How To Earn Money From Kuku Fm

How to Make Money on Kuku FM

Kuku FM is A Popular Indian Podcast And Audio Streaming Platform. Creators Can Make Money On Kuku FM By Participating In The Platform’s Monetization Program.

How To Get Started Kuku Fm

  1. Create a Kuku FM Account. Go To The Kuku FM Website Or App And Create An Account.
  2. Upload Your Content. Once You Have An Account, You Can Start Uploading Your Content To Kuku FM. You Can Upload Podcasts, Audiobooks, or Other Types Of Audio Content.
  3. Monetize Your Content. To Monetize Your Content, You Need To Enroll In The Kuku FM Partner Program. To Do This, Go To The “My Account” Page And Click On The “Partner Program” tab.
  4. Select A Monetization Model. Kuku FM Offers Two Monetization Models:
    • Subscription: Listeners Can Subscribe To Your Content For A Monthly Fee. You will Earn A Share Of The Subscription Revenue.
    • Ads: You Can Display Ads In Your Content. You Will Earn Money Based On The Number of Impressions Your Ads Receive.
  5. Promote Your Content. Once You Have Monetized Your Content, You Need To Promote It So That People Can Find It And Listen To it. You Can Promote Your Content On Social Media, Your Website, And Other Online Platforms.

Tips For Making Money on Kuku FM

  • Create High-quality Content: The Better The Quality Of Your Content, The More People Will Listen To It.
  • Publish regularly: The More Often You Publish New Content, The More Likely People Are To Subscribe To Your Channel.
  • Engage With Your Audience: Respond To Comments And Questions From Your listeners. This Will Help You Build A Relationship With Your Audience And Keep Them Engaged.
  • Promote Your Content Outside of Kuku FM: Share Your Content On Social Media, Your Website, And Other Online Platforms.

How Much Can You Make on Kuku FM?

The Amount Of Money You Can Make on Kuku FM Depends On A Number Of Factors, Including The Quality Of Your Content, The Number Of Listeners You Have, And The Monetization Model You Choose.

According to Kuku FM, Top Creators On The Platform can earn up to ₹1 lakh (US$12,500) Per Month.


It Takes Time And Effort To Build A Successful Kuku FM Channel And Start Making Money. However, if You Are Willing To Put In The Work, it is Possible To Make A Good Income on Kuku FM.

Make Money From Kuku FM: For This What Is The Qualification To Become A Content Creator On KuKu FM? And Who Can Earn Money On Kuku FM?

If You Are Also Looking For Answers To These Questions And You Also Want To Know How You Can Earn Money From KuKu FM? So in This Article You Will Be Given Complete Information About Earning Money From KuKu FM And Along With This It Will Also Be Told How You Can Become A Content Creator on KuKu FM?

If You Are Curious To Know How To Earn Money From Kuku FM , Then You Should Read This Article Completely Because It Also Explains How You Can Earn Money From Other Ways Of Earning Money on Kuku FM Like Sponsorships And Brand Collaboration. 

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So What’s The Delay, Let’s Start. But if You Haven’t Downloaded The Kuku FM App Yet, Download It First And Don’t Forget To Use The Coupon Code: PORTC62 While Taking The Premium Subscription , This Will Give You A 50% Discount on The Subscription Fee.

So Let’s Try To Know Then How To Earn Money on KuKu FM? But Before That Let Us Know What is KuKu FM? 

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How To Earn Money From Kuku FM

For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That KuKu FM is India’s Largest Non Music Audio Platform , On Which More Than 1 Lakh People Come Daily To Listen To Their Favorite Audio.

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Not Only This, The Number of Kuku FM Users Is Increasing With Time And So If You Start Creating Content on KuKu FM, You Can Also Monetize Your Content And Earn Money From It.

But To Earn Money By Monetizing Your Content on KuKu FM, You Must First Have 1 Lakh Monthly Listeners On Your Audio Stories, Podcasts, Audiobooks, etc.

