How To Earn A Lot From WhatsApp Status At Home

Online Earning From WhatsApp : Facebook and Instagram Have Already Become One Of The means of online income. Now WhatsApp has come as an alternative. Recently, the channels feature has been launched on this platform, creating various opportunities for income. Now you can earn from WhatsApp status sitting at home. Check out this amazing trick.

Ways to earn from WhatsApp Status

Various online platforms are one of the ways to earn from home without any extra investment. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have already brought that opportunity to people. Now you can earn from WhatsApp status. Social media is used every day, but very few people know about its benefits.

Not only as a social media, now WhatsApp has become a great option for income . The recent addition of Channels feature has further increased the earning potential. But you can make income from Status through the way that you are going to know today. how Let’s find out.

Affiliate Marketing

You can sell products of different companies. In return, the company will give you a commission. You can send them a specific product link, image on WhatsApp status. If your WhatsApp contacts are more then earning potential can increase. You can give the detailed description of the product in the status, so that the customers have enough information.

If you follow this strategy regularly you can get a good commission at the end of the month.

The biggest example of affiliate marketing right now is Amazon . There are also various platforms online with whom you can partner with to sell your products on WhatsApp Status.

PPD Network

PPD stands for Pay Per Download . If they download your uploaded file, you will get commission in return. Currently there are many PPD websites from where you can get this file. Openload website is currently the highest paying website. And the sign up process is also quite easy.

Promoting Apps

Smartphones have specific apps for each subject. You can promote this type of app through WhatsApp channel or status . The more credible and effective apps you share, the higher the earning potential. In this way, even if the mobile expenses are not too much, like recharge, bill payment expenses will come up very easily.

URL Shortener

There are thousands of articles, content and ads spread across the internet. You can earn good income by sharing that useful content on WhatsApp. Basically, these types of content have a URL link that you can shorten and earn money with that service . One such website is where various URL links can be shortened.

Whenever you find interesting, funny viral videos, news, article links, summarize them and share them on WhatsApp. The more people click on it, the more you earn.

How To Earn Online Money From A WhatsApp Status

Friends, although there is no way to earn money in this WhatsApp or WhatsApp Status, but with its help you can earn money by applying other methods here.

Understand that there is only one way to earn money from WhatsApp Status, that you can earn money by sharing any link here like – any Affiliate Link, any referral link, link of your YouTube or Blog, link of link shortener etc. through which you can earn money. You can also earn lakhs of rupees.

Which will be desired according to the user, meaning the more friends see your status, the greater will be your chances of earning money, so let’s see how you can earn money from WhatsApp Status by applying these methods.

Ways to earn money from WhatsApp statusmonthly earnings
By Affiliate Marketing1 to 2 lakh rupees
By Link Shortener5 to 7 thousand rupees
By Refer And Earn10 to 12 thousand rupees
By sending traffic to blog or YouTube25 to 30 thousand rupees
by promoting someone14 to 15 thousand rupees
From PPD Networks7 to 9 thousand rupees
By selling one’s own products12 to 16 thousand rupees

By Refer And Earn

Friends, at present there are many websites and apps available on the internet which give you the opportunity to earn money by referring and earning like Groww App , Meesho App, Google Pay, Upstox etc.

You can join these apps where you get a referral link which you can put in your WhatsApp status and earn money. Here the commission of all the apps and websites is different, in some you will get Rs 50 and in some you will get Rs 500 or You get more money than this.

There are some Apps and Websites which give you life time earning of referral. Once you join through your referral link, you will continue to earn some % of its earnings throughout your life.

For more information about earning money from Refer And Earn, you can read this post  How to earn money from Refer And Earn  in which I have mentioned some good referral program apps and websites.

By Sending Traffic To Blog or YouTube

If you are a blogger or Youtuber and you have a blog or Youtube, then you can earn money by putting the link of your blog or Youtube in WhatsApp status.

Because you might know that to earn money on Blog or YouTube, we use Google Adsense or any other Ads network where you get paid according to traffic, that is, you get paid for clicks or impressions.

When you share the link of Blog or Youtube in your status, then your friends see it and click on it where they reach your blog or Youtube, which increases your traffic and increases your earnings.

By applying this method, you get benefit in not just one but also in many ways because there are many ways to earn money from blogs and YouTube,  where your income increases in all of them and the blog posts also start ranking at good positions where you get You start getting more traffic from Google which increases your earnings even more.

If you do not have a Blog or Youtube Channel, then you can easily create it for free from mobile, for which you can read these two posts where we have given detailed information about creating a Blog or Youtube Channel.

By Promoting Someone

Friends, if you have enough friends on WhatsApp from where you can send more traffic anywhere, you can also earn money by promoting something.

There are many people on the internet who are trying to grow their business, who only want traffic, in return they are ready to pay the asking price, which means the user pays according to the traffic.

There are many people including some bloggers, Youtubers, some companies, some social media users, who need traffic for their business. You will get the full price for the number of users you send here, which can be up to lakhs of rupees.

For this, you just have to share the link of the thing you want to promote in your WhatsApp Status and take money from them.

There are many companies which offer to sell their products directly, where you can sell their products with the help of WhatsApp Status, for which the company will give you a separate commission. Depending on the sale, you can also apply this method. You can also earn money from WhatsApp Status.

By selling your own products

A better way to earn good money through Whatsapp Status is to sell the product yourself, in which you can put the photo of any of your products in Whatsapp Status and can easily earn by selling it.

For this work you will just need a product. If you make a product then you can easily sell it or you can buy the product from somewhere and sell it for more money. The more money you can sell the product for, the more your profit will be. will earn

For this, you can use a company like Meesho App because you can sell Meesho’s product to anyone without buying it, just show the product in Whatsapp Status which the user can like, so that more and more product will be sold and you will be good. can earn money

What is Meesho App? How to earn money from Meesho App?

How To Earn More Money From Whatsapp Status Tips

To earn more money from WhatsApp Status by applying all these methods, first of all you will have to make some good friends in your WhatsApp, not a few but 10000-20000 people will be required. If you can create more users in WhatsApp than this then it will be even better. will be.

Because the money you can earn here can be earned only with their help, so let us know how you can gather more people in WhatsApp, that is, you can make your friends.

1. First of all you have to create some WhatsApp groups where you can create some groups yourself and join some others’ groups.

2. In these groups you will have to regularly share some posts which people may like.

3. Here you have to share such a post which you will like and can also solve any problem.

4. In the form of a post, you can share the product along with information in the form of photo, video, text and you can also share the same things in WhatsApp Status.

5. Now in a new feature you can create a channel on Whatsapp and earn money from Whatsapp Channel.

When people like your post, many people will like to join you, some will join groups and some will join directly, where you will form a big team with the help of which you can earn more money than WhatsApp Status.


So in this way you must have understood how to earn money from Whatsapp Status, where we have given you detailed information about what is Whatsapp Status along with how to earn money from Whatsapp Status by applying Affiliate Marketing, Refer and Earn, Url Shortener. .

I hope this information helps you in how to earn money from WhatsApp status? You must have understood it well, which must have been very useful for you, using which you can also earn money from Whatsapp Status, which will be the easiest way to earn money online.

If you liked this information, then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media so that more and more people can understand how to earn money from Whatsapp Status. Give your opinion about this post. Or you can comment to ask anything, which is absolutely free for you, thank you.

FAQs –

Can I Make Money From WhatsApp Status?

Yes, you can earn money from Whatsapp Status

How To Earn Money From Whatsapp

There are many ways to earn money from WhatsApp by which you can earn lakhs of rupees per month, the complete information of which we have given in this post

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