Vehicle Insurance: Insurance Policy Can Be Taken According To The Amount Of Car You Drive, Driving History Will Also Play A Big Role

Vehicle Insurance

New Rules For Auto Insurance

Vehicle Insurance: Even If You Have More Than One Car And Two Wheeler, Now You Have To Take Only One Insurance Policy. There is No Need To Take Multiple Vehicle Policies For Different Vehicles. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) Said On Wednesday That It Would Be Like A Floater Policy Of Health Insurance.

Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle Insurance

One Insurance For Multiple Vehicles

At This Time, In Case Of A Person Having Multiple Vehicles, He Has To Take Multiple Insurance Policies. An Insurance Cover For Multiple Vehicles Will Be Given On An Add-on Basis. This Will Be Added To The Main Vehicle Policy. Its Purpose is To Increase The Coverage Of Vehicle Insurance In The Country.

Good Driving Reward

If You Drive Carefully, Then The Premium For Motor Insurance Will Be Less If You Drive Safely And In A Good Manner. For Breaking Traffic Rules Or Driving in A Wrong Way, A Higher Premium Will Have To Be Paid For The Motor Policy. According To The New Rule Issued By IRDA on Wednesday, Now The Amount Of Premium Will Be Decided On The Way Of Driving. Both The Rules Have Come Into Force Immediately.

IRDA Issued New Rules

The New Rules Of Motor Insurance Are Based On The Telemax Scheme. These Are Decided On The Basis Of The Usage Of The Vehicle And The Behavior Of The Driver. For This, A Small Device Will Be Installed in The Vehicles. It Says That The More You Drive, The Higher The Premium You Will Have To Pay.

Changes in Motor Insurance Over Time

IRDA Said That With The Changing Times, The Needs Are Also Changing. In Such A Situation, Insurance Companies Will Also Have To Change Themselves And Their Work On The Basis Of Technology, So That The Challenges Faced Daily Can Be Dealt With.

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