Hallmarking is Mandatory For Gold Jewellery: How To Recognize. How About Compensation, Charges?

Hallmarking of Gold: It is known that the Center has brought new rules for gold jewellery. The government has brought a rule to sell jewelery with hallmarking to customers. But what about this hallmarking? What are the charges? How to identify it? Let’s find out the full details.

Hallmarking is Mandatory For Gold Jewellery

Gold Hallmark BIS:

Government has recently brought a new rule to sell gold jewelery with hallmark to consumers. However, some gold dealers are selling gold by printing their own hallmarking instead of from the Assaying Hallmarking Center (AHC). Consumers must know these things to avoid such scams. How to determine the purity of real gold.. What is this hallmarking? What are its charges.. What to do if there is no Hallmark. Let’s look at the details.

Whenever you buy gold jewellery, you should look for the BIS mark on the jewellery. It is triangular in shape. Gold is hallmarked in 14,18,22 carats depending on the purity. Hallmark 22k.. indicates 91.60 percent purity.

Also the jeweler can be asked to show the BIS license before buying the jewellery. As per BIS guidelines.. the license has to be displayed in the shop. The name and address of the licensed shop should be verified.

When it comes to hallmarking charges. bill break up should be asked and taken. This will tell you how much they charge for hallmarking. AHCs from jeweler for hallmarked items Rs. 45 will be charged. Also for silver jewelery under hallmarking charge Rs. 35 will be charged.

You can also check out AHC Jewelery on your own. AHC list is available on BIS website. Customers can check the purity of jewelery at AHC by paying some charges. After testing, AHC gives a report indicating the purity of the jewellery. If the purity is found to be less than what the jeweler claims, then the jeweler has to pay damages. Also the hallmarking fee has to be refunded.

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