ChatGPT: Bumper offer Chance to win Rs. 16 Lakhs Just Do This Small Task!

ChatGPT Offer

ChatGPT: ChatGPT is Currently The Topic Of Discussion Around The World. It Is Known At What Level This Technology, Which Works Through Artificial Intelligence, is Advancing. Millions Of People Are Already Using It. However, The Open AI Company Has Announced A Bumper Offer For These ChatGPT Users. It Provided A Chance To win Rs.16 Lakhs. It Is Enough To Do This Small Work. What Is That?

ChatGPT Offer

ChatGPT Offer:

ChatGPT is An Advanced Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence. It Is Currently Traveling The World And Has Acquired More Than 100 Crore Users Within Two Months Of Its Launch. OpenAI, The American Company That Created This Technology, Has Now Announced A Bumper Offer For Users. 20,000 Dollars Reward Will Be Given To Those Who Identify The Problems Faced In This ChatGPT. That Means it will be Rs.16 Lakhs In Indian Currency. OpenAI Said That The Company is Encouraging Programmers And Ethical Hackers As Part Of The Program To Identify And Fix Bugs In This Platform.

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Open AI Bug Bounty Program (Bug Bounty Program) Started From Tuesday. According to the Company, Users Will Be Rewarded Depending On The Severity Of The Bug Identified in ChatGPT. The Lowest Cash Reward In The Bug Bounty Program is $200. You Can Win A Big Amount If You Spot A Dangerous Bug. Coders And Ethical Hackers Can Claim To Be A Good Opportunity To Show Their Talent And Win Prize Money. However, This is Common In The Technology Industry. Companies Undertake Bug Bounty Programs To Identify Bugs In Their Software Systems. Also.. There Are Many Incidents Where Bugs Have Been Identified And Rewards Have Been Obtained.

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The Reuters Report Said That OpenAI Has Invited Researchers To Examine ChatGPT’s Performance And Review How It Shares Data And Transmits Information With Third-party Applications. Open AI Hopes That The Security And Reliability of its Artificial Intelligence Systems Will Increase Through This Bug Bounty Program. It Is Currently Unclear How Chat Gpt Deals With Users And Their Data. Within A Few Days Of Banning Chat GPT in Italy, Open AI Took Up This Bug Bounty Program. It Was Banned In Italy Because It Violated Privacy Rules. It Is Also Reported That Other European Countries Have Also Been Monitored. Artificial Technology like ChatGPT Poses A Threat To Humans. Arguments Are Also Being Heard That Thousands Of People Are At Risk of Losing Their Jobs. In This Order, Business Giants And Experts Want To Stop The Development Of Advanced Technology Like GPT 4.

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