U Know your correct bra size? like this

Anytime you need to measure your bra size, do so by standing up straight. Then your back and shoulders will be straight. You’re not holding your breath, so don’t do things like putting your chest forward. Doing this will result in measurement error.


  • Comfort with the right bra
  • Tips to know the size

No matter how good clothes women wear, if the underwear is not right, they will not look beautiful. So always wear the right bra for your size. The mistake many women make is… they buy and wear whatever bra size they like without paying much attention to it. This spoils the beauty of the dress and also diminishes your beauty.

Measure Your Bra Size :

This is how you measure your bra size. If you get an even number when measuring your bra size, add four to it. If you get an odd number, add 5 to it. For example you need to measure your bra size ie.. if you get 28 you add 4. That means a bra size of 32m. If the same shows 29 then add five to it. Then your size will be 34.

Do this when measuring cup size:

To determine your cup size, stand slowly and measure your entire breast. Once measured subtract the band measurement from it eg if the band size is 28 then add four to it. That is, 32 should be subtracted from the cup size of 34, which means 2. That means your size will be 34b.

  • 0-1 inch AA
  • 1-2 inches A
  • 2-3 inches B
  • 3-4 inches C
  • 4-5 inches d
  • 5-6 inches E or DD
  • 6-7 inches F or DDD or EE
  • 7-8 inches G or FF or EEE

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