Overall, To Earn Money From KuKu FM, First Of All You Have To Become A Creator on KuKu FM, Now We Will Give You All The Information About It In Detail.

  • Kuku FM Creator
  • For This Create Your Account On KuKu FM
  • Follow The Eligibility Criteria To Become a Creator On KuKu FM.
  • Create And Publish Content on KuKu FM.
  • Now Monetize Your Content And Earn Money.

Who Can Become The Creator Of KuKu FM?

Anyone Can Become A KuKu FM Creator Who Can Write Informational Audio / Story / Books / Podcast Etc. Such A Person Can Become A Creator With KuKu FM And Is Called A Kuku Fm Creator.

How To Create Your Account on KuKu FM?

Since to earn money from KuKu FM you will Need To Create Your Account on it, so Let’s Know About It As Well. You Can Create Your Account on KuKu FM in The Easy Steps Given Below.

  • First of all, After Downloading It, Open It On Your Smartphone.
  • Now Select Your Language.
  • Select Any One Option From The Given Google, Facebook, Mobile Number Etc. To Login.
  • Complete the OTP Verification.
  • You Are Now Registered On The Kuku FM app .

Eligibility To Become KuKu FM Creator:

You Don’t Need To Have Any Degree To Become A Creator on KuKu FM. But You Have To Have A Lot Of Passion And Determination And Creativity, Which Goes Into Being An Artist.

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Along With This, Follow The Following Things, Then You Will Be Eligible To Become A Creator on KuKu FM.

  • Your Audio Content Should Be Entertaining or Informative.
  • Now You Must Also Know The Minimum Eligibility Criteria Required To Monetize Your Content on KuKu FM.
  • You Do Not Have To Do Any Kind Of Piracy, Means Not To Violate The Copyright Policy By Republishing Other’s Content.
  • Do Not Give Any Kind Of Wrong information.
  • You Should Always Follow Kuku FM’s Basic And Creator Friendly Community Guidelines.
  • Your Content Should Be Published In The Right Style Related To Audio Book Or Story, Podcast.
  • You Have To Create Content in Hindi, English, Bengali or Marathi language.

10 Ways To Make Money With Kuku FM

1 Affiliate Marketing

If You Want To Earn Kuku FM Then Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way For You. 

Actually, The Funda of Affiliate Marketing is That When You Promote The Product of Any Company To The People, Then The Company Gives You Commission For This. But You Can Earn Money From This Only When People Buy The Product Being Promoted Through You. 

For This, Through Kuku FM, You Will Have To Create A Podcast On Such A Topic That You Can Affiliate The Related Product. 

If You Record A Summary Of A Popular Book And Publish It On Kuku FM, Then After Listening To The Summary of The Book, Many People Would Like To Read That Book, In Such A Way That You Can Buy That Book From Any Site Like Amazon, Which Supports Affiliate Program. If You Give Affiliate Link Of The Book, Then On Every Sale The Company Will Give You Some Commission. In This Way You Can Earn money Kuku FM through Affiliate Marketing. 

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Apart From This, If You Promote A Product Or Service That You Know Very Well Or You Are Already Using It, Then You Can Earn A Lot Of Money From Affiliate Marketing on Kuku Fm For Such A Product.

2 Sponsors & Advertising

Sponsorships and advertising is also the best way to earn Kuku FM Se Paise. But for this you have to put your full effort and also have some patience.  

Today There Are Many Podcast Ad Network Companies That Help You Connect Indirectly With The Advertiser.

This Ad Network Company Does All The Work Itself Like Finding The Advertiser, Preparing The Script Of The Ad.

If you want to earn money from Sponsors & Advertising in kuku FM, then for this there should be 5,000 to 10,000 Listener/audience every month to listen to your podcast. 

When the number of audience starts increasing on your podcast channel of Kuku FM, then people will start contacting you themselves for advertiser or sponsors.

And not one but many people will contact you and in return you can charge money from the advertiser according to your popularity. In this way you can earn Kuku FM Se Paise through Sponsors & Advertising. 

