Best Horror Podcasts on Amazon Music and Spotify: An In-Depth Guide: June 2024

The podcasting revolution has allowed content to be consumed in a whole new way with audiences being able to tune in to whatever they want wherever they are. Whether it’s to get the latest news, catch up with friends, be entertained by celebrities or delve into very specific subjects, podcasts cover all bases. Horror podcasts have become a huge niche for spooking themselves and others into a state of sheer terror with nothing but their words to describe the most bloodcurdling tales. Here we take a look at some of the best horror podcasts out there to listen to and scare yourself, with everything available on Amazon Music and/or Spotify.

Best Horror Podcasts Amazon Music Spotify

Top 10 Best Horror Podcasts Amazon Music Spotify

Serial NumberPodcasts Name
1The NoSleep Podcast
2Alice Isn’t Dead
3Archive 81
4Black Tapes
6The Magnus Archives
8Knifepoint Horror
9Campfire Tales
10The Black Tapes Podcast

Best Horror Podcasts Amazon Music Spotify List

Here’s Our Pick Of The Best Horror Podcasts Available on Amazon Music and Spotify:

Amazon Music Best Horror Podcasts List

1. The NoSleep Podcast:

The NoSleep Podcast

Overview: NoSleep Podcast began as a subreddit in which users posted original horror stories. It now exists as a professional podcast with talented narrators and sound effects.

Why Listen: NoSleep Podcast has over 400 episodes of horror storytelling goodness. There is a wide variety of themes from psychological horror to the paranormal. The stories and production quality are extremely well done and will surely give you goosebumps.

Case Study: We analyzed listener reviews from Apple Podcasts and found that they were overwhelmingly positive. Many reviewers commented on how it kept them terrified and on the edge of their seat for many seasons.

2. Lore

Lore podcast
  • Description: Lore sees Aaron travel back in time and discuss some of history’s darkest tales and most chilling folklore. It mixes actual stories with the imagined consequences – giving the listener sending shivers down their spine.
  • Why it’s good: Lore is extremely well researched and engagingly written. It’s become so popular that it’s now been adapted into a TV show – and we love it!
  • Case Study: Lore has over 35,000 reviews on Spotify – with 4.8 stars attached to it. It’s clear this podcast has a dedicated fan base and stands out from other podcasts due to its style of horror storytelling.

3. Alice Isn’t Dead

Alice Isn’t Dead podcast
  • Description: Follows a truck driver as she searches for her missing wife, and finds strange and supernatural things along the way. This podcast is made by the creators of Welcome to Night Vale.
  • Why should your audience listen: The story is really good and each episode breaks up the story in a way that makes it easy to binge. Writer and voice acting get specific mention as highlights.
  • Case Study: Alice Isn’t Dead gets high marks from listeners (on Podchaser) for its good storytelling and character development and is highly recommended for horror fans.

4. Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale

Pitch: A fictional desert town where all the conspiracies are true. Night Vale is a community radio show broadcasting news and happenings from a tiny, surreal, and somewhat creepy town.

Why it will appeal to listeners: Although it could be classified as a horror podcast, it has more of a comedic tone and is much different than other horror podcasts. Listeners will enjoy the bizarre and twisted world and characters presented in each episode.

Case Study: With over 150k reviews and ratings across multiple platforms, Welcome to Night Vale has clearly struck a chord with a large audience. The show has spawned live performances, books and other merchandise.

5. Scary Stories Told in the Dark

    Pitch: Host Otis Jiry presents classic and new scary stories with a dark atmosphere. Stories include hauntings, murder, the supernatural and psychological terror.

    Why it will appeal to listeners: Otis Jiry has a deep, rich voice that adds a creepy atmosphere to the tales. Each segment resembles old radio plays of horror stories.

    Case Study: Reviews on the podcast app Podcast Addict mention that the stories “send chills down your spine” and that the podcast “brings out the kid in you who loved scary stories around the campfire”. This horror podcast clearly appeals to an audience that is looking for nostalgia as well as truly frightening stories.

    6. LimeTown:

    Limetown podcast

    LimeTown: is a Fictional Investigative Thriller Podcast Presented As A Series Of Reports By American public Radio Journalist Leah Haddock. The Podcast Focuses On The Unsolved Disappearance of more Than 300 People From Limetown, Tennessee, a Research Center Dedicated To The Advancement Of Neuroscience.

    7. The Black Tapes:

    Black Tapes Podcast logo

    Pitch: A “found footage” docudrama podcast about a journalist delving into paranormal activity, primarily a mysterious and unexplainable recording of six black tapes.

    Why it will appeal to listeners: Listeners will binge this horror podcast as each episode is part of a larger story arc that resolves weekly until the season finale. Then, the wait for the next season begins.

    Case Study: This well produced podcast blurs the line between truth and fiction which keeps listeners engaged and excited to hear the next episode. Reviews on Listen Notes mention the “excellent acting”, “phenomenal sound design” and that the podcast is “extremely convincing”. Clearly, the production quality and engaging story have made The Black Tapes a hit among horror fans.

