Top 10 Pocket FM Best Love Stories | Podcast Series, (2024)

Pocket FM Best Love Story List

Over the past three years, podcasts have exploded in popularity, and more and more people are turning to listening to their favorite stories, broadcasts, and shows. The platform that has gained a lot of traction not only in India but across the world is Pocket FM. Pocket FM has created a large number of different stories with different categories and now we are in the process of creating its content section, here are some of the most popular ones which we have listed below. Here are the top 10 Best Love Stories on Pocket FM:

Secret Affair

On her first wedding night, Tanvi meet her husband superstar Vidyut Nomani for the very first time. However, Vidyut hates Tanvi from the last eight years which forces him to misbehave and insults Tanvi on various occasions. He got married to her for a child, whereas Tanvi needed a hefty amount for her brother’s operation. Tanvi’s boss ask her to find out about Vidyut Nomani’s secret wife, whereas Vidyut has warned her previously not to disclose their secret marriage at any cost. Vidyut’s film co-star Yamini Sahay slaps Tanvi at one moment by warning her to stay away from him. Because of Tanvi’s insult, Vidyut scolds Yamini in front of the entire film crew and quit the film. Is this a start for Vidyut’s change of heart towards Tanvi?

Kitni Mohabbat hai

When Meera saw an unknown guy entering her room through her balcony she got really scared. Not knowing what to do she was about to scream loudly, when Akshat kept his hand on her lips. This is how Meera meets Akshat, her roommate, Neha’s brother for the first time. Things take a turn for good when they start meeting more frequently. Is this just friendship or something else? What happens when Meera and Akshat start developing feelings for each other? Tune into “Kitni Mohabbat Hai” only on Pocket FM to know more about their beautiful story.

Ye Rishta Kaisa Hai

The night before her wedding, the girl’s fiancé runs away with his secretary. In the marriage bureau, she proposes marriage to an unknown person standing near her, who was not an ordinary guy. But just before marriage, she offered to never consummate the marriage. After marriage, the groom insisted her to make this relationship work? Will there be a happy ending to this marriage in agreement? Will the two strangers find their true love in each other? Listen, Yeh Rishta Kesa Hai, a wonderful story entangled in the vortex of relationships.

Truly Deeply Madly

Rehan, an award-winning actor, has all the happiness of this world. He is so engrossed in his fame that he is oblivious that Sara and Pari are an important part of his life. Why is Sara hiding Pari from Rehan’s life? How will Rehan’s life change when he comes to know about Pari’s existence? Listen to this story of life, fame, and love.

Devil Se Shaadi

An arrogant Rajveer, feared even by his own family for his behavior, falls in love with a girl named Ishqi who is scared of him and refers to him as “Devil.” In a series of twists, she is married off to this man against her wishes. What happens next?.

Phir Milenge

Kritika was naive to think that love was easy. Her biggest day ended with parting away from her love forever. But not all forevers last long!. Kritika is reborn but is she ready to reunite with her love? Can she find happiness in this borrowed life? Phir Milenge traces out Kritika’s ascend to higher walks of life. Tune in to know more.

Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai

Sanjay Mittal, the city’s famous Business Tycoon. Suddenly one day a little girl came into his life who started calling him her father. But Sanjay has not even touched a girl till date, then how can he be someone’s father. Even the DNA report was proving that he is his only father. So who was that little girl? Who else was her mother? Keep listening to “Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai” only on Pocket FM.

A Billion Dollar Wife

What happens when the person whom you love the most betrays you? Anjali’s life completely changed when she finds out that her to be husband has been cheating on her the whole time. A devastated Anjali finds solace in a compromise with a billionaire. But will that prove good or bad for her?

Billionaire’s Hired Wife

Aditi is a young and ambitious law student who aspires to become rich and successful in her field of study. Everything is going as planned until she meets rich and charming, Vivaan Mehta who is looking for a girl who can be a surrogate for him. Though Aditi and Vivaan belong to completely different worlds things take a turn and somehow Aditi agrees to carry his baby as a surrogate mother. Vivaan decides to hire her and pay a huge amount as well. Why Aditi chose to help Vivaan? What made her take this decision? What is in store for both Vivaan and Aditi next? Listen to Billionaire’s Hired Wife to know more.

Main Teri Chandani

It is said that love is the most beautiful feeling of life, but what happens when this feeling knocks into two hearts that are separate from each other? Rajiv who hates the word love because of this love, the society has added the word Nazayaz with his name. He has so much poison in his heart that he has started hating himself. He has made only one aim of his life. The revenge of his father. And Chandani for whom love is life. He finds it very well to find the reason to smile even in pain. What if this two bump into each other? Will Rajiv forget his past and include Chandni in his life? Will the love of her teach Rajiv to live out of his past? To know, listen to a new story “Main Teri Chandni”


Pocket FM has a huge collection of love stories that cater to different genres and tastes. These stories can be romantic, humorous, mysterious, and even terrifying. They focus on different topics like school love, first love, and even love lost.

Why Listen To Love Stories On Pocket FM

There are many reasons to listen to love stories on Pocket FM. First, they will entertain you with an exciting and thrilling story. Second, they can help you think about your own love life and learn new things about yourself. Third, they can help you connect with others and hear their love stories.

How to find love stories on Pocket FM

To find love stories on Pocket FM, you can search with the words “love” or “romantic”. You can also limit your search using the “Popular” or “New” filters.

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