3 Courses

Usually The Duration Of A Podcast is 25-35 Minutes, In Such A Short Time Only A Summary Or Overview Of A Topic Can Be Given.

There Are Many Famous Podcasters Who Prepare Courses To Give Complete Information on The Subject Related To Their Podcast Topic. 

So Selling The Course Is A Good Way For Kuku FM Earn money. 

With These Courses, Your Audience Will Get Complete Information On A Specific Topic At The End Of The Course And You Will Get Money For This Course.

Along With This, You Will Also Get The Email Of Your Audience, Which Will Help You In Building Your Email List. You Can Also Use These Emails To Give Information About Your Other Courses And Can Also Send Notification of Upcoming Podcasts.

Pro Tip: Another Option You Have To Promote Your Course is To Do A Webinar And In This Webinar Tell About The Importance of Your Course Within 45 Minutes.

Due To Which Curiosity Will Arise in Their Mind About Your Course And They Will Definitely Want To Buy Your Course.

 In This Way, You Can Also Earn money from Kuku FM by Selling The Course Of Topics Related To Your Podcast.

4 Services

If You Make Podcasts On Any Of Your Services In Kuku FM, Then You Can Earn Money By Selling Many Types Of Services. 

On The Other Hand, If You Make A Podcast on Investment, Then You Can Also Earn Money From Kuku FM by Affiliate Of Affiliate Companies.

Similarly, if You Make Podcasts On Health, Then You Can Advertise An App Or Website Providing Health-related Services In Your Kuku FM Podcasts And Earn money from Kuku FM.

5 Premium Content

You Can Also Earn Money By Providing Premium Content In Your Podcast. This Premium Content Can Be Anything Like –

  • Additional Interview Show 
  • Information About What Happens Behind The Preparation of Podcasts
  • Ad-free RSS Feed Podcast
  • Question-Answer Podcast With Host Etc. 

You Can Decide It According To Yourself That What Will You Offer To Your Audience in Premium Content? 

6 Physical Products

 To Earn Money From Kuku FM, You Can Promote Or Sell The Product Or Software That You Use.

If You Focus A Lot On The Quality Of Your Podcast, Then Not Only Will They Listen To You, But They Will Also Start Trusting You, In Such A Situation, If You Influence Your Audience To Buy A Product/service, Then They Will Blindly Buy Your Product. Will Buy /Service.

Once You Have Won The Trust Of Your Audience, Then Using The Power Of This Trust, You Can Easily Sell Any Product.  

7 Product/Service Review 

If You Have Any Service, Product Like Book, Etc., Anything That People Want To Know About, Then You Can Give A Review Of That Thing.

 If You Put Review Content On Your Podcast Channel, Then After Some Time You Will Have A Lot Of Audience With Product Review Information. 

And When Your Podcast Channel Starts Getting a Good Audience Every Month, Then People Will Contact You To Review Your Product or service. instead, you can charge good money from them. in this Way You Can Also Earn Money From Kuku FM By Reviewing The Product.

8 Public Speaking

Today There Are Many Such Podcasters Whom People Approach For Public Speaking. If People Like To Listen To You, Then You Can Also Do Public Speaking For Them Online Or Offline, Such As In An Event or Conference, And Instead Charge Some Money From Them.

9 Consulting

Every Industry Needs A Consultant. If The Topic Of Your Podcast Is Related To A Topic On Which You Can Help People in Their Problems, Then You Can Earn Good Money From Kuku FM Even By Consulting.  

10 Events

By Hosting The Event, Not Only You Can Earn Money But Also Make This Event Memorable For Your Fans.

How To Use KuKu FM To Earn Money?

To Earn Money From KuKu FM, You Must First Download The Kuku FM app From Google Play Store And Create Your Account On It. After That You Can Create Your Account on it With The Help Of E-mail Or Phone Number To Create Content On It.

Now To Become A Kuku FM Creator, You Can Go To The Option Of Your Kuku Profile And Submit The Required Information Correctly.

