WhatsApp Upcoming Special Cashback Offer: Special Cashback Offer Coming To WhatsApp To Ace Competitors, Check Out The Details

WhatsApp Upcoming Special Cashback Offer: New special cashback offer is available only if you transfer one taka or make any kind of payment of one taka through WhatsApp payment service.

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging platform. A few days ago, they launched their new payment service. Various types of payments can be made by UPI through WhatsApp’s payment service.

Get Assured Cashback upto Rs.33 from Whatsapp UPI Offer

WhatsApp has launched a new special cashback offer to make its payment service more popular among users.

WhatsApp has stated that their payment service is very secure. No matter what kind of payment is made through it, all the information of the users will be protected. Because special attention has been paid to the security of users in WhatsApp’s payment service system. Now you can get Rs.11 special cashback offer through WhatsApp’s payment service by paying one rupee.

WhatsApp launched their payment service in India a long time ago. This time WhatsApp launched their new special cashback offer. In fact, there are several such payment service apps in India. The most popular in India are Paytm, Google Pay and PhonePe. WhatsApp has launched this new special cashback offer to compete with them. WhatsApp is launching one new feature after another to popularize their payment services in India.

According to reports, WhatsApp is going to launch their new special cashback offer this week. Cashback will be available immediately if you make different types of payments through WhatsApp’s payment service. According to the report, about 11 rupees will be available through WhatsApp’s special cashback offer. WhatsApp has launched this new special cashback offer to popularize their payment services.

According to the report, the new special cashback offer will be available only if someone transfers even one taka or makes any kind of payment through WhatsApp’s payment service. When Google Pay launched their payment service in India, they launched a cashback offer of around Rs 100. Google Pay is currently very popular in India. WhatsApp has launched their new special cashback offer to compete with this type of payment service. A special cashback offer of Rs.33 can be easily obtained by making a one taka transaction through WhatsApp’s payment service.

How to get Assured cashback from Whatsapp UPI Send Money Offer?

1. First of all, you need to update your whatsapp app via play store

2. Open the app and Activate the Whatsapp UPI by linking your Bank Account to the Whatsapp App.

3. Go to WhatsApp Pay option and select ‘Accept and continue‘ option and link WhatsApp Pay with bank account just like phonepe or google pay.

4. Next, invite some of the people on the contact list. Invite your friends, family members or other acquaintances to use the platform. Once they are set up, you can send them money and receive money directly from them via WhatsApp Pay.

Check if you are eligible for cashback and make three transactions

Remember: WhatsApp has not yet made cashback available to everyone. If you qualify, you’ll see a banner that specifically tells you that you’re eligible for cashback. If not, you will not get 11 taka cashback if you transact with users.

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