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Ek Adhuri Shaadi Pocket Fm

Pocket FM is A Popular Audio Entertainment Platform With A Wide Variety Of Content, Including Podcasts, Audiobooks, And Audio Series. The Platform Has Revolutionized Audio Storytelling, And Its Hindi Series “Ek Adhuri Shaadi” is A Shining Example Of Heart-wrenching Storytelling That Keeps Listeners Hooked From One Episode To The Next.

Ek Adhuri Shaadi Pocket Fm Episodes

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Ek Adhuri Shaadi Pocket FM Free Download

Ek Adhuri Shaadi Pocket FM

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Ek Adhuri Shaadi Pocket Fm Summary

One night, without Tanya’s consent, she is fraudulently married off to Chetan, the son of the Jaiswal family. On the other hand, Chetan was searching for the lost love of his childhood. But he did not know that the girl he was looking for was none other than Tanya. Will both of them ever come to know about this? What will be the fate of this marriage when Yamini, who Chetan was supposed to marry, will come back in his life?.

Story NameAuthor
The ReturnJosh Williams
Rekindled HeartacheJosh Williams
Dr. Crackerjack’s MarriageJosh Williams

Ek Adhuri Shaadi Pocket Fm Cast Name

Ek Adhuri Shaadi” is A Popular Audio Series On Pocket FM That Was Released in July 2023. The Series Is Based On Two Main Characters, Tani And Chetan, Who Get Married Due To A Misunderstanding.

“Ek Adhuri Shaadi” is A Popular Hindi Audio Series On Pocket FM. It Stars The Following Actors And Actresses:

Main role:

  • Tanushree Roy – as Tanya
  • Similar to Mishra – Chetan’s character

Other Roles:

  • Kaushik Sen – as Dileep
  • Devanshu Dasgupta as Surya
  • Saurabh Chakraborty – as Raghav
  • Sudipta Chatterjee – as Ira
  • Rudrajit Mukherjee – as Ranjan

The Story of ‘Ek Adhuri Shaadi’ Follows Tani And Chetan, Who Get Married Due To A Misunderstanding. Tani Is The Daughter Of A Middle-class Family, And Chetan Is The Heir Of A Wealthy Business Family. Their Marriage Is Challenging At First, But They Gradually Develop Love And Respect For Each Other. However, There Are Many Obstacles In The Way of Their Relationship, Including Ira, Chetan’s Ex-lover, And Ranveer, ira’s brother.

The Series Explores The Complexities Of Love, Marriage, And Relationships. It is An Engaging And Intriguing Story That Will Captivate The Audience.

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Ek Adhuri Shaadi Pocket FM ending

The ending of ‘Ek Adhuri Shaadi’ is Positive And Optimistic. It is A Story Of Love, Forgiveness, And New Beginnings. The Series Encourages Viewers To Reflect On Their Own Relationships And Lives.

Ek Adhuri Shaadi:Book, Audiobook
Narrator:Atul Kumar Nimesh
Number of Episodes200

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