CoinDCX coupon code today 2023: (GET222) (loot Lo)

CoinDCX is the best Bitcoin cryptocurrency app for beginners who are interested in starting crypto investing. Apply Coindcx code GET222 in the app and get a free sample bitcoin in your wallet.

CoinDCX coupon code today 2022
CoinDCX coupon code today 2022

CoinDCX coupon code today 2023

Coindcx coupon code is GET222. Using this code you will get Rs 222 directly in your Coindcx wallet. Share this code with your friends and help them earn a free bitcoin. CoinDCX is the best Bitcoin cryptocurrency app in India for beginners to start their crypto investment.

Just apply  GET222 Code in the app and get a free bitcoin in your CoinDCX wallet.

What is Coindcx Coupon Code?

GET222 is a coupon code from Coindcx. Applying will earn you a sign-up bonus. You can also share the coupon code with your friends and let them get free bitcoin worth Rs.222 in their wallet.

Coindcx Coupon Code 2022

Coindcx coupon codeGET222
Sign up rewardsRs. 222
App codeGET222
CashBackRs. 222
CoinDCX coupon code today 2023

How to Apply Coindcx Coupon Code?

1. First of all, download Coindcx app from playstore

2. When the download is complete, open the app and click on Sign Up

3. Enter your name, email id, password, mobile number and verify your mobile number with OTP

4. In the app dashboard, you will see the option Do you have a code after completing the registration process

5. Just enter CoinDCX code GET222 while signing up to get Rs.222 in your wallet.

6. That’s it. You will get free bitcoins in your wallet. Now you have to unlock the locked coin.

What is Coindcx Coupon Code India?

GET222 is Coindcx Coupon Code India. You will get Rs.222 bonus for using this coupon code in the app. Just to apply this code.

What is Coindcx Code 2022?

Coindcx code 2022 is GET222. By using GET222 Coindcx code you will get Rs.222 free bitcoins in your wallet.

How to unlock locked balance on CoinDCX?

1. You need to deposit INR to CoinDCX

2. Make at least one purchase of any value within 30 days of receiving your free bitcoins.

3. Once done, your free bitcoins will be automatically unlocked after 30 days.

4. You can now withdraw the locked balance.

Note: If you fail to unlock your free bitcoins within 30 days, the funds will be reversed and your portfolio will be empty.


Coindcx coupon code: GET222 can be used to get welcome bonus. Signup bonus is very easy to get. Just enter the Coindcx code GET222 when creating an account.

CoinDCX Coupon Code 

Coindcx is back with another offer, Get Rs 100 cashback on purchase of 200 rupees or more cryptocurrency on Coindcx, Promo code only works for first time purchase on Coindcx and valid for one time per user, How to get Rs 100 cashback on 200+ rupees purchase ? Just follow the steps below:-

Coindcx Coupon Code
Coindcx Coupon Code

Coindcx coupon code NEW201

1) First go to Coindcx app

2) Open the app and in the app dashboard you will see Banner 2. Just enter coindcx promo code NEW201 there and get ₹200

3) Apply Coindcx Coupon Code NEW201 and Get Rs.201 Free Sign Up Bonus.

4) Coindcx coupon code is NEW201. Get ₹201 free bitcoins by applying code NEW201 after signing up.

CoinDCX coupon code today

Enter CoinDCX Coupon Code NEW201 to get Rs 201 as Free Bitcoins on CoinDCX.

How to register on Coindcx?

1. Fast of all, download Coindcx app from playstore

2. Then open the app after downloading

3. After clicking on sign up, enter your mobile number, email id and name to sign up the app.

4. Enter your OTP to verify your account.

5. On the app’s dashboard, click “Do you have a code?” There is a banner with text.

6. Just enter coindcx app coupon code NEW201 to get free bonus

7. That’s it, you get a free sign up bonus

8. Now you need to unlock your currency to withdraw your free bonus. Follow the steps to unlock your locked coindcx balance.

9. To unlock this coin, you must complete KYC, add funds, purchase bitcoins and then sell bitcoins.

CoinDCX coupon code

Coindcx promo code to get instant Rs.201 free cashback is NEW201.

Follow the steps below to apply the promo code

1. Open the app and in the app dashboard you will see the banner

2. Just enter coindcx promo code NEW201 there and get Rs.201

How to get free Bitcoins in India?

1. Open the app

2. You will see a coupon code banner on the homepage

3. Enter Coindcx Coupon Code India NEW201 to get Rs.201 Free Bitcoin Now.

4. Finally unlock your bitcoins and enjoy free balance by adding funds, buying any crypto coin and selling that coin. Note that your currency will be unlocked after 15-30 days of doing these steps.

Conclusion of Coindcx code

So “NEW201” is about Coindcx code to get Rs 201 cashback in app.

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