Best 5 International Travel Insurance in India

Best travel insurance India

International Travel Insurance India

Learn About International Travel Insurance Policy From This Blog.

Before Buying Travel Insurance, Compare Travel Insurance Of Different Companies And Then Buy The Best International Travel Insurance For Yourself.

best international travel insurance
Best International Travel Insurance India

International Travel Insurance i.e. International Travel Insurance is an Insurance Cover Taken While Traveling Outside Your Country To Another Country. It Can Be Related To Many Types Of Travel Such As Traveling Abroad For Business, For Pursuing Higher Education, For Sightseeing Or For Any Other Reason.

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This Insurance Covers Such Problems That Arise Suddenly During The Journey, Due To Which The Fun Of Traveling Gets Spoiled Many Times.

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It Covers A Single Person Or More Than One Person Under One Policy. It Mainly Covers Problems Such As Sudden Illness During Travel, Accident, Problem With Checked-in Baggage, Loss Of Passport Or Necessary Papers, Flight Delay Or Cancellation.

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When It Comes To Traveling Abroad, Keeping Yourself Safe Is The First Thing You Should Make Sure Of! Before Buying Travel Insurance , There Are Several Companies To Consider And Review.

Top 5 Travel Insurance Companies In India

Below Is A List Of Some Of The Best International Travel Insurance In India To Help You Make The Right Choice –

  • SBI Travel Insurance
  • IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance
  • National Travel Insurance
  • ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance
  • Aditya Birla Travel Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

1) SBI Travel Insurance

SBI Travel Insurance offers a comprehensive plan for all your travel insurance needs SBI Travel Insurance Policy Covers Medical Expenses For The Treatment Of Diseases, Illness Or Injury Spread Abroad, As Well As Offers A Wide Range Of Other Types Of Coverage.

  • In This Policy ( International Travel Insurance) , Coverage Of Up To USD 0.5 Million Will Be Available For Medical Problems.
  •  Medical Test Is Not Done Before Providing Insurance .
  • Provides the convenience of all types of coverage across the world.
  • 24/7 Instant Support
  • Travel Assistance And Support In Case Of Loss of passport, Golfer’s Hole-in-One, Loss of checked baggage, Theft at your home, Coverage for trip cancellation and/or trip curtailment, Trip delay, Delay of Checked Baggage Provides Coverage For Daily Expenses Like Missed Connection, Flight Hijack, Hospitalization.

2) IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Policy Plays A Vital Role In Alleviating Your Fear Of The Possibility Of Unforeseen Incidents During The Time Of Your Travel. IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Policy is also providing through International Travel Insurance Online Keeping In Mind The Saving Of Your Time. Illness Situations Can Arise At Any Point During Your Travels And to Safeguard You Against Such Worries, IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Online is on your side

  • IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Offers Coverage For Lost Or Delayed Baggage Protection, Flight Cancellation, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Medical Treatment In A Foreign Land, Etc.
  • You Can Easily Buy IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance Online From The Company’s Official Portal ( International Travel Insurance Online) .
  • IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Provides 24/7 Assistance Regarding Travel Insurance Policies Through Phone Calls And Online.
  • If For Any Reason You Require Hospitalization Overseas, This Policy Will Reimburse The Expenses.
  • During Your Travel, Or Even In The Airport, If Your Luggage Gets Lost Or Stolen, This Insurance Policy Will Cover It.
  • This Policy Provides Coverage In Case Of Flight Delay Or Flight Cancellation Due To Any Possible Unforeseen Reason. With This Comprehensive IFFCO Tokio plan, You Will Be Covered Against Expenses Arising Out Of Various Circumstances Such As Loss Of Checked Baggage, Personal Accident, Emergency Dental Treatment.

3) National Travel Insurance

Buy International Travel Insurance From National Travel Insurance Company Limited’s travel policy.  This Travel Policy Is Primarily Designed To Protect Against Any Unforeseen Circumstances That You May Face While Traveling Internationally Or Overseas.

  • You Can Choose A Basic Travel Insurance Plan From National Insurance Or You Can Choose A Travel Insurance Policy With Extended Coverage Option.
  • The Travel Policy Covers All Medical Expenses (As Per Coverage Areas And Sum Insured) That May Occur In Case Of An Emergency In A Foreign Country.
  • Round The World Travel Insurance This policy Prepares You Well For Any Kind Of Expense Shock And Keeps You Away From All Kinds Of Worries While Traveling Abroad.
  • You can buy or renew Tatkal National Travel Insurance online in India through the company’s website just before traveling abroad.

4) ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

ICICI Lombard, one of India’s leading General Insurance Providers, Offers Some Well-appointed Solutions To Put Your Travel-related Apprehensions To Rest In Best International Travel Insurance India. ICICI’s travel insurance Policies Are Specially Designed Keeping in Mind Not Only The Various Situations That May Arise During A Trip, But Also Cater To The Needs Of Different Types Of Travelers. It Currently Offers Insurance Policies For International Travel For Single Trips, For Senior Citizens And For Frequent Travelers Traveling Abroad.

  • This Travel Insurance Plan Offers Affordable Cover For Exploring International Destinations.
  • This Insurance Offers A Sum Assured Of Up To US$ 500,000.
  • Medical Test Is Not Done Before Providing Insurance. ICICI Lombard’s Plans Provide Coverage Till The Age of 85 Years Without Any Medical Test.
  • Provides Cashless Hospitalization Facility Across The Globe.
  • Provides Coverage For Total Loss Of Baggage That Was Checked-in. Handbags Are Also Included In This Coverage.
  • Provides Coverage For Loss Of Passport, Theft At Your Home, Personal Accident, Emergency Cash, Flight Hijack, Travel Interruption And Obstruction, trip Delay, Emergency Hotel Extended Time, Baggage Loss And More.

5) Aditya Birla Travel Insurance

Aditya Birla Travel Insurance will help You Make Your Overseas Trip Enjoyable And Fulfilling By Getting You Health Insurance For Any International Travel, Fully Covered Against Medical, Travel And Other Perils. The Name Of The Plan Available In This Is –

  • Overseas Travel Insurance Plan – It Provides Coverage For Medical Expenses, Repatriation Expenses, Personal Accident, Delay Or Cancellation Of Trip, Loss Of Passport, Flight Hijacking, Checkin Baggage Loss, Delay And Accidental Death And Disability.

6) Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Aims To Make Insurance Transparent, Honest And Easy. The Company Offers Products Such As Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health Insurance And Home Insurance. The Company Offers A Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan For You To Enjoy A Stress Free Holiday. Now Travel Around The World Without Any Worries.

  • Covers Expenses Due To Hospitalization, Loss Of Baggage And Any Other Incidental Expenses That May Occur During Your Travel.
  • Claims Are Processed And Paid Expeditiously.
  • Provides Travel Assistance Regarding All Types Of Important Information Regarding Travel / Travel Place.
  • This Plan Provides Emergency Cash In Advance To The Policyholder In Case Of Urgent Need Of Cash While Traveling Abroad.
  • Travel Elite’s Package Offers Coverage For Any Type Of Travel Interruption, Theft At Your Home, And Travel Suspension Or Cancellation.

7) HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

This Travel Insurance Policy Ensures That Your Trip Is Covered Against Any Kind Of Extenuating Circumstances Or Sudden Damages So That You Enjoy The Trip To The Fullest. In Case You Lose Your Luggage Or Passport, Meet With An Accident, Require Immediate Treatment, And Fall ill During Your Trip, An Overseas Travel Insurance Will Make Sure You Get Everything You Need. HDFC Has Travel Insurance Plans To Suit All Your Needs.

  • The Policy Covers Medical Expenses Arising Out Of An Accident Or Sudden Illness.
  • If The Insured Dies During The Journey, The Policy Covers The Funeral Expenses Or The Cost Of Bringing Back The Remains Of The Deceased Insured to India. This Coverage Is Valid Only In Case of Death Of The Policyholder Abroad.
  • Most Insurance Policies Do Not Cover Any Dental Expenses Incurred On Medical Grounds, But The HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policy Provides Coverage For Severe Anesthetic Treatment Of Natural Teeth.
  • Apart From These, It Also Provides Coverage For Loss Of Passport, Theft At Your Home, Personal Accident, Emergency Cash, Flight Hijack, Travel Interruption And Obstruction, Trip Delay, Baggage Loss And More.
  • This Insurance Can Be Bought Online and 24/7 Travel Assistance Is Also Provided To The Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is International Travel Insurance?

International insurance is available for those who travel outside the country. In which family members can be covered by insurance in case of any kind of accident occurring during international travel.

What Kinds of Problems Does International Travel Insurance Cover?

International insurance is taken for international travel, which covers problems such as sudden illness during travel, accident or problem with checked-in luggage, loss of passport or any other important documents, flight delay or cancellation, etc. is done.

How to buy International Travel Insurance online?

If you want to buy any kind of insurance, then you can get information from many online portals. You can buy the best international travel insurance for yourself only after comparing 3 to 4 places.

Is medical examination necessary before buying the policy?

Many times insurance providers do not cover pre-existing diseases. For this reason, it is necessary that you take complete information at the time of medical tests and purchase of the policy, so that you do not have to worry further.

Can the period of travel insurance be extended?

While buying any kind of insurance or policy, read their documents carefully. Some are present in every policy especially in foreign travel insurance policies so take it only after reading and understanding it well.

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