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Veeraan-gadh Pocket Fm

This is a Hindi horror story which is very interesting to listen to online. You can listen to it on the online telegram channel or download it from the channel as you need. All episodes of this Hindi horror story will be uploaded here. Click Join to listen to veeraan-gadh audio books online for free.

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veeraan-gadh Pocket FM

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veeraan-gadh pocket fm
veeraan-gadh pocket fm

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Veeraan-Gadh Horror Story Episode 410 has Been Fully Uploaded on Pocket FM.

Total Number Of Episode 410

Veeraan-gadh Pocket FM Story Summary

The Deserted Citadel is a haunted village, where the shadow of death begins once again when the doors of a haunted palace that has been closed for years are reopened. Prabhat and Neelam Bharadwaj, who come there to set up a factory on the adjoining land of Birangad, mysteriously disappear into a haunted mansion there. Her only son Siddhartha reaches Biranga to look for her, but Siddhartha also makes his life miserable when he arrives there. Birangarh is such a terrible village from which one cannot return. There are many unsolved mysteries in that palace. Siddhartha vows that he will not only unravel the mystery of his parents’ disappearance, but free the villagers from those old curses and evil forces. But it was impossible to open the palace’s hundreds of doors until the riddle of the palace’s secrets was solved. So will Siddhartha be able to fight against the evil forces? Will he be able to solve the dangerous riddles of the deserted castle? Will Siddhartha have the same fate as his parents? Get ready to walk with us on a painful and thrilling journey as this time the haunted mansion will reveal so many secrets that will drive you crazy. It is a deserted fort where these terrors and dangers will appear doubly.

About Veeraan-gadh

Veeraan-gadh, Author: Nimit Vora. The audio show has surpassed over 25M+ plays and received 41K+ reviews on the platform. The audio show is available in Hindi language

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