Floods And Storms May Damage Your House. Ever Thought About Insurance?

Floods And Storms May Damage Your House Insurance?

Find the Home Insurance That Can Protect You From Damage.

Floods And Storms May Damage Your House: About Insurance?

What a cry of Shyambabu after Amphan. He inherited the land along the bypass. What was once a den of foxes is now a wide road, garage after garage full of cars. Shyambabu Built The House With A Little Bit of effort. In the hot evenings, sitting on the balcony, avoiding the mosquito bites, Feels As If You Have Gone On A Trip somewhere, not in Calcutta. It has also made a glass house, where you can enjoy the nature while sitting.

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Ayala’s Time Was Not So Understood. Shyambabu’s house was on one floor. He didn’t feel as stressed in the next two rains. But this time Amfan ransacked Shyam Babu’s House In Half An Hour. The glass house flew before the eyes, as seen in the movies. Out of nowhere came a heap of tin, perhaps breaking the roof of a neighbour’s house. But it broke the second floor window. And he is on the verge of having a Heart Attack To Deal With His wife’s crying and the Destruction Of The Furniture In The Open house due to the force of the storm.

The Storm Stopped. Shyambabu’s Hand is on the head while calling the mason to fix the broken house in the midst of covid. A shock of 60 thousand rupees. no Shambabu did Not Take Insurance. And Its price has to be checked by breaking the savings at the bottom.

Shyambabu is not alone. Only three Percent Of Homes In The Entire country are insured. However, a roof over the head is the most Valuable Asset In The Life Of The Middle class. Just as Shyambabu did not understand what he had done wrong if Amphan was not injured, the rest of them also sit Without Insurance To Save The house thinking “nothing will happen to me”.

But You Can Buy Insurance To Protect against fire, flood or storm. There are two types of insurance available in the market. Only for loss of house due to acts of nature or Loss Due To Riot, Theft, Robbery. There are some insurances that cover both of these types of damage together.

There Are Some Insurances That Also Cover Your Bodily Injury Expenses in such disasters. Again, if you have to rent a house for a few days due to Damage To Your House Due To Flood, fire or storm, while the house is being repaired, you can get the insurance from the insurance company.

So think. Don’t Delay, Look For Home Insurance That Can Protect You Against natural calamities or burglary losses, before you get hit Like A Snake.

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