Buying A Second Hand Car? Beware of Tasmat Check These 5 Things!

5 Things to Check Before Buying a Second Hand Car

Second Hand Car: Thinking of Buying A Cheap Second Hand Car Instead Of Buying A New Car? But Be Alert. Don’t Get Caught Up In The Sales Pitch. First, Double Check These 5 Things About The Car You Are Considering Buying. Now Let Us Know Those Five Things That Customers Must Know Before Buying A Second Hand Car.

5 Things to Check Before Buying a Second Hand Car

Second Hand Car:

Nowadays Owning A Car Is Everyone’s Dream. However, Buying A New Car Is Not For Everyone. Their Prices Are Sky High. Such People Fulfill Their Dream Of Buying A Second Hand Car At A Low Price. It is Good To Do So. It Is Okay To Fulfill Your Dream Of Traveling In A Car, But Before Buying A Second Hand Car You Must Know A Few Things. We Should Check Everything Carefully And Know Whether The Car Is Suitable For Us And Whether The Car Is Worth The Money We Are Paying Without Falling Into The Juggling Act Of Car Sales People And Consultancy Firms. Nowadays, The Demand For Second Hand Cars Has Increased Tremendously. Many E-marketing Private Companies Buy Cars From Owners And Sell Them In The Open Market. Not Only That, The Legendary Car Manufacturers Like Maruti Suzuki Are Also Selling Second Hand Cars Through Their Retail Channels. Instead of Spending Lakhs To Buy A New Car, They Are Offering The Desired Model Car At Less Than Half The Rate. With This Many People Are Preparing To Buy A Second Hand Car. However, Car Buyers Should Be Very careful. Appropriate Steps Should Be Taken To Get Adequate Return For Their Investment. Now Let’s Find Out.

1. Do Not Come To A Decision On The Car Immediately:

If You Go To The Market To Buy A Car, There Are Many Different Models Available. When You See One Of Them, You Will Love it. Some Immediately Give Up On That. They Buy It By Paying Any Amount. That’s Where It Goes Wrong. So Don’t Come To A Decision Immediately. Take Some Time And Look At All The Models Available in The Market. Remember That All That Glitters is Not Gold. A Final Decision Should Be Made After A Thorough Inspection Of The Car.

2. Car Condition Should Be Checked:

After Deciding To Buy Any Of The Cars In The Market, The Condition Of The Car Should Be Checked. It’s The Little Things That Make A Big Difference In A Car. If You Have Good Knowledge About Technical Parts Of Cars You Can Check Yourself. Otherwise, Have Someone You Know And Trust Check. A Person Who Has Complete Knowledge Of Cars Can Identify The Defects In It And Tell The True Price Of The Car. Cara Should Be Checked At All Angles. Even if The Car Seems To Be In Good Shape At First, If You Take A Closer Look, The Defects Will Be Revealed. Upholstery, Music System, Infotainment System, Seats, Stains Are To Be Seen In The Cabin. Tire Condition, Wheel Alignment, Engine Leaks, Corrosion, Tube Cracks, Oil, Transmission Oil Level, Quality Should Be Checked.

3. Test drive:

When You Are Buying A Car, Be It New or Old, You Should Not Buy A Car Without First Driving It For A Test Drive. When You Are Buying A Second Hand Car, A Test Drive Will Tell You The Working Condition And Driving Condition Of The Various Parts Of The Car. If You Are Not Satisfied With A Test Drive Then You Should Test Drive Again With Someone Who Knows The Car. This Will Reveal New Things That Are Not Disclosed By The Vendors. Take Some Time To Get To Know The Car Thoroughly And Make A Decision.

4. Maintenance Records Should Be Checked:

When Buying A Used Car It Is Important To Know Its Maintenance Records. The Condition Of The Car Will Be Known Through It. Some Owners Keep Car Servicing Records. Then It Will Be Known Including The Dates Of Servicing. However, Some May Not Maintain Them. However, it Is Important To Know The Car’s History. This Shows How They Have Looked After The Car So Far. Check The Records Before Taking Records Before Taking The Ficar.

5. Registration Certificate:

Before Buying A Second Hand Car, One Should Check The Authenticity Of The Vehicle Registration Certificate. RC Has Details Like Owner Name, Car Engine, Chassis Number Etc. With This One Can Know Whether The RC is Original Or Duplicate. If It Is A Duplicate it Will Have DRC on it. Then The DRC Status Should Be Known. Make Sure Your Name Is Changed On The Vehicle RC. Also Other Documents Like Original Purchase Invoice, Insurance, Road Tax Receipt, Pollution Certificate Should Be Checked. Form 35 And Financing Company NOC Are Also Very Important. Also, it Should Be Known Whether Any Changes Have Been Made In The Engine, Whether the Color Has Been Changed.

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