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As You Know That In Our Website Daily I Come With A New And Interesting And Best Story Today In This Post We Are Come Back A With A New Story This Story Name Is Vashikaran And This Is Very Interesting Story And You And 100% Guarantee This Story Is Giving entertainment To Her User

This is a Hindi horror story which is very interesting to listen to online. You can listen to it on the online telegram channel or download it from the channel as you need. All episodes of this Hindi horror story will be uploaded here. Click Join to listen to vashikaran audio books online for free.

Vashikaran all Episodes free Download

Vashikaran Pocket FM episode
Vashikaran Pocket FM episode

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Vashikaran Pocket FM Total Episodes

Story Has Been Uploaded 401+ So Far and it is Expected Up To Around 500 to 650

Estimate Total Number Of Episode – 600

Vashikaran Pocket FM Story Summary

Upon being cursed by a Sidh Pursh , a wanderer, Banjaran reaches Pali village. Her curse was that the evil she inflicted on the Sidh purush’s child, will be replicated on her own kids, not once, but 11 times! Upon reaching Pali village, Banjaran gives birth to her kids without getting married thus hurting the moral sentiments of the village. Irked by her, the villagers punish her by drowning her in a well however what they did not know that the lady they drowned thinking her to be an ordinary one, was in reality extraordinaire! And the proof was a symbol on her back which no one noticed! Soon her prowess came on display as she started wreaking havoc on the villagers. They finally manage to capture her spirit through the ancient process of Vashikaran. As time passed, the story of Banjaran and her atrocities faded. After 25 years Dhruv, Ananya, and Vicky visit Pali village and play the game of calling the spirits. What followed after that night will only unfold

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