Eight App Review: Podcast & Audio Stories

Eight, the Indian audio storytelling platform, offers a variety of features to enhance your podcast and audiobook listening experience.

What is Eight?

Eight is a podcast app that aims to deliver a smooth and personalized podcast experience to its users in order to discover, manage and listen to podcasts with ease.

Key Features Highlights

  • Easy to Use: Eight has a very clean and intuitive interface that makes it simple for users to navigate the app.
  • Custom Playlists: Users can create and manage custom playlists to sort their favorite episodes.
  • Recommendations: The app uses a recommendation engine to suggest new shows based on what you’ve already listened to.
  • Offline Audio: Users can download their episodes for offline use perfect for commutes or places with no signal.
  • Progress Syncs: Across multiple devices so you can start where you left off no matter where you’re listening.

Who is Eight Best For?

Variable Speed Control: You can adjust the speed of the playback as per your requirements to make it faster or slower.

Sleep/Sleep Timer: You can set a sleep timer to stop the audio after a specific period of time which is useful for audiobooks and helping to get to sleep at night.

Quality Settings: Maybe, you can adjust the quality settings based on your mobile data or network condition to optimize the audio playback. (This feature may depend on the application)

Go To Chapter: If the audiobook has chapters, then you can go to specific chapters or segments to listen to part of the audio book. (This may depend on the audiobook)


Eight is a good contender in the crowded podcast apps space. It offers a simple user experience with some smart features for the podcast aficionados. Recommendation engine, synchronization across devices and a simple yet intuitive interface makes listening to podcasts a joy and managing them easy. Extensive integration with other audio or video platforms is absent but the experience makes up for it. If you are looking for a good podcast app that just gets the job done, look no further and give Eight a try.

Pros and Cons


  • Clean and intuitive interface.
  • Excellent recommendation engine.
  • Easy offline listening.
  • Cross-device synchronization.


  • Limited integration with other media platforms.
  • Some users may find the discovery feature too reliant on previous listening habits.

Free vs. Paid Content: Is there a healthy mix of free and paid? Or is there a ton of premium content behind a paywall (locked behind a paid wall)?

Content Quality: What’s the general quality of the podcasts and audiobooks like? Do any reviews comment on the professional and engaging nature of the content or high production standards?

Monetization Model: How is the app monetized? Subscriptions? Ads? In-App purchases? The more it relies on ads or other monetization strategies, the more you’ll understand the potential distraction to the user experience.

What are some popular podcasts on EIGHT?

For sure! EIGHT: Podcast & Audio Stories delivers the goodness of the interwebs audio in many different genres. Check out some of the popular podcasts and shows on the network:

1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty: Meaningful conversations on topics like mindfulness, evolution, and purpose in life.

2. Horror Stories: Get your adrenaline pumping with these scary as hell podcasts.

3. True Crime Stories: Heart-pumping stories of real-life crimes and unsolved murders.

4. Comedy Shows: Humorous podcasts on satire and clever commentaries.

5. Romance: Heartwarming stories of relationships and emotions.

6. Military and War: Podcasts on history, military tactics and war stories.

7. Religion and Spirituality: Spiritual revelations and philosophical talks on faith.

    EIGHT’s expansive library guarantees that there’s always something for everyone on the go, or for when you just want to relax or upgrade your commuter audio experience. Download EIGHT from the Play Store to listen to these and many other podcasts. Happy listening!


    Eight is a great choice for podcast enthusiasts looking for a reliable and feature-rich app Its user-friendly design and smart features make it a standout option in the crowded podcast app market. Whether you’re a casual listener or a podcast fanatic, Eight offers a satisfying and efficient way to enjoy your favorite audio content.

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