Jio Free 5g Welcome Offer : How to Get Invite | Get Unlimited 1 Gbps 5G Data FREE

Jio Free 5g Welcome Offer

Jio 5G Welcome offer, Jio 5G Welcome offer Invite, Invite for Jio 5G Welcome offer, How to get Invite for Jio 5G Welcome offer Reliance Jio True 5G Welcome Offer:- On The Occasion Of 5g Launch, Jio is Offering Free Unlimited Data at 1 Gbps Speed To The People of Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Varanasi. How to take

Reliance Jio is launching 5G services in 4 cities of the country including Kolkata on Dasami. The company has informed that this service is currently being started experimentally. Mukesh Ambani’s company has already announced welcome offers for 5G customers. The company claims that customers will get the opportunity to use the Internet at the speed of 1 Gbps.

Apart from Kolkata, Jio’s 5G service will start testing in Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi from Wednesday. Reliance Jio also gave free data to customers as a welcome offer during the 4G launch in 2017. The service is completely free for now if you have a 5G phone.

What is benefits of Jio Welcome Offer?

In the welcome offer, Jio customers will get unlimited internet access at a speed of more than 1 gbps. The company did not say how long the benefits of this offer will be available.

How to avail Jio Welcome Offer?

Jio customers in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Varanasi will get this benefit only if they have a 5G smartphone.

Get Reliance Jio 5 Welcome Offer Completely Free?

Jio customers will avail free welcome offer for now. The Mumbai-based company has not yet launched any separate plans for 5G subscribers.

Need New Jio SIM?

As long as you have a 5G phone. A separate SIM is not required for 5G usage.

But not commercially, Jio is starting this service experimentally for now. Airtel has already started 5G services in 8 cities of the country. Airtel has launched 5G services in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Siliguri and Varanasi for now.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G services in India on October 1 at the India Mobile Congress event. 5G network will get several times more speed than 4G network. The Prime Minister said, “Digital India is the big vision for the development of the country. Bringing this 5G technology to common people’s homes is the vision of Digital India. It will bring great opportunities for the youth of India. Village school students, workers can be included. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha remote areas. With 5G in the area , kids will be able to learn a lot from the big experts in the classroom.”

The Prime Minister said that the Digital India vision rests on four pillars. Device prices, data costs, digital connectivity and digital thinking. “The cost of devices will come down only when we become self-reliant,” Modi said.

basis in 4 cities across the country from October 5. Apart from Kolkata, the Jio True 5G service will start in the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi from Dasami, the company has informed. Mukesh Ambani’s company has announced to give unlimited free data to customers on this occasion. Jio has announced that the 5G network will offer unlimited data at a speed of up to 1 Gbps for free. Just because your phone has 5G support doesn’t mean it will work on Jio network. Smartphones must have 5G SA support to use this free service. That means having stand alone 5G support is mandatory. How to get invited to welcome offer? Find out more:

Jio TRUE 5G: What is 5G SA?

Jio is bringing stand alone 5G service for customers. That is, this 5G network is not dependent on the company’s 4G network. For this it is mandatory to have 5G SA support in the phone as well. Although many phones have 5G support, 5G SA support is not available. Manufacturers can enable 5G SA support for Jio customers through an OTA update on those phones.

Jio has bought the most spectrum in 700 MHz, 3500 MHz and 26GHz wavelengths. With 700 MHz spectrum held by Jio, the company’s customers will get excellent 5G coverage indoors as well.

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To use Jio True 5G, you need to be a subscriber in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai or Varanasi. Using roaming services in these cities will not get you an invitation from the company to participate in the 5G trial. You can participate in this 5G trial only if you buy a SIM from any of these 4 cities.

But you don’t have to do anything to get an invite. The country’s largest telecom company has already started sending 5G trial invitations to select customers . According to sources, Reliance Jio will send this invitation through SMS.

Jio also offered free unlimited data to customers during the 4G launch. Mukesh Ambani’s company was also starting to walk the same path at the time of 5G launch. According to the company, customers will get speeds of more than 1 Gbps on the 5G network.

Jio TRUE 5G: All Information at a Glance

  • Jio TRUE 5G service launched in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi
  • Through this, customers can use unlimited 5G data at a speed of more than 1 Gbps
  • 5G services are also starting in other cities with rapid infrastructure development
    For now unlimited 5G data can be used for free
  • No need to buy a new SIM card to use 5G service, if the phone has 5G support, this service can be used through the old SIM.
  • Jio is working hand in hand with smartphone manufacturers to deliver a better experience to customers

Who is eligible for Jio 5G Welcome offer?

People living in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Varanasi having a 5G smartphone are eligible for Jio 5G services.

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