PF Balance: Want To Transfer PF After Getting Job In New Company? But The Rules Have Changed

PF Balance: If You Want To Transfer The PF of the old Company To The New company, Then It Is Very Important To Know A Few Things. EPFO Tweeted The New Information. Check Out The Whole Thing.

Employees Want To Have PF along with Their Monthly Salary. The Entire Process Is Discussed in Detail Below

PF Balance :

Currently 90 percent of Employees Want To Have PF along with Their Monthly Salary. As A Result, The Future Is Secured. But if a Person Changes His Job Or Company, Then The Pf Balance Must Be Transferred. Many People Forget To Do This. As a Result, A Lot Of Money Can Be Lost. But Here We Are Talking About Such A Rule, So That You Don’t Have To Worry About This Anymore. If A Person Changes One, Two or Even Four Companies, He Can Also Transfer Pf Balance From Old Company to New Company’s Pf Account. The entire Process Is Discussed In Detail Below.

What Documents Are Mandatory For PF Transfer?

An active UAN number and password Are Required To Transfer The Old EPF Balance To The New Account. Apart From This, All Kinds Of Information On UAN Number Also Needs To Be Updated. Like Bank Account Number, Mobile Number, Aadhaar Number Etc.

How To Transfer Pf Balance To New Account?

  • Before Transferring The Pf Balance, The Joining Date And Leaving Date Must Be Updated In The Old Company.
  • For This Click On View. Then Click On Service History. If the old Company Updates The Two Dates, it Will Be Easy To Transfer The Pf.
  • Then Go To Online Service And Click On ONE MEMBER ONE EPF account.
  • After That, A New Page Will Open. This Page Will Contain Personal Information. Apart From This, The Current Company’s Pf Account Will Also Be There. Old Pf Money Will Also Come In This Account.
  • Just Below This You Will See The Details Of The Old Company. Prior to PF Transfer, Permission Must Be Obtained From The Old Company. If Approval Is Obtained, This Will Be Done Easily.
  • In This Case You Have To Enter UAN number on That Page, Once You Do This PF ID Of All Previous Companies Will Come. Now You Can Transfer Money From Any Id You Like.
  • But The Work Is Not Over Yet. Then verify in OTP. For this click on GET OTP.
  • Then a Print Should Be Taken If The Transfer Is Successful. It Has to be Paid To The Present Company And The Old Company. It Will Be Sent To PF office.
  • The PF Balance Will Be Credited To The New Account Within 7 to 30 days.

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