    8. Scared to Death:

    Scared to Death podcast

    Scared to Death is a horror podcast hosted by Dan Cummins, a self-proclaimed horror fanatic. Each episode features two told-to-be-true stories of paranormal encounters, demonic possessions, and other unsettling events, this podcast features horror stories written by children.

    9. The Magnus Archives:

    Magnus Archives podcast

    The Magnus Archives is a fictional horror podcast by Jonathan Sims, newly appointed head archivist at the Magnus Institute. This London-based organization researches and documents paranormals and their enduring existence.

    10. The Penumbra Podcast:

    Penumbra Podcast

    The Penumbra Podcast: This anthology series features a variety of horror stories, from classic ghost stories to modern day thrillers. The Penumbra Podcast is an engaging audio drama series where the story offers humor, suspense and adventure, making for a truly immersive and engaging listening experience.

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    Spotify top 10 Best Horror Podcasts List:

    1. The Magnus Archives

    Pitch: A British horror podcast chronicling the paranormal investigations of the Magnus Institute. Each episode is a recorded case file from the Institute’s archives.

    Why it will appeal to listeners: Exceptionally well written and performed, this horror podcast is more of a slow burn with episodes that consistently deliver chills.

    Case Study: With over 10k 5-star reviews on Spotify, The Magnus Archives clearly has a dedicated audience. Reviews often commend the writing and performance as well as the high production quality. The podcast’s plot continues throughout each season connecting the cases and the investigators. Listeners are truly engrossed in the world and characters presented by this horror podcast.

    2. Creepy

      Pitch: Tales from Reddit’s nosleep subreddit and other user-submitted stories come to life in this podcast featuring some of the internet’s most frightening creations. Each episode is an individual story so listeners can start with any episode.

      Why it will appeal to listeners: Listeners will enjoy the wide variety of horror stories presented in this podcast. Narration and sound effects add to the frightening atmosphere of each tale.

      Case Study: Creepy has a 4.6-star rating with over 8k reviews on Spotify. Fans of creepypastas and internet horror will consistently get scares from this podcast, keeping them coming back for more. Clearly, the variety of stories is appealing to the audience.

      The Horror of Dolores Roach:

      Horror of Dolores Roach podcast

      The Horror of Dolores Roach is a darkly humorous podcast that tells the story of Dolores Roach, a fictional podcast that follows a research team investigating a strange phenomenon in the Arctic, who returns to her gentrified New York City neighborhood and quickly finds herself engulfed in chaos and violence.

      The White Vault:

      White Vault podcast

      The White Vault is a horror podcast featuring a research team in Svalbard, Norway, exploring a mysterious cave system, blurring the lines between science and supernatural.

      Archive 81:

      Archive 81 podcast

      Archive 81 is an immersive, found footage horror podcast that follows the story of Dan Powell, a fictional podcast that follows a man who is hired to recover a collection of old tapes, only to discover that they contain a dark secret. An archivist tasked with restoring a collection of damaged audio tapes.

      The Left Right Game:

      Left Right Game podcast

      The Left Right Game is an exciting Horror science fiction podcast that tells the story of Alice, this fictional podcast follows two friends who play a dangerous game with dire consequences.

      The Storage Papers:

      Storage Papers podcast logo

      Storage Papers is a fascinating horror podcast that tells the story of Jeremy Bradshaw, this fictional podcast follows a man who inherits a storage unit filled with strange and disturbing objects. and compiled a collection of disturbing documents

      The Old Gods of Appalachia:

      The Old Gods of Appalachia

      Old Gods of Appalachia is a hauntingly beautiful podcast about Appalachian folklore, this fictional podcast about a group of friends who encounter ancient and powerful creatures in the Appalachian Mountains. Eldritch blends horror and historical fiction into a captivating narrative.

      The Silt Verses:

      Silt Verses podcast

      Silt Verses is a fascinating horror-fantasy podcast that follows Carpenter and Faulkner, two disciples of Trawler man, in this fictional podcast about a group of scientists who investigate a strange phenomenon at the bottom of the ocean, entering a world of forgotten rituals, hidden languages and restless sacrifices. by doing

      The Harrowing:

      Harrowing podcast logo

      The Harrowing is a chilling British horror podcast set on the remote Scottish island of Toll Mar. This fictional podcast is about a group of people who are trapped in a haunted house.


      Finding quality horror podcasts can be difficult, but with this curated list, you’re equipped to dive into the best horror content available on Amazon Music and Spotify. Whether you prefer spooky historical tales, supernatural encounters, or psychological thrillers, these podcasts offer something for every horror enthusiast.


      What is a Horror Podcasts?

      A Horror Podcast Is A Type Of Audio Program That Focuses On Telling Scary Stories And Exploring The Horror Genre. These Podcasts Usually Have A Variety Of Content That Will Make Your Hair Stand On End And Keep You Awake At Night.

      Is The NoSleep Podcast available on both Amazon Music and Spotify?

      Yes, The NoSleep Podcast is available on both platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience.

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