To Avoid Pain While Wearing High Heels

Naturally, along with dressing, the look should be good, which means that everything from the clothes we wear to the shoes should match. But some people are very neglectful about shoes. In fact, what a research says is that people first consider what they will say when they see you. So it should be noted that you should definitely choose the sandals that suit your outfit. Another thing is that some dresses are too long, in that case high heels only add beauty to the dress.

Avoid Pain While Wearing High Heels


  • Women who love high heels the most
  • Experts want to follow some precautions while wearing it

With that you can get a perfect look very easily. But many people don’t think that their feet hurt when they wear high heels. And those who want to wear high heels and avoid pain should definitely check this out. By following these tips you will surely try high heels and face no pain.

Moisturize : Moisturize

your feet before wearing high heels. Doing this will reduce the friction when you walk. There is no swelling and no inflammation.

Choose the right size :

You need to get the right size not only when buying high heels but also when buying any footwear. If you don’t know your sandal or shoe size, find it at the store where you buy it and choose the right size. Many people think that shoe or shoe sizes only change as we get older. But the fact is that foot size changes even as you grow. So check at least twice a year.

Pay attention to your foot shape:

Some people have very thin feet. But some people have wide feet. Some people have short fingers and some people have long fingers. There are many types of feet. So check the feet before choosing. If your feet are wide then don’t choose closed shoes at all. But if you like such then choose wide front closed shoes. But those with smaller fingers can also opt for the same. But wearing pointed front shoes can cause pain. You will not be comfortable at all. After wearing such shoes for some time, there is no other solution but to take them off and put them back on again after an hour.

If you cannot walk comfortably in high heels then use block heels instead of pointed high heels. Pencil heels look different but for comfort wear black heels. But you can also opt for high heels that are a fan of blocked high heels. Because a lot of changes have taken place in the design industry lately. Many new styles and shapes are coming in the market. So choose wisely with fashion sense.

Avoid Pain While Wearing High Heels

Extra cushions:

Some types of shoes have thin soles. It causes a lot of pain in the lower part of the foot. In that case, arrange a foot cushion at the bottom of the shoe. Doing this will provide some relief.

Feet should be rested:

When wearing high heels, you should take time to rest after walking or climbing for some time. Stretch the legs as much as possible. Remember that doing this is essential.


Choose shoes that provide more support. For any kind of heels you can get more comfort by opting for top coverage or ankle strap and these two features. Also note that most of the support goes to your feet.

Some tips to relieve foot pain after wearing high heels:

  • After you take off your shoes, do some stretching. For this doctor, find out using internet.
  • An ice pack can also be used on the top and bottom of the foot to relieve foot pain. Doing this will give you immediate relief.
  • Naturally, foot massage is essential for those who wear shoes and heels every day. So do foot massage as often as possible.

Have you seen that it is good to follow any tips. Also, many people make small mistakes without knowing while choosing shoes. Follow these and select good shoes without doing them too. Doing this will not cause you any trouble. Moreover, your sandals will be beautiful and you will be comfortable too.


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