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Pocket FM’s “Insta Millionaire” is a huge success!Pocket FM’s audio series “Insta Millionaire” grossed Rs 35 Crores, a phenomenal achievement. With over 1440 episodes, this popular story has taken the world by storm. Achieved over 938 million plays and over 4.6 billion listening minutes in English, Hindi and Tamil. This achievement is a huge milestone for Pocket FM and a testament to its growing popularity in audio content.

Insta Millionaire: Touching story, enjoy the audio!Pocket FM’s “Insta Millionaire” web series has already won the hearts of viewers for its captivating storyline. Although the full movie is already available on the platform, the audio series is still very popular with the audience. This ever-loving story sticks in the hearts of the audience and makes their imaginations come alive.If you haven’t heard this amazing story yet, visit Pocket FM today and experience the “Insta Millionaire” audio series. This audio series will not only charm your ears, but also touch your heart.

Ashu Behl, SVP-Content and Strategy, Pocket FM lauded the success, saying, ” The popularity of ‘Insta Millionaire’ is a testament to our audience’s growing interest in unconventional genres like sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers. “The series is generating the same level of demand and revenue as popular web or TV shows, which proves the power of audio storytelling. Ashu Behl added, ” With the growing popularity of audio, we strongly believe that audio storytelling will emerge as another mainstream in entertainment. “Pocket FM is committed to taking the future of entertainment to new heights with the Audio Series.

The Exciting Story of Insta Millionaire: poor to Riches! “Insta Millionaire” author Swapnil Jain Tells The Fascinating Journey Of A Young Man Named ‘Lucky’. Entangled in a Thrilling Game Of Fate, Lucky Goes From Rags To Riches Overnight. Despite His Humble Beginnings And Struggles, Lucky Remains Strong And Selfless. Hides His Troubles From His Love Life, Even When His Girlfriend Cheats On Him.

As a storyteller, I think, the success of Millionaire is an achievement that takes me in new directions, increases my creative power and wins people’s hearts through my stories. Every word shares my passion with a wider audience and as a source of their support, Pocket FM is giving me the opportunity to tell my story. I can share my creations with the world and like other writers I want to bring my stories to life.

“Insta Millionaire” audio series is popular among audiences of all age groups, but has especially won the hearts of the youth. 80% of the audience is in the age group of 18-35 years, who consider the series as their main source of entertainment.

Besides the “Insta Millionaire” Story, The Pocket FM Library Has A Huge Collection Of Over 2000 Audio Series That Will Blow Your Mind. From Romantic Stories To Spine-tingling Thrillers To Horror, There Are Audio Series in Various Genres That Will Pique Your Interest.

“Insta Millionaire” People Want To Download All Episodes Of Soap This Series For Free. It can be streamed on Pocket FM or accessed via coin. If you want to enjoy this popular series, you need to go to Pocket FM app and buy subscription or you can also unlock with coins.

Listen and Watch online

Insta Millionaire”: Laxman’s story of becoming rich overnight! “Insta Millionaire” is a popular audio series on Pocket FM that tells the thrilling story of a young man named Laxman. Lakshmana, also called Lucky, was poor and his heart was broken by his girlfriend. But his luck changed when he became a billionaire overnight! All Lakshman’s wealth is deposited in his account, and now it is up to him how he uses this money. “Insta Millionaire” is a thrilling story that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

The series is popular with audiences of all ages, but is especially popular among 18-35 year olds.

Insta Millionairefull of engaging story and characters! This series has an engaging storyline and relatable characters that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Then don’t forget to watch “Insta Millionaire” on Pocket FM.

Watch Insta Millionaire in Hindi Love Story here:

“Insta Millionaire” audio series has already crossed over INR 30 Crore, a huge success! This popular series has crossed 938 million plays in various languages including English, Hindi and Tamil, equivalent to 4.5 billion listening minutes.

Here We Are Going To List Some Of The Top Questions Asked From Our Readers.

Where Can I See Insta Millionaire?

Insta Millionaire: An amazing collection of exciting stories for young people! Enjoy the entire audio series on the Pocket FM app!

Watch : All episodes here

How Can I Listen To The Insta Millionaire Stories?

With The Insta Millionaire Audiobook, a wonderful world of thrills, mystery and inspiration is at your fingertips! pocket fm App is available on both Android and iOS devices.

How many Episodes Are There For Insta Millionaire?

This audio series has a total of 1440 episodes with interesting storytelling.

What is The Story Of Insta Millionaire?

A young man’s life suddenly changes when he becomes a millionaire. Her strong and selfless character helps her to face new challenges and discover herself. This fascinating story will make you laugh, cry and inspire you.

Who is the author of the Insta Millionaire series?

Swapnil Jain is the author of the Insta Millionaire series. He is an Indian writer, actor and voice over artist.

What is The Rating of Insta Millionaire?

Insta Millionaire is on Pocket FM’s “Top 50 Podcast Series” list, On Pocket FM, Insta Millionaire has a rating of 4.7/5 and over 10,000+ reviews.

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