Start Investing At The Beginning Of Income, Invest In Yourself

Personal Finance 2023

So He Advises To Sip In Mutual Funds. Because, Long-term Investment With Patience Will Fill Your Profit Room With The Benefit Of Long-term Ups And Downs. It Is Better If The Dividend Is Reinvested Without Taking Home.

Personal Finance 2023
Personal Finance 2023

Everyone Says If You Invest In Shares, Do It On A Long Term Basis. Why Do? At The Same Time, Everyone Says To Focus On Investment At The Beginning Of Life. Why? Why Does Everyone Talk About Mutual Funds To Invest In Shares? Do You Know What? It Is Very Good To Know. But If You Ask This Question To 10 People, How Many People Can Give A Logical Answer, But The Advisors Express Doubts. But Their Doubt Is Not Only About Words. But This Skepticism Is Based On Their Own Experience.

For Example, Many People Think That Doing It For A Year Gives Tax Benefits. So Should It Last For A Year? But What If The Market Falls? You Can Also Get A Chance To Profit Because Of The Loss, But What Will You Benefit From It? And Many People Think That SIP Kari ELSS For Three Years. After Three Years, I Will Withdraw Everything With The Opportunity Of Tax Exemption. But Will You Get Tax Exemption Or Can You Withdraw The First Year’s Investment After Three Years?

Actually When We Invest But We Don’t Listen To The Whole Investment Logic. For Example, Take The Long Term. Small Investors Usually Invest In The Stock Market When The Market Starts To Climb. This Information Is Coming To You When The Market is Rising But You Are Missing Out On The Real Investment Time. You Are Entering The Market At A Time When The Market Is No Longer In A Bullish Position, And It Is Time For A Downside, Or Correction.

In Fact, The Fun Of The Stock Market Is This Ups And Downs. Keep In Mind That Like Lakshmi, The Investment Market is Also Fickle. So He Advises To Sip In Mutual Funds. Because, Long-term Investment With Patience Will Fill Your Profit Room With The Benefit Of Long-term Ups And Downs. It Is Better If The Dividend is Reinvested Without Taking Home.

But For How Long. The Longer The Better. But Not Less Than Five To Seven Years. Because History Shows That Investors Benefit From The Ups And Downs Of The Indian Stock Market In Five To Seven Years. And The Longer You Stay Invested In The Market Through The Ups And Downs, The More You Will Profit. So The Younger You Start Investing, The More Time You Have In The Market And The More Profit You Can Bring Home.

Again There Is The Risk Figure. What is Risky To You May Not Be Risky To Others. Risk Taking Capacity Depends On Your Income And Deposits. Again, Your Savings Goals May Not Be The Same As Others. For Example, You Don’t Own A Home, But No One else Your Age Has To Think About a home. Because, His Father Has Built A House For Him. So Your Filing Pressure May Not Match Others. And Your Ability To Take Risks Depends On It!

This Time You Went To A Counselor. He Guides You To Invest By Calculating Your Risk And Goals. But You Saw That Walking On That Path Did Not Fulfill Your Wish. You Thought That Advisor Had Steered You In The Wrong Direction. But You Didn’t Even Think if You Were Able To Answer His Question Correctly Or If You Understood His Advice Yourself.

And Here Comes The Topic Of Investing in Yourself. It Is Important To Educate Yourself About Investing. Because What Is The Difference Between The Bond Market And The Stock Market, How Much To Invest In Fixed Assets Or Why, Etc., Before Answering The Questions, You Have To Know The Difference Between Them. You Can Clearly Explain Your Needs To The Advisor Only When You Have An Idea Of Your Own Market. Know The Difference Between Different Investment Avenues. So Start Investing  Now. And With That Start Investing I Yourself To Learn About The Investment Market. Know What You Are Doing And Why You Are Doing It.

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