Rudaali Pocket Fm Story: Rudaali Pocket Fm Story Episode Free Download

This is a Hindi horror story which is very interesting to listen to online. You can listen to it on the online telegram channel or download it from the channel as you need. All episodes of this Hindi horror story will be uploaded here. Click Join to listen to Rudaali audio books online for free.

Rudaali Pocket Fm Story

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Rudaali Pocket FM

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Rudaali all Episodes free Download

Rudaali Pocket FM Total Episodes Download
Rudaali Pocket FM Total Episodes Download

Rudaali Daily Episodes from 1 to till

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Rudaali Pocket FM Total Episodes

Veeraan-Gadh Horror Story Episode 205 has Been Fully Uploaded on Pocket FM.

Total Number Of Episode – 205

Rudaali Pocket FM Story Summary

Chandrakala is a Rudali living in the village of Mayapur and she also performs the last rites of people after their death. He has a 12-year-old daughter, with some amazing powers of principle, which the villagers don’t know about. After the death of the village sarpanch’s daughter, Chandrakala is called to perform the last rites. When Chandrakala learns that the Sarpanch’s daughter has committed suicide, she refuses to perform the last rites. In this situation, when the sarpanch forces him to perform the last rites, Chandrakala warns everyone that doing so will invite disaster. As the cremation takes place, Chandrakala’s warning comes true. From the day after his warning, people started dying one after another in the village. What is the secret, because of which people started dying? How did Chandrakala know the secret? Will Chandrakala be able to save her village? Listen to ‘Rudaali’ to know the answer to all these questions.

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