Multibagger Penny Stock: 29 Paisa Share: But It Made Investors Millionaires: That Too Within Two Years.. Do You Want That Share?.

Multibagger Penny Stock

Multibagger Penny Stock: Some shares are penny stocks in name.. but doing wonders in returns. Money is pouring in to investors within a short period of time. Advik Capital is one such penny stock. You will be surprised by the returns it provides.

Multibagger Penny Stock: Domestic stock markets rebound after Corona. Some stocks have given good returns to their shareholders during this period of recovery in the markets. These stocks have some small shares. These penny stocks are attracting investors with large volumes and strong trading patterns. These are getting a place in the list of Multibagger Stocks. One such penny stock is Advik Capital. The price of this penny stock increased from 29 paise to Rs.4.20. This too in just two years. This means that within these two years, Advik Capital’s share has given 1,350 percent returns to its shareholders.

Advik Capital Share Price History:

Last month the price of this penny stock was Rs.3.54. From there, the price of this share has risen to the level of Rs.4.20. This penny stock has given its positional investors 10 percent returns within the month. But in the last six months, this penny stock has faced severe selling pressure. During this time the stock price fell by 35 percent. If the share price of this company was Rs.6 six months ago, now this stock price has fallen to Rs.4.20 levels. But this multibagger has given good returns for the last one year. It increased from Rs.3.36 to Rs.4.20 levels. The profit book took place after the stock hit an all-time high of Rs.6.30 on the BSE in April this year. In the last two years, the price of this small cap stock has increased from Rs.0.29 paise to Rs.4.20 paise.

How Much Wealth Has Increased For Investors?

Looking at Advik Capital’s share price history, if any investor had invested Rs.1 lakh in this stock last month, they would have got Rs.1.15 lakh in their hand now. Also, if someone deposited 1 lakh six months ago.. as the share price falls.. their money will fall to Rs. 65 thousand. If any investor had invested in this multibagger stock at the beginning of 2022.. they would have got Rs.1.35 lakhs in their hands now. Also, if you invest Rs.1 lakh in this small-cap stock after Corona, Rs.1 lakh would be Rs.14.50 lakh today.

The small-cap company reported a total revenue of Rs 227.68 crore in Q2 2023. The company had posted a revenue of Rs 15.20 lakh in the same quarter last fiscal. The net profit of the company also increased from Rs.7.03 lakhs to Rs.6.23 crores. This penny stock has a current market cap of Rs.83 crores. Advik Capital Company is a non-banking finance company. It invests money in funds, provides financial assistance in the form of loans and advances, and undertakes leasing business.

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