You Can Take This Plan For Your Parents For A Secure Life After Retirement. This Insurance Plan Can Be Converted Into a Source Of Income For Life. Your Parents Will Get A Steady Income Once They Retire. In Case The Policyholder Survives, You Will Get A Fixed Income For 99 Years And Your Premium Payments Will Be Paid At The Time Of Maturity.

3. Beneficial Payments:

HDFC Life Sanchay Plus Brings Four Types Of Beneficial Payments Option . Along With That, They Offer A Guaranteed Income Option For A Specified Period. It Includes Long Term Income Option From First Year To 25 To 30 Years. 10, 12, 25, 30 Years or Lifetime Guaranteed Income On All Types of Premiums. Lifetime Income Means That The Policyholder is Alive And Pays Till He Reaches The Age of 99 Years. Along With This, The Premium Amount Will Be Returned. Guaranteed Maturity Option Provides Additional Payments Along With The Sum Assured After The Expiry of The Policy Term.

4. Rider Top-Up Cover:

It Can Provide Financial Security To Your Family In Case Of Unfortunate Illness Or Death. With Rider Top-ups On Your Insurance Policies, You Can Provide Financial Security To Your Dependents In Case Of Need. These Provide Additional Coverage For Unexpected Emergencies That Arise in Life. Among These, You Can Top-up With HDFC Life Income Benefit on Accidental Disability Rider, HDFC Life Critical Illness Plus Rider, HDFC Life Protect Plus Rider.

5. Tax benefits:

You Can Also Get Tax Benefits By Investing in Savings Insurance Plans Like HDFC Sanchai Plus . Besides  Saving For The Future, It Is Possible To Claim Exemptions On Your Taxable Income Under The Current Income Tax Laws.

Nowadays Life Is Full Of Uncertainty And You Don’t Know What Is Going to Happen. There Is A Need To Prepare Now To Face The Difficult Times Ahead. HDFC Life Sanchai Plus is one of The Best Insurance Plans That Offers You Financial Security. Keep Your Family Safe From Any Unexpected Emergency By Subscribing to Sanchay Plus, HDFC Life’s Non-participating, Non-linked Savings Insurance Plan. Depending on Your Goals, You Can Choose The Policy, Premium Payment Etc.

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