Can I Withdraw Rs.20 Thousand Per Month After Investing Rs.20 Lakh in Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds: The number of people investing in mutual funds is increasing significantly. However, they are investments with market risk. Investing Rs. 20 Lakhs in this at once.. Month by month Rs. Can take up to 20 thousand? Will there be any damage? Let’s find out what the experts say.

Can I Withdraw Rs.20 Thousand Per Month After Investing Rs.20 Lakh in Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds: Mutual funds are currently the most popular investment tool. People who want to invest in equity markets are mostly opting for mutual funds. In the month of October together Rs. 34 thousand crores have been invested. This number is increasing every month. This can be attributed to the fact that mutual funds earn an average annual return of 12 percent. However, this is an investment option with market risk. Those who build a proper portfolio can get returns at this level. Even now there are some misconceptions and doubts among many people. Let’s know about them.

Systematic Investment Plan (Systematic Investment Plan) in mutual funds can be invested in small amounts every month through SIP. Also lumpsum investment can be done at once. Lumpsum investment option can be chosen by those who have received a large sum of money at once through retirement fund or other means. Can I invest Rs.20 lakh at once and withdraw Rs.20 thousand every month? Will this cause any damage? Let’s find out in the words of experts.

Rs. 20 lakhs lumpsum investment per month Rs. To take 20 thousand.. about 12 percent return on investment. Only then will your investment not go down. Debt mutual funds are offering returns of 7 to 7.5 percent in the current situation. If you are certain to receive a 12 percent return, your investment will depreciate. You can invest the amount you want to invest in Balanced Advantage, Hybrid Equity Funds and withdraw the money month after month using a systematic with drawal plan. Rs per month 20 thousand apart from Rs. There is a chance to take up to 16 thousand. After two years of investment, if you take it month by month, you will get good returns.

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