ChatGPT: Rising ‘ChatGPT’ 100 Million Users: Is It A Threat To Google?

Rising ‘ChatGPT’ 100 Million Users

GPT is a Rocket-propelled Chat, 100 million users in 2 months, Internet companies such as Google – Hello And Welcome Friends I hope Your Good And enjoying Our Previous Free Recharge Tricks, Personal Finance and Etc.

Rising 'ChatGPT' 100 Million Users

Rising ‘ChatGPT’ 100 Million UsersChatGPT: ChatGPT Powered By Artificial Intelligence Is Growing At A Rocket Speed. The Whole World Is Turning Towards This Chat GPT. 100 Million Users Have Downloaded This Chat GPT App In Just Two Months. This is The World Record So Far. In This Order, Internet Companies Like Google Started To Suffer. What Is Real Chat GPT? Now Let Us Try To Understand The Aspects Of How It Works.


The Artificial Intelligence Chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ Created By The American Company OpenAI is Coming. It Is Going Around The World At A Rocket Speed, Challenging Giant Companies Like Google. Already Lakhs Of Users Are Attracted To it. So Much So That Within 2 Months Of Its Launch, 100 Million (10 Crore) People Downloaded This Chat GPT App, Setting A World Record. According To A Report Released By SimilarWeb, This App Was Downloaded By 13 Million Users Per Day In January This Year. It Is Noteworthy That While Instagram And Titalk Took 2.5 Years And 9 Months To Reach 100 Million Users, Chat GPT Took Only 2 Months.

In December 2022, Chat GPT Was Introduced To The World. A Chatbot That Works With The Help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Has Been Created By Elon Musk Powered By OpenAI. Chat GPT Can Communicate With Humans On all topics. Chat GPT, Which Summarizes Lakhs Of Pages Of Information Available In Wikipedia, National Newspapers And Online Books, Collects The Answers To Our Questions In Moments From The Vast Storehouse Of Knowledge And Presents Them In Writing. Artificial Intelligence Is Not Limited To Just Copying Web Data. Human Intelligence Recognizes The Relationship Between The Data That is Not Available To It And Reconciles The Differences Between Them. That is Why There Are Fears That It Will Surpass Humans.

According to Similar Web Estimates, The Website Had 25 Million Visits Per Day In The Past Week. According To The Report, Site Traffic Increased By 3.4 Percent Per Day During The Past Month. On January 31, The Site Had A Peak Of 28 Million Users. Typically There Are 15.7 Million Unique Visitors. The Internet Giants, Along With The Existing Google, Are Starting To Worry. It Is Reported That Google Cei Has Ordered Its Employees To Create An Artificial Intelligence Website To Replace Chat GPT. Sundar Pichai Has Previously Stated That AI Is The Most Cutting-edge Technology Available Today.

OpenAI Recently Introduced The Chat GPT Plus model. however, this chat GPT Plus Subscription Costs $20 Per Month. This Chat GPT Plus is Currently Available in America. Through This, Users Can Get Services Even During Peak Time. Also.. Faster, Get New Features.

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