Work From Home: The Trembling Corona.. Signs Of The Fourth Wave. Work From Home Again For Everyone

Work From Home

Work Form Home: Corona is no more. The Situation Calmed Down. Everything is Normal. Before I Could Think Like This, There Were Fears Of Covid Again. The World Is Worried About The Recent Increase In Cases In China. In The Background Of The Confusion Of The New Variant, Many Companies Are Thinking Towards Providing Work From Home To The Employees Once Again in India. It Is Known That IT Companies Have Been Calling Their Employees To Offices In A Hybrid Model Since A Few Months Ago.

Work From Home
Work From Home

Work From Home: Corona cases are increasing exponentially again in india. Doubts are being raised that if the Situations Faced In The Past are Repeated Again. Now The World is trembling with the boom of BF 7 Variant. It is known that lakhs of cases have been Reported In China Recently. With this, once again doubts are being Expressed That China Has Sent A new variant to many countries. Covid cases Are Also Increasing In India. It is in this context that the Center has also been alerted. It is suggested to follow the Corona norms. It says to be especially careful in areas like airports, bus stations and metro. At this time, many Companies Are Once Again Considering the possibility of giving work From Home To Their Employees.

It Is Well Known That The Corona Created in 2021. Many lives have fallen on the road. Jobs are gone. Lives are lost. Lives Stopped. Many Companies have closed down in this background. Employment has gone down. Most of the companies, even the companies with the largest number of employees, have reduced their work force. Work from home facility has been provided for the rest. Offices Are Slowly Opening Now.

Almost all IT Companies Are Following This Path. Employees are asked to come to the Offices From This October. They made it clear that if not 5 days in a week, they will have to come to the office at least two or three days. To this extent, other IT giants including Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra have released guidelines regarding the hybrid model. A hybrid model means Working Some Days In The Office And some days from home. Due to the corona virus, the employees who worked from home for almost 2 years Had To Go To Offices Again.

In The Background Of Calling The Offices, The Employees Are Shocking the companies. There are many who threaten to resign if they come to office. On the one hand, there are Companies That Are Also Laying off employees due to fears of an economic Downturn. But Now When Corona cases are increasing again, Expectations Have Increased That Work from home will be provided once again. Especially in tourism, hospitality, transport and real estate sectors are Planning To Work From Home.

The Center Alerted Everyone Last Week. Passengers Coming From China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand have been ordered to undergo mandatory Covid tests. In the Background Of The Resurgence Of Covid, there are signs that even new Appointments May Not Be Made and it Will Be Difficult To Maintain The Existing Jobs.


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