Booming ChatGPT. Demand For Those Jobs. Salary offer of Rs.2.75 crore!

ChatGPT Demand For Those Jobs

ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence The Same Artificial Intelligence is Now In Great Demand. Recently, it is Known That Chatgpt, Which Works On The Basis Of Artificial Intelligence, Is Creating a Sensation. Now This Is What The Companies Are Insisting on. Together Rs. They Are Also Offering A Salary Up To 2.75 Crores. Let’s See What That Is.

Demand for those jobs


Artificial Intelligence, AI ChatBOT ChatGPT is Now On The Rise. ChatGPT Working On The Basis Of Artificial Intelligence is Now A Worldwide Sensation. There is No Such Thing As An Unanswered Question. The Leading Search Engine Is Challenging Google Itself. But There Is Concern That This chatGPT Will Lead To Big Changes In The Tech Sector. Any Question Can Be Asked To This Chatgpt In The Form Of Texts. Then This Artificial Intelligence Tool Is Said To Provide Detailed Information Very Quickly And Accurately. What A Huge Data Base This ChatGPT Has. It Will Answer Any Question With Its Help. History, Science, Coding, Mathematics, General Knowledge etc. That is Why The Demand For Such Artificial Intelligence Tools Has Increased Now.

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Knowing About Artificial Intelligence Tools And Having The Skills To Design Them Is Enough. Companies Are Calling And Giving Too Many Jobs. That Too With Unexpected Wages. Those Who Work On Such AI Tools Are Called Prompt Engineers. Some Companies Are Ready To Give Them A Salary of Up To Rs. 2.75 crores per year. it is 3,35,000 dollars in American Dollars. This Was Reported By Bloomberg News.

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Prompt Engineers Are. They Work On All Artificial Intelligence Tools. It Helps Companies To Deliver Better Results. Furthermore, All The Employees Working in The Company Are Made Aware Of This Artificial Intelligence. For This, If You Have A Good Grasp Of The English Language.. Similarly, if You Learn The Coding Language, Prompt Engineer Jobs Are Ready Like Hotcakes. You Should Be Able To Create An AI Chatbot Like ChatGPT According To The Needs Of The Company You Work For. Knowing About Artificial Intelligence, Computer Knowledge, And Even Software Tools Are Additional Skills.

Already, Google’s Parent Company Alphabet, Open AI, and Meta Platforms Have Created More Than A Dozen Artificial Intelligence Systems. These Are Called Large Language Models (LLM). Anthropics, a Google Backed Startup Now Headquartered in San Francisco, Has Issued An Advertisement Seeking Eligible Candidates For This Prompt Engineer And Librarian Post. It Has Been Announced That There Will Be an Annual Salary Of 3.35 Lakh Us Dollars. This is Over Rs.2.75 Crores In Indian Currency.

California-based Automated Document Reviewer Klarity is Also Looking For People To Work On Similar AI Tools. For This, it is Said That The Salary Of Indian Currencies Up To 2.30 American Dollars Will Be Around Rs.2 Crores. They Want To Be A Machine Learning Engineer Who Can Give Them A Prompt And Tell Them What To Do For Better Output. Apart From The Tech World, Boston Children’s Hospital and London Law Firm Mishkan De Rea Have Also Advertised For Prompt Engineers.

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