Invest 100 Rupees And Earn High: An investment of Only 100 Rupees Can Give a Gift of Crores of Rupees

SIP is one of the most important words in today’s investment world. At different times, different ways can be invested in this field. Everyone tries to increase their hard-earned money. In that case, investment is the only way. This investment can be in many ways. Shares, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Mutual funds are usually managed by professional fund managers. They.

Invest 100 Rupees And Earn High
Invest 100 Rupees And Earn High

The investor’s money is divided into shares and bonds. The investor’s financial capacity is limited at an early stage. But the expectation of return is skyrocketing. That is why the new generation is becoming more and more attracted to mutual funds. This is the best time to consider investing in a market that is more volatile than before (the Ukraine-Russia war, of course).

Invest 100 Rupees And Earn High

There are two ways to invest in a mutual fund. One, investing large sums of money in one go. Two, take advantage of a systematic investment plan or SIP. A hefty investment is a one-time investment. In the case of SIP, you have to invest a certain amount of money at regular intervals. An investor can easily save a few lakhs by investing in this SIP.

Remember, investors have enough confidence in the SIP system of mutual funds. If you look at the investment figures in SIP in December 2021, it has increased to Tk 11,305 crore. If you invest in SIP for many days, you can get great returns, along with matching benefits.

An investor can start the first step of saving with a very small amount of money. Investment should be started keeping in mind the income, risk-taking ability and economic goals of the person concerned. It is much more convenient to invest a small amount every month than to invest large sums at once. Different situations are created in the case of investment. At times, in some cases, panic and confusion. Again, many times do not want to give up the opportunity to profit.

Invest 100 Rupees And Earn High: SIP

With this in mind, automatic investment is the best way. There is no such thing as taking a chance or being emotional. A deposit can be utilized through automated investments in a variety of ways: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Another important point is that investing in SIP can be started with 100 rupees.

If an investor invests in a monthly SIP by saving Rs 100 per day from the age of 21, then at the age of 50 he can get a one crore rupee. But SIP is a great opportunity to earn this amount.

This time let’s talk about math. Suppose a person is saving 100 rupees every day from the age of 21. The amount of investment of the concerned person will be 3000 rupees per month. If a person does a SIP of Rs 3,000 per month and gets a 12 per cent annual return, he will be able to create a fund of Rs 1.1 crore only after completing the next 30 years, i.e. at the age of 50. The total investment during this period will be 10 lakh 80 thousand rupees. The profit of the concerned investor will be 95 lakh 10 thousand rupees.

There are many mutual fund schemes that offer a 12 percent long-term annual return. In this case, the increase or decrease of the fund depends on the annual return. Keep in mind that market volatility can have an impact on SIPs as well.

Past statistics show that in the case of SIPs, long-term planning is profitable and the risk is relatively low. And that’s why so many people invest in this SIP. At the same time, this return is much higher than the general investment.


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