After Becoming a Kuku FM Creator, You Can Publish Your Recorded Audio Within Your Show on KuKu FM by Filling The Details Of Your Content And Uploading Thumbnail Etc.

Please Note: To Monetize Your Content You Must Send A Verification MESSAGE TO [email protected] , Mentioning Your Current Statistics And Contact Details With A Standard Subject Line Along With A Kuku Fm Profile Link.

After Applying For Monetization Of Your Content, KuKu FM Team Will Review Your Request And Respond Within Maximum 7 Working Days.

KuKu Monetization Policy For Earning

Now You Must Also Know The Minimum Eligibility Criteria Required To Monetize Your Content on KuKu FM And Earn Money.

1. Quantity of Content:

  • You Must Upload At Least 10 Content on KuKu FM To Monetize Your Content.
  • You Must Maintain A Minimum Frequency of Publishing 1 Audio Content Per Week.

2. Content Quality:

  • You Must Host Your Content Exclusively On Kuku FM.
  • You Must Mention KuKu FM Once Throughout Your Show To Confirm The Fact That It Is Original Content.
  • Your Account Must Match The Criteria Given Per Level in Terms Of Followers And Listening Hours Per Month.

3. Duration of Content:

  • It Must Be Greater Than 5 Minutes And Less Than 25 Minutes.
  • If an Episode Is Too Long, People Lose interest.
  • People Don’t Remember You Or Your Show When You Are Very Young.

4. Content Validity:

  • You Must Have The Necessary Legal Rights To Publish The Content.
  • You Must Have The Necessary Permissions For The Third Party Content (if Any) In Your Show.

Once You Achieve The Above Mentioned Criteria, Then You Are Known As An Artist On KuKu FM And After Becoming A KuKu Artist You Have Three Levels To Monetize Your Content Which Are Mentioned Below ARE.

Your Journey to Become A Kuku Kalakaar

Here We Have Provided A Table List For You, in Which You Can Read Your Journey of Earning Money By Becoming A Content Creator On KuKu FM. In This, It Has Been Told That At What Level, What Facilities Will Be Given by KuKu FM as Creator Rewards.


If you have following number of follower, listen time and monthly listener on your Kuku FM podcast channel every month then you can become level-1 Kalakaar in Kuku FM-

Listens- 5,000/month

Followers- 500/month 

Total Listening Duration- 250 hour/month 

Benefits of becoming Level 1 Kuku FM Kalakaar- If you become level 1 kalakaar in Kuku FM then you will get the following benefits-

  • Kuku FM will promote you so that you will get more followers and listen time on your podcast channel. 
  • You will be included in the whatsapp group of India’s largest content creators community. 
  • Where you will be able to ask people for tricks and tips to grow your show. 
  • You will be provided with Advanced Analytics so that you will be able to know your audience and their needs, which content they like. 
  • You will be given access to Kuku FM Exclusive Webinars. 
  • You will also be given access to monthly online and offline Kuku FM Exclusive Workshops to help you take your Kuku FM kalakaar from level 1 to the next level. 
  • Where you will be able to meet more content creators like you and make your identity with new people. 

Level 2 

If you have following number of follower, listen time and monthly listener on your Kuku FM podcast channel every month then you can become level-2 Kalakaar in Kuku FM-



Total Listening Duration-1,200 hour/month

Benefits of becoming a Level 2 Kuku FM Kalakaar- If you become a level 2 kalakaar in Kuku FM, you will get the following benefits-

  • Kuku FM’s top creator will monitor you. If there is any deficiency anywhere, then you will be given personal tips for its impvooment. 
  • You will become the official influencer of Kuku FM. 
  • Your content will be promoted on other social media channel and your profile will be shown like premium creator. 
  • You can get a chance to work officially in Kuku FM’s CSR Campaigns and you can become a part of Kuku FM’s PR, this will create your brand image in the market. 


