BharatGPT: India’s turn to OpenAI! Google is investing 33 crores in indigenous AI technology

BharatGPT Features

BharatGPT : BharatGPT can provide services in more than a dozen regional languages. Bengaluru-based AI startup CoRover AI has developed a language model using disruptive artificial intelligence. Search engine giant Google can invest more than 33 crore rupees there. The US company has already announced to give 4 crore 16 lakh rupees in non-equity funding.

What is BharatGPT?

The focus of discussion in the world of technology is artificial intelligence. Big multinational companies rely on it to speed up the service. Indian startup companies are not lagging behind in this race. Bangalore CoRover. AI brings large language model BharatGPT.

The service will be available in more than a dozen regional languages, the company claims. BharatGPT is going to replace US OpenAI ‘s ChatGPT . Microsoft currently has the largest investment in OpenAI. This time, tech giant Google can invest a large amount in BharatGPT.

According to media reports, Google has already given non-equity funds of more than 4 crore 16 lakh rupees to KoroverAI. This process started from March. Now it is heard that Google is thinking of investing 4 million dollars (equal to 33 crore rupees in Indian currency) in BharatGPT .

It is known that CoreoverAI uses Google’s cloud computing system. Besides, Google has a strategic partnership with this organization. A formal announcement of this investment in BharatGPT is likely to take place in the next few weeks.

What is BharatGPT?

It is a generative AI model developed in India . The journey of the organization started in 2016. Almost all the services available in OpenAI ChatGPT are also available here. But the advantage is that it will support 12 regional languages.

The company claims that this chatbot has a bunch of data including images, videos, maps. ChatGPT currently supports 95 languages. But mostly it is used in English language. Korover claims their chatbot can provide up to 90 percent accurate answers . Besides, multiple custom data can also be added to this chatbot from outside.

BharatGPT can work with systems used in IT fields such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and application programming interfaces and provide real-time information to clients.

Not only this, the chatbot can be integrated with multiple applications including various social media apps – WhatsApp, Signal, Zoom. The company has many clients in the health, banking and manufacturing sectors.

KoroverAI has already joined hands with several big companies in India. Eg – IRCTC, LIC, Max Life Insurance, NPCC etc. Google plans to invest in a technology that has left a response in the country’s technology world.

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