Secret Affair Pocket FM full story read online in 2024

Pocket FM Has Gained Immense Popularity For Its Various Audio Stories, Especially in The Romance Genre. In 2024, Several Romantic Stories Have Enthralled The Audience With Their Compelling Narratives And Emotional Depth. Here Are The Details Of Some Of The Best Romantic Stories on Pocket FM This Year:

Secret Affair:

Title: Secret Affair
Author: S Grover
Rating: 4.5
Listeners: 125.8K
Total Plays: 138M
Duration: 151 hrs 35 mins

Main Characters:

  1. Tanvi: The protagonist who marries Vidyut Nomani for financial reasons to fund her brother’s operation.
  2. Vidyut Nomani: A superstar actor who harbors hatred for Tanvi, mistreating her on various occasions. He marries her with the intention of having a child.
  3. Yamini Sahay: Vidyut’s film co-star who disapproves of Tanvi and tries to keep her away from Vidyut.

Plot Summary:

“Secret Affair” revolves around the tumultuous relationship between Tanvi and Vidyut. On their first wedding night, Tanvi encounters her husband Vidyut for the first time, only to be met with disdain and mistreatment. Vidyut harbors an eight-year-long hatred towards Tanvi, which prompts him to insult and demean her repeatedly. The marriage is a transactional arrangement—Vidyut needs a child, and Tanvi needs money for her brother’s medical expenses.

Key Plot Points:

  • Motive for Marriage: Vidyut’s desire for a child and Tanvi’s financial need.
  • Conflict: Vidyut’s persistent hatred and mistreatment of Tanvi.
  • Intrigue: Tanvi’s boss tasks her with uncovering the identity of Vidyut’s secret wife, while Vidyut forbids her from revealing their marriage.
  • Rivalry: Yamini Sahay, Vidyut’s co-star, physically assaults Tanvi and warns her to stay away from Vidyut.
  • Turning Point: Vidyut defends Tanvi by scolding Yamini in front of the film crew and quitting the film, indicating a potential change in his feelings towards Tanvi.


  • Love and Hate: The complex emotions between Tanvi and Vidyut highlight the thin line between love and hate.
  • Sacrifice: Both main characters make significant sacrifices—Tanvi for her brother and Vidyut potentially for Tanvi.
  • Secrets and Lies: The story revolves around the hidden truths and the consequences of their revelation.

Emotional Journey:

  • Tanvi’s Struggle: Her journey from being mistreated to possibly earning Vidyut’s respect and affection.
  • Vidyut’s Transformation: The possibility of Vidyut’s change of heart and his internal conflict between his past hatred and emerging feelings for Tanvi.

“Secret Affair” is a gripping narrative filled with emotional turmoil, unexpected alliances, and the gradual unveiling of deeper affections between the protagonists. The story explores how circumstances and personal needs can lead to complex relationships and eventual transformation.

Conclusion of Secret Affair.

The conclusion of “Secret Affair” explores Vidyut Nomani’s transformational journey and his evolving relationship with Tanvi. Driven primarily by mutual needs – Vidyut’s desire for a child and Tanvi’s need for money – their marriage is fraught with animosity and misunderstandings. Vidyut’s deep hatred and Tanvi’s secret mission create a complex web of emotions and conflicts.

However, a pivotal moment occurs when Vidyut publicly defends Tanvi against his co-star Yamini Sahay, signaling a change in his feelings. This act of defense points to a possible change of heart, indicating that Vidyut’s hatred is giving way to a deeper, more empathetic connection with Tanvi. This transformation is at the core of the story’s emotional climax, highlighting themes of redemption, understanding, and the unexpected paths that love can take.

Ultimately, the story ends on a note of possible reconciliation and growth, leaving readers to ponder the future of Vidyut and Tanvi’s relationship. Their journey reflects the complexity of human emotions and the power of love to heal and transform even the deepest wounds.

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