If you have following number of follower, listen time and monthly listener on your Kuku FM podcast channel every month then you can become level-3 Kalakaar in Kuku FM-



Total Listening Duration-5,000 hour/month

Benefits of becoming a Level 3 Kuku FM Kalakaar- If you become a level 3 kalakaar in Kuku FM, you will get the following benefits-

  1. In Kuku FM, you will be able to earn Kuku FM Se Paise by monetizing or financing your podcast channel through sponsored ads. 
  2. If you become a level 3 artist then you can earn Kuku FM Se Paise on per ad impression basis by placing ads in your podcast channel through Kuku FM. 
LevelListens (Every Month)Supporters (Monthly)Total Listening Duration (per month)What Do You Get?
15k0.5k250 HrTraffic boost : We Will Promote You On The Right Playlist And Screen Of Our App.

Exclusive Whatsapp Group :
You Will Become A Part Of India’s Largest Community Of Hindi And Vernacular Content Creators Tips And Tricks To Grow Your Show
Advanced Analytics : Build Your Audience And Their Know The Requirements
225k2.5k1200 HrPriority Access to Kuku FM Exclusive webinars: Once A Month Workshops To Help You Reach The Next Level.

Priority Access to Kuku FM Exclusive Workshop (online and offline):
Connect With Other Content Creators On Our Platform Through Our Community Meetups Join And Expand Your Circle Exclusive.

Advice from Top Creators
on a Hangout Personalized Content Improvement Tips.

verified tick: Yes, You Will Become An Official Influencer With A Verified Tick On Your Profile.

Premium Producer Support : Social Promoting Your Content Through Various Other Channels Like Media And Redesigning Your Profile As Premium.
3100k10k5000 HrSuper promotional reach: Notifications, Banners, Cross Promotion, you get it all.
Brand collaboration: A Chance To Officially Work With KuKu FM on CSR Campaigns And Be A Part Of KuKu FM’s PR, Elevate Your Brand Image in the market.
Monetization through Sponsored Ads:
Amazing Monetization Contract After 50k Monthly Listens, Details And Terms Will Be Informed To You
Ad network:
Insert in-app Ads In Your Stream And Earn On Per Ad impression basis

Points To Note For KuKu Artists:

  • Once you achieve a level as per the table mentioned above, then you are upgraded to a level higher by KuKu FM.
  • Once you achieve a level, then you should keep trying to increase your audience and listening duration to maintain it.
  • KuKu FM will evaluate it every 3 months to revisit and determine the levels as per your current performance.
  • To earn money from KuKu FM you will need to maintain the minimum eligibility criteria at all times.

How To Become A Successful Podcaster To Earn Money From Kuku FM

If You Want To Earn money from Kuku FM And Want To Become A Successful Podcaster, Then For This Your Content (Podcaste) Should Be Very Strong Which People Like, Their Mind Likes. 

If You Really Want To Earn money from Kuku FM, Then You Will Learn How To Make Such Content (Podcaste) That People Will Like. 

If You Want To Become A Successful Podcaster, Then Keep These 3 Things In Mind Before Starting A Career In Podcasting-

  1. Content
  2. Presentation
  3. Promote your podcast


Good Content Is Essential To Become A Successful Podcaster.

Before Making A Podcast On Any Topic, Think Once That The Topic on Which I Am Going To Make A Podcast, Will it Last For A Long Time? Can I Talk A Lot To The Audience On This Topic Without Any Problem Or Issue? I Can?

 What Else Would You Guys Like To Hear?

Do Not Doubt Yourself In Answering These Questions. 

Because The Earning From Kuku FM Podcast Completely Depends On Your Content. In Such A Situation, If You Want Your Podcast To Reach As Many People As Possible And You Can Earn A Lot Of Money From Kuku FM, Then For This You Should Make Your Content Best And Interesting. 

Presentation: Present Your Podcast In The Best Way

If You Want To Become A Successful Podcaster to Earn money from Kuku FM Then For This You Should Know That How Your Listeners Like It When You Present Podcaste. 

If You See Any Deficiency In Your Presentation, Then Improve It.

