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dr. Crackerjack’s Marriage Pocket Fm

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dr. Crackerjack’s Marriage Pocket Fm

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Dr. Crackerjack’s Marriage Pocket Fm Summary

Mark Johnson and Nicole Midler didn’t really have a conventional marriage. After losing his family fortune, he marries Nicole, partly out of love and mostly out of desperation. When Nicole’s father is on his deathbed, Mark’s former rival, Jack Mowry offers him the much-needed funds but there is a catch: he wants Nicole in return for the favor! Ridiculed and humiliated by his mother-in-law into letting Nicole go, everything turns topsy turvy when Mark reveals a secret that will change his life forever!

Story NameAuthor
The ReturnJosh Williams
Rekindled HeartacheJosh Williams

Dr. Crackerjack’s Marriage Pocket FM ending

I Think This Story Will Go Too Long For Now. This Is A Very Interesting And Good Story.

Dr. Crackerjack’s Marriage:Book, Audiobook
Author:Josh Williams
Narrator:Alan Meer
Number of Episodes476

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