Business Ideas: Do You Want To Do Business.. With An Investment Of Only 15 Thousand, Income In Lakhs. You Can Live Well!

How Can I Start A Business With Rs.15000?

Want To Do Business?, Good Demand For Banana Powder, Good Profit With Less Investment, Health With Banana

Business Ideas: Many People Think Of Doing Business. But Don’t Know What To Do. There Is Not Much Understanding Of Them. What Is Currently in High Demand. The Budget Will Be Less. It is A Little Difficult To Predict That The Profits Will Be Higher. However. We Are Putting A Business Idea In Front Of You For Those Who Want To Do Such Business. If You Work Hard, You Can Earn More Than Rs.1 Lakh Per Month. See How.

Banana Powder Business
Banana Powder Business

Banana Powder Business

Nowadays Many People Feel That No Matter How Much They Earn, It Is Not Enough. This May Be Due To Rising Costs With High Inflation. Could Be Something Else. In This Background, Many People’s Minds Are Turning To Business. There Are Millions Of People Who Think And Dream Of Doing Business Part Time or Full Time While Doing A Job. But What Business To Do? What Makes A Good Profit? When is The Demand On What? It May Not Be Widely Known. They May Not Have A Proper Understanding Of This.

But For Those Who Have Good Interest And Are Interested In Doing Business, We Are Going To Tell You A Business Idea. That is Banana Powder Business. This Is One Of The Best Options Out There. Because. It Not Only Requires Very Little Investment But Also Makes Good Profits. It is Even Better If Someone You Know or You Do Banana Farming Yourself. The Raw Material We Need Here Is Banana. That Means Work With Bananas.

What If We Don’t Grow It. We Can Start This Business Even After Buying A Large Amount From Outside. What We Need Here Is Banana Dryer Machine, Mixer Machine Along With Bananas. Not Much Problem If There Is No Dryer Machine. Bananas Are Fine If You Have Them. Or You Can Directly Buy From The Market Or Order Online. To Make Banana Powder, First Wash The Bananas With Sodium Hypochlorite. Then Peel The Bananas And Soak Them in Citric Acid For 5 Minutes.

Then Cut The Bananas Into Small Pieces And Keep Them In A Sunny Place With Good Air. They Should Be Dried For 24 Hours i.e. One Day In An Area With A Temperature Of 60 Degree Celsius. After They Are Dry. Grind Them In A Mixer. Then The Powder is Made. It Can Be Packed In Glass Bottle Or Polythene Bags.

Even If Banana Powder Is Sold Upto 5 Kg Per Day.. Rs. 3500 To Rs.4500 Profit. Currently There Is A Good Demand For This Banana Powder In The Market. Because It is Good For The Body. It Can Be Used As a Good Health Medicine. Especially Keeps Bp Under Control. That Is Why This Banana Powder Is In Great Demand For Health.

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