For This, You Give Step By Step Information To Your Podcast By Preparing A Good Stucture Or Flow.

Remember That You Can Earn Well From kuku FM Only When Your Podcast Channel of kuku FM Will Have A Large Number Of Audience (Listener).

Therefore, it is Important That You Present Your Podcast In The Best Way.

Promote Your Podcast Make Your Podcast Reach As Many People As Possible

Imagine, What If You Have Created A Great Podcaste on Kuku FM But No One Is Listening To It?

You Will Not Get Any Result Of Your Hard Work. 

This Means That After Creating Quality Content (Podcast), It Is Also Necessary To Promote it. 

So Keep Promoting Your Podcast From Time To Time. For This, You Can Promote Podcast In Your Network By Using Social Media Site Like Facebook, Instagram. 

But I Have Seen That When We Share Such Things On Our Personal ID, People Keep Commenting Something Or The Other Negatively. That’s Why It Would Be Good That You Create A New Facebook or instagram, Twitter Id And Keep Its User Name And Profile Photo In Such A Way That Those People Who Can Comment Negatively On You Do Not Know About Your Work. You Get Demotivated.

What Kind Of Content Can Be Published In Kuku FM?

To Start Your Creativity, You Can Sign-in to Kuku FM With Email Id Or Phone Number.

2. If You Want To Publish Your Audio Show in Kuku FM, Then For This You Can Publish it in Kuku FM By Giving Thumbnail Of Your Audio And Some Detail Of It.

3. Keep in Mind That Your Content (Podcaste) Should Be Attractive And Informative For The People.

4. There Should Not Be Any Fake News Or Wrong Information In Your Content. 

4. Your Content (Audio) Should Be Your Own Creation. You Cannot Publish The Content Created By Others.

You Can Publish Your Content in Kuku FM in the Following Categories-

  • Audiobooks
  • Stories, 
  • Podcasts, 
  • Audio lecture
  • News
  • Quiz shows  

You Can Create Any Content From The Above Content Category In The Following Language-

  • Hindi
  • English 
  • Marathi
  • Bengali

KUKU FM: Community Policy

If You Want To Earn Money From Kuku FM, Then For This You Have To Follow Some Policy Of Kuku FM. Actually, This Policy Has Been Made To Help The Creator of Kuku FM so That His Creator Can Create Great Content And Increase The Number Of Audience on His Channel.

What is Kuku FM?

For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That Kuku FM Is A Podcast Platform , Where You Can Read Many Audio Books in Different Languages.

On KuKu FM You Also Get To Listen Audio Book Summaries And Podcasts, Poems, News, Joke’s Mythological, Motivational Stories Etc. And The Best Part Is That Here You Can Enjoy KuKu FM in More Than 15 Languages And Dialects. 

There Are Also Many Content Creators on Kuku FM , Who Create Content Related To Podcasts And Audiobooks Summary, And Because Of This, The KuKu FM Platform Is Very Popular Among People.

If You Love Reading Books But For Some Reason You Don’t Have Time To Read Them, You Can Download KuKu FM And Listen To Audiobooks OnlinOr Offline. Not Only This, You Can Also Enjoy A Lot Of Stories.

Kuku FM is the App of which country?

You will be happy to know that KuKu FM is an Indian App and thus KuKu FM 
can be considered as 
an incorporation company of India.

Who is the owner of Kuku FM?

KuKu FM Incorporation has three 
co-founders of the company , which include Vinod Meena, Vikas Goyal and Lalchand Bisu.

It is Said That “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” Means That Your Network (Audience) is Your Net Worth (Real Income).

If You Want To Earn Money From Kuku FM, Then You Have To Increase Your Network, The Bigger Your Network, The Bigger The Amount You Can Earn By Podcasting in Kuku FM. 

I Hope You Have Learned A Lot From This Information.

I Want To Know From Your Side That Which Method You Like Best To Earn Money From Kuku Fm

Tell Me By Commenting. I Am Waiting For Your Comment.

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